Superman & Lois S1E5 “Best of Smallville” Breakdown!

Another great episode and the last one we have for a while. Unfortunately, the production is on a hiatus after this episode because of COVID. Starting next week, we jump into the sixth and final season of Supergirl with that running until Superman and Lois picks back up on May 18th. While I am happy to see some Supergirl, I am bummed that Superman and … Continue reading Superman & Lois S1E5 “Best of Smallville” Breakdown!

Superman and Lois S1E3 ” The Perk of Not Being a Wallflower” Breakdown!

Hey everyone, we are on a roll with absolutely amazing episodes of Superman and Lois. Every episode so far has just been a pleasure to watch with more drama and surprises unfolding. In the last episode Clark took Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude to have his powers tested and according to Jor-El, he will not manifest powers like Superman. By the end of the … Continue reading Superman and Lois S1E3 ” The Perk of Not Being a Wallflower” Breakdown!

Superman & Lois S1E2 ‘Heritage’ Breakdown!

Another phenomenal episode of this new CW show. I have to say I am a little stunned at just how fantastic this has been, and I really hope they can keep this up. In the last episode we learned that Superman and Lois have some problems on multiple fronts. For starters they are parents to twin teenage boys which in and of itself is an experience. Mix in that one of them has mental health struggles and has now started to display powers makes this a heaping issue. Couple that with Clark losing his job, his mom, and getting a new version of his archnemesis. Meanwhile, Morgan Edge has been moving in on the Daily Planet and Smallville which a is a problem that Lois will be taking on. I think that is one thing I really like about the show is there are multiple things happening for everyone making this about as realistic as a superhero show can get, you know, with aliens and multiple Earths added in. Continue reading Superman & Lois S1E2 ‘Heritage’ Breakdown!