Fear the Walking Dead S6E8 ‘Things Left to Do’ Breakdown!

I think we can all safely say that it is time for Dakota to look at the flowers. After a long break to accommodate for the Walking Dead season 10 extension, Fear the Walking Dead is back with a heartbreaking mid-season premiere focusing on John Dorie along with Morgan and Dakota.

Goodbye June

At the beginning of the episode John is alone in his cabin. Last we saw John he separated from June after she chose to stay with Ginny and her people as a traveling clinic. John couldn’t stay on with Ginny after the murder of a ranger that he knew Ginny was covering up. Now alone in the woods John is really just ready to end it, even leaving ‘Goodbye June’ in Scrabble pieces just like the ‘I Love You’ when she left him back in season four. However, John’s door is broken and every time he goes to take the shot to end his life, a walker pops up from the river making him lose his nerve. He heads up to the bridge to find that it is once again over run and in need of patching to keep walkers from dropping over and washing down stream to him. To get supplies he heads to the little story we saw him and June frequent to rent movies.

A Ghost

When he arrives at the outpost the door and window are piled with walkers letting him know that there may be someone inside that is attracting attention. He clears the small group and heads on in to find Dakota and Morgan. Last time we saw them was the mid-season finale. Alicia, Dakota, and Charlie had all been kidnapped and eventually broke free and reunited with Morgan who also helped in freeing them. This is the first time that John has seen Morgan since Ginny told everyone he was dead, so for John this is like seeing a ghost. They explain that they somehow got separated from Alicia and Charlie, but they are all heading to Morgan’s new place and John should join them. John is reluctant to go, but before they can hash it out a ranger pops in the outpost.

All of them manage to hide and avoid the ranger but he does notice John’s name on the video check out and he informs Ginny that John could be in this area. John did have the opportunity to shoot the ranger but chose not to at this moment. After the ranger leaves, John has then all head to the cabin where they will be safer for now.

Hiding Out

At the cabin, Morgan has the chance to explain more about his plan and invite John. John does not want to go and is happy to stay at the cabin by himself, even without the door. Once notable conversation was Dakota noticing the bone knife handle from the murder of the ranger that John was working on. Dakota is curious why he still has it, and he says that he thought if he could find the knife, he could catch the killer.

Ginny then radios Morgan wanting to set terms to get her sister back. She has rounded up all of Morgan’s people and wants her sister back or she is going to kill them. She even has Grace get on the line to show that she is still alive. Morgan is planning a meet up with Ginny at their new place that will be easier to defend with the large dam wall. However, he isn’t ready yet. John now agrees to help them get to the other side of the river, but still wont commit to going any further than that.

While gathering supplies in the SUV one of the rangers finds them and lassos Morgan attempting to haul him away. John being the excellent shooter that he is kills the ranger and frees Morgan but is upset because he feels he could have prevented this if he killed the ranger sooner. Obviously, that isn’t the case, but the problem now is that the SUV was damaged by the ranger and they need a new ride.

There is an old truck that belonged to John’s father that they planned to fix up together, but his father never shows up that summer. Morgan thinks he can get it going but they need supplies and John knows of a vehicle close by. He and Dakota head over and grab the parts with him talking about his father and her accusing him of hiding away from his problems like his father did. Just when you think he is going to join them he grabs a door from the building. Morgan finds them upset after finding the scrabble tiles. Morgan now knows what John’s plan was and wants to talk him out of killing himself. While that doesn’t work, John does agree to use the door to protect the truck so it will go across the bridge.

The Bridge

After securing the doors on the truck they are ready to take out the walkers on the bridge so Morgan and Dakota can make it to the dam. This plan goes okay until a walker gets stuck under the tire. John talks Dakota through the driving, but the trucks alternator ends up pooping out. John, protected by the doors fixing the alternator and they end up taking out the walkers. Once that is all said and done Morgan once again pleas with John to make him come with them. When John wants again denies Morgan, Morgan forces his hand by calling Ginny and setting up a meeting with her at John’s cabin.

As you can imagine, John is pretty upset. Morgan disappears somewhere for a moment leaving Dakota and John on the bridge alone. They are searching for a clip to the alternator that they need when Dakota is attacked by one of the walkers on the bridge. She manages to stab it freeing herself, but John notices the chunk of bone missing from the handle of the knife. He puts together that it was Dakota that killed the ranger. She admits that she did it, but also says she didn’t know that in turn Ginny was going to kill Janice. She mostly just wanted people to start turning on her sister. She also was upset that he had found her way she used to sneak out.

John is in disbelief, but when she raises the gun to him, he promises that they can work this out and he will help her get past it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like she wants to get past it and instead shoots John in the chest and pushes him over the edge. Morgan comes up a second later and realizes what has happened. He calls to Ginny and June who are at the cabin and have them look for John. John floated to the bottom of the river and in that moment decide that he wanted to live. He climbed on a piece of debris and began floating to the cabin.

Ginny’s rangers looked for John but when he finally washed ashore, he had already turned, and June was forced to kill him. In the final moments of the episode, we see Alicia and Charlie arrive at the dam. Morgan calls over to them and warns Dwight that the fight may be coming in behind him and they need to be ready. He also thinks that Dwight needs to give Sherry a call for help.

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