Manifest S2E4 ‘Black Box’ Breakdown!

Michaela finally found Zeke and helped him get out of jail and then they dodged him for a month? That is pretty much what has happened since the last episode. A month has passed with no one experiencing any callings. I think more than anything Michaela is afraid of her feelings for Zeke and the fact that he is probably going to die in eight … Continue reading Manifest S2E4 ‘Black Box’ Breakdown!

Manifest S2E3 ‘False Horizon’ Breakdown!

This week I think really highlights the badassery of the female leads in this show. For me, Saanvi was the real MVP and then Michaela was a close second. However, the path that Olive is on is getting a little worrisome. Seeking Out the Mole In the end of last episode, Ben and Vance learned that there was some way that information was leaking to … Continue reading Manifest S2E3 ‘False Horizon’ Breakdown!

Manifest S2E1 ‘Fasten Your Seatbelts’ Breakdown!

Manifest is finally back with some much-needed answers and a hell of a lot more questions. Run When we left off, we knew that someone in Michaela’s apartment was shot, either her, Jared, or Zeke. Jared is Michaela’s former almost finance with a recent jealous streak after they slept together. Zeke is the man that Cal and Michaela both had visions about and found after … Continue reading Manifest S2E1 ‘Fasten Your Seatbelts’ Breakdown!