Supergirl S6E2 ‘A Few Good Women’ Breakdown!

Supergirl has once again proven that Lena is the boss of this show. With Lex’s trial underway Lena, William, and Eve are all focused on making sure he doesn’t walk. Meanwhile, Supergirl is stuck in the Phantom Zone with Team SG looking for a way to save her.

The Trial of Lex

Lex is on trial for murder, attempted murder, and his plot to brainwash the entire world with only Eve to testify against him. The hope is that she will be able to convey Lex’s guilt enough to get him put away for good. William and Nia have been put in charge of covering the trial for Catco. Since the fall of Obsidian North thanks to Lex, Andrea is focused on reporting anything on Lex that will show him in a bad light and help Catco. They even go as far to publish that Lex is guilty before his trial even begins and asking Lena to do a piece on her side of the story. Lena is not willing to share her experience and gets upset that Andrea seems to be only coming to her to use her for a story. Nia struggles this episode with being present for the story because she is also working to free Kara from the Phantom Zone.

As for the trial itself, it comes to a screaming halt when Lex decimates Eve on the stand chalking everything up to her being a jilted lover. Worried that Lex could be set free, Lena decides that she is going to testify on her side of the story. Lillian steps in and attempts to stop her in order to save the Luthor name, but Lena is ready to actually do some good instead of pretending.

When Lena takes the stand, she tricks Lex into ranting about wanting and having power over people which seemed to be pretty damning. Everyone including Lex thinks he is going away. We do see that he had a back up plan with Otis that should he be found guilty a bomb would be set up allowing his escape. In a turn of events though he is found not guilty and set free. This has Lex feeling that maybe he just needs to be the person that ‘tells it like it is’, but I think this really was the work of Lillian. Lena on the other hand, could now be facing charges for what she said on the stand to provoke Lex.

The Phantom Zone

Supergirl — “A Few Good Women” — Image Number: SPG602fg_0007r — Pictured (L-R): Melissa Benoist as Supergirl and Jason Behr as Man — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

While the trial is happening, Kara is facing something even scarier than lex Luthor, Phantoms. She has been trapped in the Phantom Zone. She at first passes out because of the fear the Phantoms cause, but she is then pulled away by another person trapped. This person ends up being her father, Zor-El, who was trapped in the Phantom Zone during the fall of Krypton after staying behind to make sure Argo launched safely.

Zor-El attempts to convince Kara that she is here for eternity and she must accept that. However, Kara is not willing to give up and stay here so easily. Her first attempt again leaves her weak and in need of saving from Zor-El, but she eventually convinces him that there is a way to leave, and she is not going to stop trying. He says that even though he thinks this is a failed plan, he isn’t going to let her do it alone. At the end of the episode, they catch a glimpse of some Phantoms leaving the zone through a portal and come up with the plan to travel through one as well.

 Jail Break

Team SG is also working to free Kara from the Phantom Zone and begin but seeking out someone who has previously broken in. While Silas wasn’t able to save his partner, he can help the team by building the machine he used to cross into the zone. This is a dangerous option one that can lead to all of them being set on fire, but everyone is ready to get Kara back by any means.

Brainiac works with Nia who is going to have to use her dream powers to find Kara in the zone. Nia doesn’t feel that she is going to be able to make this work but Brainiac convinces her that she is more than good enough and is going to make this work. However, when the portal opens the Phantom Zone isn’t what they were expecting. Brainy realizes that because of Crisis the zone was split apart and put back together but somehow remains fractured. This means it could take years to search for Kara. For now, they are going to have to abort mission and come up with another plan.

Unfortunately, they didn’t close the portal in time to stop some Phantoms from getting out and requires them to fight. They do defeat the phantoms with the exception that one of them kind of possesses Silas and later escapes. That is going to be a problem.

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