The Flash S7E6 ‘The One with the Nineties’ Breakdown!

These last few episodes have been really good and have the ‘old Flash’ feel that I think we have been missing in the last season or so. This season is going to be dealing with the different forces at play like I talked about in my last breakdown and over on my YouTube channel. So far, we have seen Fuerza representing the Strength Force and Psych with the Sage Force, both being named by Cisco in this episode. However, this episode focuses on the Sage Force, the fourth and final force (Unless they add something else) The episode also focuses on Chester, a relatively new addition to the team that we haven’t seen too much of up to this point because the show was focused on the Mirror Mistress storyline.

Tracking the Forces

In the opening of the episode, we get a small sneak peak at what is coming with the barista from Jitters coming in contact with the CW T-Rex. We have seen this fella on the show before and over on Legends and usually indicates that something is very wrong with time. We then back up 24 hours to see how the events unfold. At STAR Labs, Barry is in his Cryochamber healing after his fight with Psych in the last episode. Nora, the physical form of the Speed Force, is also at the lab healing from her encounter with the other forces as well. She keeps a particularly close eye on Barry and his healing to the point it is borderline suspicious. She explains to the team that when she was reborn other forces were born as well. These other forces have turned out to be evil and attacked. She claims that she sought out Barry to protect her from the other forces because she is too weak to fight them again. Iris promises to protect her.

Meanwhile, Cisco and Chester come up with a plan to not only track the isopheric readings, but isolate which force is which. This will let them know what type of attack to expect. However, this also requires Chester and Cisco to place amplifiers all around Central City.


Cisco and Chester head to the outskirts of Masonville to install one of the amplifiers they need to track these forces. Not only does their amplifier malfunction but they are then hit by this mysterious green energy. The first thing they notice missing is their phones and the van, followed by the discovery that they are in some type of force field/bubble. They head into town and realize that not only are they in some type of bubble, but they have also time traveled to 1998. Nothing like a good trip to Blockbuster.

Based on the isotopic spike at the time of the incident and the temporal energy, Cisco determines that they are dealing with a new force that can control time. They know that they can use the meter to figure out who is the one controlling time if they can dial it into this new frequency. Chester heads to the nearest dumpster and finds the needed parts to make this happen.

Their next stop is the high school which is where they plan to start looking for whoever is messing with time. Some students stand out, like Deon the high school jock, but none of them have a temporal isotopic reading to until they encounter Parker. Parker understands a Matrix reference as well and he shouldn’t because the movie hasn’t been released yet. This pulls him from the influence of the bubble which resets the time loop.

In this new time loop Cisco for a moment thinks that he is only seven until Chester pulls him out with some Game of Thrones references. Ah…sweet Raines of Castamere.  Now that they know this is a time loop, they have to figure out what is so special about today that someone would want to loop it. Chester seems upset when finding out the date but doesn’t say anything yet. They have another problem too, the meter they were using is what they guess saved Chester from have his mind wiped in the time loop, but it is now destroyed so they need to rebuild it. They head to an electronics store just as the part they need is being sold to none other than Chester’s father. Chester is weird about seeing his father and alludes to the fact that they didn’t have a good relationship, oh and his father dies the next day. However, they need that part to find the force user and to protect themselves.

Chester visits his dad and talks with him about the part and realizes that while he thought his father only cared about work, that wasn’t true at all. Everything his father did for him was to make him a better man. It was a really sweet moment and one that I am happy we got to see for Chester.  Through their bonding time together he and Chester fix the meter.

They head back to the school but don’t have to do too much to find their Force user. Deon comes looking for them figuring out that they don’t belong in this loop. In this confrontation he gets angry which causes the bubble to expand and start changing which leads to every member of Team Flash to change a different decade. I loved everyone’s look! Frost and Iris were stunning, Joe was so damn cool, and Caitlyn…well… she was fun too. One thing that Chester and Cisco learn is that Deon is incredibly powerful and that they aren’t really going to be able to fight him. Chester uses a technique he learned from Barry and talks Deon off the edge, at least for now. He pushes Deon to see that he shouldn’t let one moment define his life which does stop Deon for now. However, it gives him the idea to begin manipulating the future. So, this is certainly not the last time we will see Deon.


Meanwhile Iris and the Speed Force spend some time together. They talk about Barry and just how much the death of his mother affects him. The Speed Force then wants to stop appearing as Nora, but Iris assures her it brings him comfort. By the end of the episode, Barry is healed enough to come out of the chamber, but Nora seems reluctant to leave and even ends up crashing in Barry and Iris’s bedroom. She does seem overly interested in Barry’s life and you can see that Barry is very suspicious when she and Iris walk away.

Killer Frost

Also happening as a side plot that will become a bigger story later. Joe is being visited by some kind of investigator and we know from last episode that she is looking for Killer Frost. In this episode Joe broached the subject with Frost in an attempt to get her to lay low, however, Frost is not feeling that. She finally wants to live her own life and she is not about to hide. We have an upcoming episode entitled ‘The People vs. Killer Frost’ so I expect this to ramp up in the next two episodes.

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