Fear the Walking Dead S6E9 ‘Things Left to Do’ Breakdown!

What an ending to the Ginny storyline. I really wasn’t expecting it to end in this episode, I thought it would be something we would see throughout the rest of the season. So, it seems like now we will shift into the ‘The End is the Beginning’ storyline that was teased throughout the first half of the season.

Line Em Up

There have been many parallels drawn between Negan of the original series and Ginny. Even characters like Morgan, Dwight and Sherry who lived through the Saviors make these comparisons. It really became Sherry’s sole purpose in going after Ginny, to make up for what she didn’t do to Negan. However, nothing really makes it more obvious than the lineup in the second scene of this episode.

After John’s death at the hands of Dakota, June was given the opportunity to bury John and, in the process, stole his gun. June takes a moment to point blank ask Ginny if she knows why Dakota would kill John and Ginny denies knowing. We know that isn’t true at all though, Ginny knew full well that it was Dakota that killed Cameron and that John must have put the pieces together.

Upset that Morgan did not bring her Dakota, Ginny heads back to Lawton and has some of Morgan’s people line up on their knees and she promises to Morgan over walkie that she is going to start killing people until he gives her Dakota. Morgan goes show up but without Dakota and only promises to give her Dakota if he can leave with his people. The stand off only gets more intense when Strand and the army he has built turns on Ginny. In the chaos a few of Ginny’s loyalist make off with Grace and Daniel. This means that Morgan is still at her mercy, even though everyone else is ready to just kill Ginny and be done with it. This forces Morgan to flee Lawton with an injured Ginny.

On the Run

Morgan and Ginny make a brief stop to take care of her wound and to get out of her where she has sent his people. At this point he doesn’t want to take her to the dam, but his hand is forced when Sherry and her masked crew arrive to take out Ginny. They attempt to flee in the SUV but are attacked with Al’s old SWAT Van. Then they head out on foot. Sherry gets to Ginny first and is about to kill her when Morgan steps in. Sherry lets Morgan leave with her but isn’t happy about it either.


Eventually Morgan makes it to the dam with Ginny and even his own people are not happy to see it. Morgan ensures them that she is NOT staying and will soon be gone. First, he has promised her a conversation with Dakota and then he can get his people back. Unfortunately, before that happens Strand and his army show wanting Ginny, as well as Sherry and her people. They all want Ginny taken care of now. Ginny says that she is willing to go out there and die, but that she only asks that Morgan do the killing, so she isn’t played with. Morgan agrees.

Morgan brings her out to everyone and promises to kill her right then and there, but when the time comes to lob off her head, he just cannot bring himself to do it. He doesn’t want their community of peace to start like this, to be built on blood as John said to him in the last episode. Of course, no one is happy about this. He takes Ginny inside and plants his ax in the ground vowing to not use it again unless he must. He then offers a place to anyone that can abide by the terms of peace. Most everyone agrees with a few exceptions.

Sherry makes the decision that she isn’t ready for this and thinks that she can come to terms better without Dwight than with so again, he must let her go. Strand also feels like there is something else coming and wants Alicia to leave with him. However, she is not willing to go, but he says that he will come back for her when he can show her what is going on.

I’m Your Mom

Back inside, Ginny gets her chance to talk with Dakota and reveals to her that she is not Dakota’s sister, but her mother and everything that she has done was to protect her. Of course, this is traumatic for Dakota, but they all decide that Ginny and Dakota can leave the community as long as they go far away.

June has other plans. She is left alone with Ginny to treat her wound. However, she instead pulls out the gun that Dakota used to kill John. She asks again why Dakota killed John. Ginny attempts to explain that she was only trying to protect Dakota, but June isn’t having it and instead shot her in the head. She then places John’s hat on her head and walks out of the community.

Part of me likes this ending. I like that we didn’t get the same ending as the Negan storyline and that Dakota will continue to be a character which I think can make for an interesting storyline. However, it could just be a Charlie 2.0 scenario and I am not sure I want that either. I want more spice. I am sad to see June walk away, but I don’t think she will be gone long.

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