The Rookie S3E3 ‘La Fiera’ Breakdown!

Another fantastic episode for ‘The Rookie’. This episode we not only see Angela still kicking ass as a new detective, we met Nolan’s mother, and we saw the show depict to real struggles facing the Black Community. I had expected to see The Rookie, like other police procedural dramas, have racism and bias in policing at the forefront of the plot, but I was not … Continue reading The Rookie S3E3 ‘La Fiera’ Breakdown!

The Rookie Episode 1 & 2 Breakdowns!

Welcome back for another breakdown of The Rookie! It has been a while since we were left with the nail-biting finale with John being set up by a dirty Detective Armstrong. After the resolution of that story line, we head into episode two with some major changes for some of our favorite characters. I Need a Warrant and a Lawyer. The episode begins right where … Continue reading The Rookie Episode 1 & 2 Breakdowns!

Manifest Season 2, Episodes 9-10 Breakdown!

It’s all connected!!!! Or at least that is the theme going into the last few episodes of this season. Not only that but we are beginning to question the intention of the callings all together! It’s All Connected Last season one of Cal’s callings was him looking out of the 828 airplane saying ‘It’s all connected’. Well now we get to see what is connected. … Continue reading Manifest Season 2, Episodes 9-10 Breakdown!

Manifest S2E8 ‘Carry On’ Breakdown!

In the last episode we have a pretty devastating club fires that killed several 828 passengers including TJ and Finn. In this episode we have everyone dealing with the aftermath. For Olive and Ben, this mean grieving for TJ while Mick and Drea investigate not only the fire but whatever Jared has been up to. Chanting One of the last things TJ did before he … Continue reading Manifest S2E8 ‘Carry On’ Breakdown!