Arrow Series Finale Breakdown!

Arrow’s watch has officially ended with the two-part series finale. Episode 9 served as a pre-pilot for the upcoming Green Arrow and the Canaries show that will be debuting in the fall if the series is officially picked up. Episode 10 was about honoring the legacy of Oliver Queen and to see where everyone ends up after Oliver’s gone. 2040 All of episode nine take … Continue reading Arrow Series Finale Breakdown!

Green Arrow Vol 1. Midas Touch Breakdown and Review

Welcome back for another DC New 52 breakdown! Starting this week, we are taking a dive into the Justice League and Justice League member in Year One starting with Green Arrow. This volume encompasses issues #1-#6, but I have also added #0 for back story. We have seen Oliver already way back in the second breakdown I did with DC Comics: Year Zero ( Starting … Continue reading Green Arrow Vol 1. Midas Touch Breakdown and Review

DC Comics: Zero Year Breakdown! (New 52)

Hey Everyone! Thank you for joining me for my second installment of my DC breakdowns. I explained in my last post what I am doing here and why I chose to begin with New 52 comics, if you want to read that then I will leave the link here. ( This collection is a set of short stories from different characters in Gotham during the … Continue reading DC Comics: Zero Year Breakdown! (New 52)