‘Pandora’ Episode 4: I Shall Be Released Breakdown!

Hey Everyone!  Welcome back to my Pandora breakdown for episode 4, ‘I Shall Be Released’. After the tragic death of Greg Li in the last episode, is seems that the show then takes a page from the Walking Dead with a potential zombie outbreak. Of course, they never called them Zombies, but we know… At the beginning of the episode we have Jax struggling with … Continue reading ‘Pandora’ Episode 4: I Shall Be Released Breakdown!

Cw’s ‘Pandora’ Episode 3 Breakdown!

Hello Everyone! The third episode of Pandora has aired, and I think that this was ultimately the most confusing and my least favorite episode yet. However, there are some things I liked about this episode so let’s dive in. At the opening of the episode there is a presentation in class from Lieutenant that served on ship called Seahawk. According to his recount he left … Continue reading Cw’s ‘Pandora’ Episode 3 Breakdown!