Manifest Season 2, Episodes 9-10 Breakdown!

It’s all connected!!!! Or at least that is the theme going into the last few episodes of this season. Not only that but we are beginning to question the intention of the callings all together! It’s All Connected Last season one of Cal’s callings was him looking out of the 828 airplane saying ‘It’s all connected’. Well now we get to see what is connected. … Continue reading Manifest Season 2, Episodes 9-10 Breakdown!

Manifest S2E8 ‘Carry On’ Breakdown!

In the last episode we have a pretty devastating club fires that killed several 828 passengers including TJ and Finn. In this episode we have everyone dealing with the aftermath. For Olive and Ben, this mean grieving for TJ while Mick and Drea investigate not only the fire but whatever Jared has been up to. Chanting One of the last things TJ did before he … Continue reading Manifest S2E8 ‘Carry On’ Breakdown!

Manifest S2E7 ‘Emergency Exit’ Breakdown!

I was not emotionally ready for this episode. Sure, at the end of last episode we knew that there was going to be something major happening with the passengers with the plane crash calling. However, I wasn’t expecting it to come to pass quite this fast. One Edge Like I said, the big calling at the end of last episode left a sense of danger … Continue reading Manifest S2E7 ‘Emergency Exit’ Breakdown!

Manifest S2E4 ‘Black Box’ Breakdown!

Michaela finally found Zeke and helped him get out of jail and then they dodged him for a month? That is pretty much what has happened since the last episode. A month has passed with no one experiencing any callings. I think more than anything Michaela is afraid of her feelings for Zeke and the fact that he is probably going to die in eight … Continue reading Manifest S2E4 ‘Black Box’ Breakdown!

Manifest S2E3 ‘False Horizon’ Breakdown!

This week I think really highlights the badassery of the female leads in this show. For me, Saanvi was the real MVP and then Michaela was a close second. However, the path that Olive is on is getting a little worrisome. Seeking Out the Mole In the end of last episode, Ben and Vance learned that there was some way that information was leaking to … Continue reading Manifest S2E3 ‘False Horizon’ Breakdown!

Manifest S2E2 ‘Grounded’ Breakdown!

So, can we just tell Saanvi now that she is telling their enemy all the secrets!! Follow the Money At the end of last episode, we learned that Vance is still alive. After the explosion that season that supposedly killed him, he pretended to be dead only start up an operation following the money to this secret government group ran by the Major. He is … Continue reading Manifest S2E2 ‘Grounded’ Breakdown!

Manifest S2E1 ‘Fasten Your Seatbelts’ Breakdown!

Manifest is finally back with some much-needed answers and a hell of a lot more questions. Run When we left off, we knew that someone in Michaela’s apartment was shot, either her, Jared, or Zeke. Jared is Michaela’s former almost finance with a recent jealous streak after they slept together. Zeke is the man that Cal and Michaela both had visions about and found after … Continue reading Manifest S2E1 ‘Fasten Your Seatbelts’ Breakdown!