Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One – Supergirl Breakdown!

Crisis is finally here! We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Crisis on Infinite Earths since last year’s Elsewhere crossover and it has begun with a lot of cameos and some pretty crazy twists. For the most part both The Flash and Arrow have been dominated with Crisis preparation while Supergirl and Batwoman haven’t even mentioned it other than J’onn being prepped by the … Continue reading Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One – Supergirl Breakdown!

‘Titans’ S2E7 “Bruce Wayne” Breakdown and Review!

This has been a pretty heavy season with a lot of venturing into the past to resolve issues and secrets that the original Titans have been holding onto. This is all to set the stage for a show down with Deathstroke which has been building since episode 2. So far, they have rescued Rose without knowing that she was Slade’s daughter, but this puts them … Continue reading ‘Titans’ S2E7 “Bruce Wayne” Breakdown and Review!

‘Titans’ S2E6 “Connor: Breakdown and Review!

This episode was exactly was I was hoping for with the introduction of Connor Kent AKA Superboy! Since the post credit scene at the end of last season we have been anticipating both Superboy and Krypto and here we finally get the story of what happened both before and after his breakout from Cadmus. There was also a ton of Lex Luthor references making me … Continue reading ‘Titans’ S2E6 “Connor: Breakdown and Review!

‘Titans’ S2E5 “Deathstroke” Breakdown and Review!

FINALLY! We have Deathstroke as not just a looming figure but we get to see him in action, he also leaves the team a pretty hot mess by the end of the episode. Here is what we know so far. Back in the day of the OG Titans, Deathstroke killed Garth AKA Aqualad, although I am not solid that he was the intended target. In … Continue reading ‘Titans’ S2E5 “Deathstroke” Breakdown and Review!

‘Titans’ S2E4 “Aqualad” Breakdown and Review!

Another week, another new character to love. However, this one is not sticking around. This week’s episode was sent entirely in the past to explain not only where Aqualad is but what lead to the initial breakup of the Titans. In looking back five years we have Slade Wilson who is very active. He takes out a large host of people all connected to a … Continue reading ‘Titans’ S2E4 “Aqualad” Breakdown and Review!

‘Titans’ Season 2 Episode 3 “Ghosts” Breakdown and Review!

Welcome back for another week of Titans. This episode brings the all the Titans together(Mostly) to face Dr. Light. A villain that the old Titans faced before but that recently broke from prison and is seeking vengeance. He came after both Hawk and Dove and Dick Grayson in the last episode.  Also last episode, Dick brought in a girl by the name of Rose who … Continue reading ‘Titans’ Season 2 Episode 3 “Ghosts” Breakdown and Review!