Batwoman S2E9 ‘Rule #1’ Breakdown!

Hey Everyone! I know I am late getting this up, but I hope you enjoy it all the same. This episode deals with the aftermath of the events of Coryana, specifically that everyone now believes Kate to be officially dead. Of course, in the same episode WE finally got confirmation that she is alive and was recast. If you want to know more about that check out my last post linked below.


After Julia came back to Gotham last episode with the news and evidence that Kate was officially dead, the family holds a funeral. Ryan doesn’t attend because no one other than Mary and Luke know that Ryan is Batwoman and otherwise Ryan did not know Kate. However, she does write to her in the journals that Kate and Bruce wrote in previously promising to care on their legacy. I think for the most part Ryan now feels like she can embrace this role of Batwoman officially in honor of Kate.

The False Face Society

Meanwhile we do see that not only does the False Face Society have Kate, we see her with Black Mask himself, but they are also responsible for the death of Commissioner Forbes which loops in a new character. The new character is Sophie’s sister, Jordan Moore, and at the start of the episode we meet her in a flashback. A month prior to current events she was working to have funds allocated to improving the community by approaching the Commissioner directly. His response was that it is an elected position and if she doesn’t like how things are then she should run. I do think we are going to see that kind of development for her, but for this episode she ends up witnessing the death of the Commissioner at the hands of the False Face Society when coincidentally tagging a building. He was targeted for speaking out against the drug Snakebite that is being sold by the FFS.  

The next day Roman Sionis makes a statement about the death of the Commissioner speaking out against the drugs and gangs in the community. This is ironic because Sionis is the Black Mask and leader of the False Face Society. While he is speaking out, both the Bat team and the Crows are looking into the footage of the Commissioners death. While the footage has been messed with, they do notice the half-finished fresh tag on the side of the building. The Bat team tracks this and realizes this is Jordan, just as she is going to Sophie for help. She thinks that she is being followed by the FFS and she is right. Luckily Batwoman is there in time to save her. Things get messy for Batwoman when Jordan tells her that the driver for the False Face shooters was wearing a gold key bracelet, Angelique’s bracelet.

We know that Angelique has been involved in selling Snakebite and seems to be in deeper than Ryan thought. What makes it worse is that just before this Angelique told Ryan that she was going to get out of selling to be with Ryan. Ryan confronts her about the Jordan’s account, and she admits to being there but only as the driver and she didn’t know that they were going to kill anyone. Ryan falls short of telling her that she IS Batwoman and instead opts for the ‘I know Batwoman’ and offers her protection to come forward and Angelique says she will think about it. Mary pressures Ryan to just turn in Angelique because she thinks this is the same path that Kate went down with Alice, but Ryan promised Angelique time to think, and she is going to give it.

At the Hold Up Sophie brings Jordan in to keep her off the street and away from the FFS. This is the first time the show outright brings up relationship with Sophie and Ryan with her sister Jordan talking about vibes with them. Personally, I am not sure how I feel about it, but for the time being I don’t think it is something that would work. They both are hung up on their exes, even if one is dead and the other is a criminal. While at the Hold Up, Sophie calls Luke wanting information about who the driver was because she picked up on Batwoman’s body language when she heard about the bracelet. Mary thinks they should come clean to Sophie, but Luke has Ryan’s back and doesn’t say anything. Later on, Angelique calls Ryan and tells her that she does want out and to send Batwoman to help her.

When Batwoman arrives, Angelique is gone and based on the state of her apartment she didn’t leave quietly. She was taken to Black Mask that shows her the only way to leave the gang is dead brought on in some brutal fashion. Batwoman does track Angelique and finds her location but it surrounded by the gang and knocked out before she can save Angelique. Luckily, Sophie was also on the trail and comes in just as Batwoman is about to be cut in pieces. While the gang members and Black Mask do get away, they save Angelique. Instead of claiming to be a witness though she confesses to killing the Commissioner on orders from Black Mask in order to stop him from going after Ryan.

As a result of the disagreements with the Bat team this episode on how to handle Angelique, Ryan comes up with ground rules with number one inspired by Jordan, which is to give back to the community.

Dealing with Death

As for the other Kane family members, both Jacob and Alice are not doing well. Jacob still isn’t 100% sure he believes that Kate is dead and wants Julia to keep digging. While Julia digs into the plane crash report, she calls someone that has said that she called but Julia doesn’t remember. This could mean at some point she had some memory tampering, or someone was impersonating her. Both are entirely possible.

Meanwhile, Alice is on a full-blown psychotic break seeing a young Kate and digging up her dead cat with the end result being that she is going to forget that Kate ever existed. Based on the final scene with Black Mask bringing in Enigma, it looks like Kate is going to forget Kate too. Enigma was brought up on Coryana as the person that wiped both Ocean and Alice’s mind, so we know that she has skills, and I am curious is if they are really going to make Kate a full-blown villain.

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