‘Pennyworth’ S1E10 ” Marianne Faithful” Breakdown and Review!

Well, this was an interesting season finale to say the least. I expected something big but this exceeded even my expectations. In the last episode we left off with Queen Elizabeth being taken by the Sykes sisters. This episode begins with word getting out about the Queen’s capture and Harwood’s home is immediately raided. However, all they find there is the Hanged wife and Butler. … Continue reading ‘Pennyworth’ S1E10 ” Marianne Faithful” Breakdown and Review!

‘Pennywoth’ Episode 9 “Alma Cogan” Breakdown and Review!

With one week left to go, Pennyworth really ramped up the stakes this episode and not just for Alfred, but everyone involved. At the end of last episode Alfred was surrounded at Esme’s grave after killing Captain Curzon. However, Because Curzon was the son of a high lord, the Prime Minister promised the Lord that Alfred was going to be taken care of and that … Continue reading ‘Pennywoth’ Episode 9 “Alma Cogan” Breakdown and Review!

‘Pennyworth’ Episode 8 “Sandie Shaw” Breakdown and Review!

In this week’s episode of Pennyworth, the plot gets even thicker with both Alfred and England as a whole. Alfred is in deep and looking for Captain Curzon, the man that killed Esme. Even though the Captain already escaped from Alfred once, he did make an important ally in the effort. Bet. The start of this episode has them meeting for Coffee. She admits not … Continue reading ‘Pennyworth’ Episode 8 “Sandie Shaw” Breakdown and Review!

‘Pennyworth’ Episode 7 “Julie Christie” Breakdown!

This was certainly an interesting episode after a week break. In the last episode we left off with Martha waking naked in the middle of no where after she has gone to a part with Patricia Wayne, Thomas’s sister. Alfred also learned that Esme’s killer was his old Captain in the military, who was angry with him for poking fun at him. This episode opens … Continue reading ‘Pennyworth’ Episode 7 “Julie Christie” Breakdown!

‘Pennyworth’ Episode 6 “Cilla Black” Breakdown and Review!

Well, if you were looking for a weird episode of Pennyworth, you certainly liked this episode. Personally, I loved it and enjoy seeing this mystic side that is very present in Batman Comics. I am glad that they are touching on this side of the comics, the show was almost too normal up until now. Starting out, there are still these protest with the Raven … Continue reading ‘Pennyworth’ Episode 6 “Cilla Black” Breakdown and Review!

‘Pennyworth’ Episode 5 “Shirley Bassey” Breakdown!

Hey Everyone, welcome back for another crazy episode breakdown of Pennyworth. This show is far more exciting than I initially thought when they announced that they were making a show about Batman’s butler. This episode mostly revolves around Esme’s death and Alfred dealing with the aftermath. The episode starts with Bet actually, who was planning on seeing Esme but got there just too late to … Continue reading ‘Pennyworth’ Episode 5 “Shirley Bassey” Breakdown!

‘Pennyworth’ Episode 4 “Lady Penelope” Breakdown and Review!

Hey Everyone! This episode of Pennyworth sure was a stunner! Probably my favorite yet! I know, I know, I said that last week, but that just goes to show that with each episode Pennyworth is getting better and better! First of all, Harwood is still lurking about, quite literally. He was dumped alive and is now living on the streets until he is adopted as … Continue reading ‘Pennyworth’ Episode 4 “Lady Penelope” Breakdown and Review!

‘Pennyworth’ Season 1 Episode 3 “Martha Kane” Breakdown and Review!

Hey everyone! Welcome back for my episode 3 breakdown of Pennyworth! In this episode we have Alfred really hit it off with the security business as he takes on his new client, Martha Kane. Name sound familiar? Well, it should. Breakdown: Yep, this is Batman’s mom! You know, the one with the pearl necklace shot outside of a movie theater by an unnamed assailant in … Continue reading ‘Pennyworth’ Season 1 Episode 3 “Martha Kane” Breakdown and Review!

‘Pennyworth’ S1E2 “Landlord’s Daughter” Breakdown!

Welcome back for another breakdown of ‘Pennyworth’, the newest DCTV show to hit the airwaves. I really enjoyed the first episode and if you want to check out my breakdown of that I’ll leave a link of that( http://bit.ly/2KjenxQ). This episode did not disappoint either as we head further in the Alfred life. The opening of this episode has a man running for hi life … Continue reading ‘Pennyworth’ S1E2 “Landlord’s Daughter” Breakdown!

‘Pennyworth’ Season One Pilot Breakdown!

If I am being honest here, I was a little worried about a show that centered around Batman’s butler. Sure, I know that he has had his badass moments in the comics, but would that be a show worthy topic? After watching the pilot to this new series, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. There was a plot I … Continue reading ‘Pennyworth’ Season One Pilot Breakdown!