Batwoman S2E11 ‘Arrive Alive’ Breakdown!

After Angelique’s kidnapping in the last episode at the hands of the False Face Society, this episode is all about getting her back and making sure she is safe. We also have Alice working to remove Kate from her own memories with the help of Enigma, who Julia encountered last episode. After Julia’s encounter with Enigma, she abruptly left Gotham, but things turn out very differently for Alice.

The Missing Ingredient

Black Mask kidnapped Angelique for two reasons. One was to keep her from talking which could have easily been dealt with by killing her, but she is one of only two people that know how to make Snakebite. The other person is Ocean, who we last saw on the island of Coryana after Safiyah brought him back to life. Since Angelique assisted Ocean, Black Mask wants Angelique to now work replicating the drug. The problem is they are short on the main ingredient, Fear Toxin.

Ryan is obviously upset about Angelique being taken and isn’t getting much help from Sophie who basically sidelines her. However, once Ryan suits up as Batwoman she discovers that Sophie was working undercover with a crew to get the fear toxin. Her plan was to track the toxin to the lab so she can find angelique. However, Because of Batwoman’s involvement Sophie has been booted and her chance at tagging the toxin is now gone. After her failed mission Jacob, who is now hooked on Snakebite himself, takes Sophie off the case and adds Agent Russel Tavaroff. Sophie fears that he will go in guns blazing and kill Angelique in the process.

 As a back up plan, Ryan and Sophie make a deal to get Ryan in the crew to complete the mission. With the help of Luke and Mary, Ryan gets an ID and a car. She makes it into the crew and is set up for the job. That night the crew is ready to get the Fear Toxin, but Sophie sees that there is a drone overhead which means that Ryan is not going to be able to stop the car and tag the toxin like planned. Sophie attempts to call off the operation, but Ryan plans to tag the toxin while driving. This requires Luke to take over remote steering while Ryan tags the canister as they are being chased by Crows. The cannister is successfully tagged, but Sophie doesn’t meet with Ryan or Luke after like they planned. They realize that Sophie has decided to go in alone.

Of course, Black Mask knew that something like this was going on and was able to trap Sophie. Just before he kills Sophie, Batwoman swoops in and saves her. However, neither one of them can save Angelique because she is at a different location being held at gunpoint. This forces them to let Black Mask go for now.

At the end of the episode, Sophie gets the car to take back to Mary when she notices the device in the car. She takes it back to the crows and discovers the conversation between Ryan and Luke while she was driving. Sophie now knows that Ryan is Batwoman. Meanwhile, Angelique completes her first batch of Snakebite, but she isn’t sure that it is right and instead of getting herself killed, she promises to find Ocean.

Trying to Forget

As for Alice, she confronts Enigma this episode and asks for her to remove Kate from her memories. Enigma is reluctant to do so because removing something this important could have bad side effects, like losing any remaining moral compass. Enigma does put her through the treatment, but just as she forgets Kate Ocean pops in making her lose focus. This causes her to remember Kate. After some threatening, Enigma agrees to do it again and this time she is interrupted by the actual Ocean who she thought was still dead. In a turn of events, Enigma says the magic words and Alice and Ocean suddenly remember all of their stolen memories. This then leads to some making out just after Ocean reveals he is in town for the last remaining desert rose. Ultimately Ocean does want to know why she chose to stab him through the heart and if he can trust her to not do it again.

This was an interesting look at Enigma, and I think that while she seemed sincere, she was actively avoiding clearing Kate from Alice’s mind because they are going to need Alice to remember Kate for whatever Black Mask’s plans with Kate are. Remember, Enigma is one of a few people that knows Kate is alive and she made Kate forget who she was.

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