The Flash S7E7 ‘Growing Pains’ Breakdown

In this episode we see the focus shift from the introduction of the new forces to the hunt for Killer Frost. They have been hinting that this for the last few episodes with the introduction of Kristen Kramer, a member of the Governor’s Municipal Logistics Commission. She is set on her hunt for Frost and with a new ice powered meta on the loose, things get pretty interesting.

The Speed Force

I am going to talk about this first and get it out of the way. Since the attack on the speed force after the forces were born, the speed force in the form of Nora has been a constant presence around Star Labs and now Barry’s home. Barry finds this unsettling not only because she looks like his mother, but he isn’t used to seeing the Speed force in this way. To him it has always been more of an energy than a living thing and he is now forced to see things differently as Nora-force inserts herself in Barry’s life.

When Nora is around and Barry begins having these glitches, first with the orange juice, then at the crime’s scene making for a funny scene with Kramer. However, it also happened at the lab destroying the evidence he collected that could exonerate Frost from the murder. Frustrated Barry lashed out at Nora-force created an awkward situation. Later Iris talks about this with Barry, and he begins to accept that things are now going to be different with him and the speed force going forward. Compounding this with witnessing the change in Caitlin’s relationship with Frost, Barry becomes open to the idea of having Nora-force around and apologizes.

I am still pretty convinced that there is something that the speed force is hiding from Barry. They have been playing this weird, but I am not expecting to get an answer for a few more episodes with the next one also focusing on Frost and her trial.

The Hunt for Frost

So, to the main story this episode, with the new case for CCPD being a meta that has icy abilities this puts Frost right in the crosshairs. Kramer is already coming after Frost pretty hard for her past crimes and this is just the push, she needs to arrest her. Barry and team Flash knows that this was not Frost’s doing but have to be able to prove that. The frost does contain dark matter making it appear that this was in fact a meta-attack. They do have a set back in their investigation because of Barry’s glitch, but are still looking for away to exonerate Frost.

Meanwhile, Frost is out looking for an explanation by herself having Allegra cover for her at the lab. She stops by a bar she used to work at and meets a man named Mark. He attempts to impress her with his drink making skills and even helps her fight off people when a bounty is released for her. He also drops a hint about where she can find information on this new ice meta.

Frost follows up on the lead and finds an already ransacked warehouse and in the process gets a full body scan. While she is doing that, Kramer moves in on Caitlin and arrests her after an anonymous tip says that her and Frost are one in the same. Luckily, her and Frost aren’t sharing a body anymore and test can be performed that show she is not Frost. Frost does attempt to break Caitlin out of jail, but Caitlin and Cecile warn her not to and that she needs to trust in the process. In this conversation it hits Frost that they are not dealing with a meta, but with a human that is mimicking her powers.

Barry and Chester meet at this point with some data that Chester managed to recover. He confirms Frost’s idea that this isn’t a meta but a human making it look like a meta. Along with the high cryo-energy spikes, Barry heads over to help Frost. Turns out the human was Mark, and he has a weird obsession with Ice that translated to a weird obsession with Frost and her powers. He has been able to create a device that mimics her powers perfectly. Of course, they fight, there was weird sexual tension, and then Frost stabs both of them through her stomach with an icicle. She knew that with her speed healing she would be okay, and it would be enough to incapacitate Mark, or Chillblaine as he called himself. Barry arrives at this point to help prevent Mark from bleeding out. Unfortunately, the police arrive at this point too and Frost decides that maybe she does need to pay for her crimes and turns herself over to the police.

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