Supernatural S15E16 ‘Drag Me Away (From You)’ Breakdown!

Just a few more episodes of Supernatural left and we have what could be the LAST HUNT! This episode had such an early Supernatural feel that made me miss the days of the tacky hotels and flashback reminders of what a tough life Sam and Dean have had and the arguments we thought they left behind. Room 214 The opening of the episode is a … Continue reading Supernatural S15E16 ‘Drag Me Away (From You)’ Breakdown!

Supernatural S15E15 ‘Gimmie Shelter’ Breakdown!

We are winding down to the end of Supernatural, and with that we have the boys working on their final plans to finish off God once and for all. We remember from seasons past that by ending God, there would become an unbalance that would end the universe and this means that Amara must also be taken care of as well. Ending two cosmic beings … Continue reading Supernatural S15E15 ‘Gimmie Shelter’ Breakdown!

Supernatural S15E14 ‘Last Holdiay’ Breakdown!

We finally have another Supernatural episode, and with limited episodes left, we needed this (almost) completely wholesome episode with the boys. Just a quick recap on where we have been this season. Jack was dead and his body inhabited by the demon Belphegor. Of course, he double crossed Sam and Dean resulting in Cas, who was already struggling with a demon in Jack’s body, to … Continue reading Supernatural S15E14 ‘Last Holdiay’ Breakdown!

‘Supernatural’ S15E2 “Raising Hell” Breakdown and Review!

After the finale last season with God opening every door in hell the Winchesters have been fighting to contain the hellish souls and demons that have been cast onto Earth. Since Jack was killed in the finale he isn’t in the picture anymore and Cas is still grieving the loss, but to top it off his soul has become in habited by a demon names … Continue reading ‘Supernatural’ S15E2 “Raising Hell” Breakdown and Review!

‘Supernatural’ S15E1 “Back and to the Future” Breakdown and Review!

The finale season is upon us now with the opening of season 15 and a lot of call backs to earlier seasons. Most of these call backs are not so pleasant considering they are ghosts or demons that Sam and Dean have already sent to Hell. The episode starts right where it left off last season. Sam shot God which means that Sam was also … Continue reading ‘Supernatural’ S15E1 “Back and to the Future” Breakdown and Review!