Black Lightning S4E8 ‘The Book of Ruin: Chapter Three” Breakdown!

This episode really was all over the place in hitting different plot point. Most of this will end up falling under Tobias’s grand plan to end the Peirce family, but I still want to sort things out and talk about them separately just in case something else is at play.

Is it Jen?

Since Jen has come back looking different there has been this nagging feeling on Jefferson’s part that there is something going on, or that this may not in fact be Jen. Everyone else quickly accepted that this was the new Jen and went along with the scientific evidence which shows that she has the same DNA. However, in this episode they do somethings that raise eyebrows and now make us wonder if Jefferson was right to be paranoid.

For the most part, Jefferson seems to be coming to terms with this being Jennifer. However, in a conversation they have about Tobias, Jen/JJ calls him ‘Daddy’. This doesn’t seem too suspicious except that Jefferson points out that Jen hasn’t called him that in years. Sure, this could be tossed out as just calling her dad a term of endearment, but couple this with the sciency stuff that Lynn is working on it is a red flag.

With Lynn, she is still running test on the JJ version of Jennifer and in this episode gets some startling results. They didn’t explain what the results meant other than Lynn was upset by them. It looks to be like her particles are unstable, where Jen previously has stable particles. I am not sure if they are implying that this is not Jen, or only part of Jen mixed with something else. I’m anxious to get a further explanation.


Tobias is out of the Pierce family, we know this. In this episode he takes it to another level attacking Jefferson’s credibility. He has framed him for embezzlement from Garfield High. This FBI raid was obviously conducted by Tobias’s men, but does seem like the charges are legitimate. Even TC sees where the funds were routed and having a hard time finding anything that shows it was faked.

On top of this Tobias is also moving in on Jefferson’s childhood home that he was lending to a fellow teacher. Not only is Jefferson going to lose the house to Tobias’ plan for a hospital, but he gave Marcel money to relocate overshadowing Jefferson’s good deed.

JJ does have an encounter in school with student protesting against her father, but there is quickly another student that stands up for Jefferson which JJ then takes a liking to. JJ avoids telling her dad about this but does share the information with Grace.


One of bigger things this episode was figuring out Tobias’s right hand woman, Val, powers. They were able to determine that she was a meta and could discover what her powers were by creating one of Lynn’s replicating serums. She is reluctant to test this n herself with her history of drug abuse so Peter volunteers to be the test subject. At first it doesn’t seem like anything has happened until they later find that TC cannot use his powers when Gambi is near him. They test this on Jefferson with the same result. This could be dangerous for the family because it eliminates their ability to defend themselves and Freeland. However, they also now know that she was not the person that killed the mayor.

That answer does come this episode though when Gambi picks up on a spike in energy and sees the encounter with Red and the head of Monovista. Apparently there has been a delay with the DEG weapons and Tobias needs them on time for his plan. Red doesn’t end up killing him, with the man promising to deliver sooner, but he does display enough powers for Peter and Jefferson to know he killed the mayor.

Who’s the Ninja?

And out of no where we have a new character. Anissa and Grace returned from their eventful honeymoon last episode and now seem to be tailed by some unknown ninja. Not much was given about who this is or his intention other than he is specifically after Anissa. This could be linked to what is going on with the Khalil/Painkiller storyline, but I doubt it. He did attack them at her lab though when her and Grace broke in looking for information about this new cure founded by Monovista. However, it seems unrelated to that as well. I am not sure where this is headed or what the purpose is at this point.

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