Batwoman S2E11 ‘Arrive Alive’ Breakdown!

After Angelique’s kidnapping in the last episode at the hands of the False Face Society, this episode is all about getting her back and making sure she is safe. We also have Alice working to remove Kate from her own memories with the help of Enigma, who Julia encountered last episode. After Julia’s encounter with Enigma, she abruptly left Gotham, but things turn out very … Continue reading Batwoman S2E11 ‘Arrive Alive’ Breakdown!

Batwoman S2E8 ‘Survived Much Worse’ Breakdown!

Hands down just a really great episode as we see this Coryana storyline reach its peak. Well, A peak. I don’t think this is over, but definitely some unexpected twists with lots of good answers and new questions. Obviously, there was the casting news that there will be a recast for Kate Kane, and they are working that into the storyline. I am 100% on … Continue reading Batwoman S2E8 ‘Survived Much Worse’ Breakdown!

Batwoman S2E7 “It’s Best You Stop Digging” Breakdown!

Hey everyone! Another episode of Batwoman and plans to get to Coryana. In the last episode we had that Napier painting make it into the hand of Doctor Rogers who has a desire to get his hand on the cure-all desert rose. Meanwhile, Alice is finding her own way to the island through a plan to fake Ocean’s death. Continue reading Batwoman S2E7 “It’s Best You Stop Digging” Breakdown!

Batwoman S2E4 ‘Fair Skin, Blue Eyes’ Breakdown!

Welcome back for another Batwoman breakdown! We are now four episodes in with the new Batwoman and I can say for sure now that I like the direction this season is headed. This episode has Ryan reliving a dark part of her life before she was adopted and how she met Angelique, while Sophie and Alice team up to make good on Safiyah’s deal to get Kate back. Continue reading Batwoman S2E4 ‘Fair Skin, Blue Eyes’ Breakdown!