Supergirl S6E3 ‘Phantom Menace’ Breakdown!

This episode really splits in a couple directions with Kara and her father still trapped in the Phantom Zone and making a new friend. Meanwhile, everyone else is working to not only find a way to save Kara but stop the phantom that escaped the phantom zone last episode. There are also a few other minor storylines that I am sure will have more meaning later. Of course, the most notable is project revenge which is Lena and Brainy working together to stop Lex.  

Friend in Low Places

 In the Phantom Zone, Kara and her father hitch a ride through a portal by latching onto phantoms. This does get them through, but Kara ends up with a leg injury and is unable to stop her father from being taken. Luckily for Kara, Myxlgsptinz steps in and stops her from being taken. Myxlgsptinz takes Kara to a cave and offers to help her splint her leg and kind of explains who she is and how she came to be in the Phantom Zone. Myxlgsptinz, like Mister Mxyzptlk who we have met before, is a fifth dimensional imp. She is the daughter of the king and was banished here after her father killed her brother seeing them both as threats to his reign. She is cuffed which prevents her from using her magic but did manage to sneak a crystal ball in with her that has a minimal amount of magic left.

After Kara hears about Myxlgsptinz’s story, she begins to trust Myxlgsptinz and allows for her to help with her leg by fashioning a splint and they plan to spring her dad free after she gets some rest. While Kara is sleeping, Myxlgsptinz manages to produce enough magic with her crystal ball to break the cuff off her wrist and restores her own power. When Kara wakes from the roaring fire Myxlgsptinz created, Myxlgsptinz explains that she was able to summon the amount of magic in the ball because Kara had given her hope. She then heals Kara and they set out to save Zor-El.

With Myxlgsptinz power they are easily able to spring Zor-El free. Myxlgsptinz assumes she is now on her own, but Kara convinces her to stay and promise that she knows a way out of the phantom zone. While Myxlgsptinz was friendly this episode, there is definitely something menacing about her. Fifth dimensional imps can either be benevolent or malevolent and I’m getting the idea that Myxlgsptinz did not provide her whole backstory.

Soldier On

As for everyone else, Alex is basically wallowing in grief. J’onn was also pretty deep in grief until he decides that it was a weakness, and he needs to follow his soldier training and get to work. Meanwhile, Brainy and Lena both miss Kara but are seeking revenge on Lex. Like we saw in the last episode one of the phantoms attached itself to Silas and once at home released itself and attacked. Silas did reach out to J’onn. He and M’gann raced over to Silas and brought him back to the lab. Brainy furthered his research on the phantoms and discovered that they are an alien race that feeds on others making them miserable just before turning them into phantoms. There powers differ within the zone, they can still make others miserable but not turn them, making them perfect prison guards. Now that this phantom has escaped, he can begin to take over earth creating more and more phantoms, starting with Silas.

M’gann believes she has an idea that can stop the phantom but J’onn is not receptive to the idea and forbids her from doing it, but when they get an alert of a phantom attack, they find that she has gone off on her own with her plan. Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out and she has been injured and will now turn to a phantom. J’onn is upset, but Alex remembers that part of M’gann’s soul is connected with J’onn and they think they can save her by using that piece. While Lena and J’onn work on that, Alex, and Brainy fight the phantoms that are attacking. Not only does J’onn save M’gann, but Lena also managed to work out a device to trap the remaining phantoms.  

As for revenge on Lex, Lena works to reallocate Lex’s funds stopping him from purchasing weapons for some diabolical plan, but instead of accepting that Lex burns down the children’s hospital that Lena transferred the finds too. Her and Brainy have a heart to heart both trying to sort out their need for revenge on Lex and decide that it would be better to step back. This prompts Lena to leave Luthorcorp altogether and work out a deal with the DA to stop her from being prosecuted. I loved that she told Lex that while she does hate him, she loves herself more. Lex isn’t going to take this well and I expect that he will attempt to lure her back into the game.

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