Supergirl S6E3 ‘Phantom Menace’ Breakdown!

This episode really splits in a couple directions with Kara and her father still trapped in the Phantom Zone and making a new friend. Meanwhile, everyone else is working to not only find a way to save Kara but stop the phantom that escaped the phantom zone last episode. There are also a few other minor storylines that I am sure will have more meaning … Continue reading Supergirl S6E3 ‘Phantom Menace’ Breakdown!

Supergirl S6E2 ‘A Few Good Women’ Breakdown!

Supergirl has once again proven that Lena is the boss of this show. With Lex’s trial underway Lena, William, and Eve are all focused on making sure he doesn’t walk. Meanwhile, Supergirl is stuck in the Phantom Zone with Team SG looking for a way to save her. The Trial of Lex Lex is on trial for murder, attempted murder, and his plot to brainwash … Continue reading Supergirl S6E2 ‘A Few Good Women’ Breakdown!

Superman & Lois S1E2 ‘Heritage’ Breakdown!

Another phenomenal episode of this new CW show. I have to say I am a little stunned at just how fantastic this has been, and I really hope they can keep this up. In the last episode we learned that Superman and Lois have some problems on multiple fronts. For starters they are parents to twin teenage boys which in and of itself is an experience. Mix in that one of them has mental health struggles and has now started to display powers makes this a heaping issue. Couple that with Clark losing his job, his mom, and getting a new version of his archnemesis. Meanwhile, Morgan Edge has been moving in on the Daily Planet and Smallville which a is a problem that Lois will be taking on. I think that is one thing I really like about the show is there are multiple things happening for everyone making this about as realistic as a superhero show can get, you know, with aliens and multiple Earths added in. Continue reading Superman & Lois S1E2 ‘Heritage’ Breakdown!

Supergirl Episode 17-18 Breakdown!

Hey Everyone! Welcome back for two interesting episodes as the plot of this season finale starts coming together. I realize that another episode has already aired but I will go that one later this week. I mostly wanted to focus on these two episodes because they do really start to tie things together to begin wrapping up this season. Episode 17 was not only directed … Continue reading Supergirl Episode 17-18 Breakdown!

Supergirl Season 5, Episode 15-16 Breakdown!

Two episodes of Supergirl with not a lot of Supergirl, well, not Kara’s Supergirl. Both episodes focus on other personal arc with episode 15 taking time to focus on Nia and then episode 16 focusing on Alex. We also get further into the Obsidian arc that has slowly been building all season since we are in the late part of the season. Speaking of that, … Continue reading Supergirl Season 5, Episode 15-16 Breakdown!

Supergirl S5E14 ‘The Bodyguard Breakdown!

This episode finally brings the long-awaited launch of the new Obsidian Lenses we have been hearing so much about. Obviously, this isn’t going to be a smooth launch because, well, it’s a superhero show. On top of that, the story lines are getting all muddled with Lex having his hand in everything trying to get at the leviathan. However, I think this will all lead … Continue reading Supergirl S5E14 ‘The Bodyguard Breakdown!

Supergirl Season 5, Episode 12-13 Breakdown!

These are two big episodes to stick together but, I here we are making it work. Episode 12 was the ending of the two-part crossover featuring Winn. In episode 11, he came back to fight against a doppelganger Evil Winn in order to protect his own future with his wife and child. After defeating him they thought it was over…. Well it isn’t. The in … Continue reading Supergirl Season 5, Episode 12-13 Breakdown!