Superman & Lois S1E5 “Best of Smallville” Breakdown!

Another great episode and the last one we have for a while. Unfortunately, the production is on a hiatus after this episode because of COVID. Starting next week, we jump into the sixth and final season of Supergirl with that running until Superman and Lois picks back up on May 18th. While I am happy to see some Supergirl, I am bummed that Superman and Lois is going on hold after just five episodes.


This episode revolves around a Smallville event called Harvestfest. If you are from a small town like me, you know that every small town has their signature festival and this one is it for Smallville. This festival not only serves up the traditional fair food, but also the spirt of giving as the town collects donations to redistribute throughout the community. This year the town is sort of in mourning because this is the first year without Martha Kent who was a fixture of the event.

Clark is eager to share this experience with the boys, but like everything, it doesn’t go as planned. Jonathan was supposed to have his Metropolis girlfriend, Eliza, in town but at the last minute not only cancelled by dumped him. Couple this with everything else that Jonathan has had to give up he’s pretty much in a sour mood the rest of the episode and even plans to move out and back to Metropolis. Clark shoots this down pretty quickly which also prompts some flashbacks with him which I will get to in a minute. Upset Jonathan drinks his way though Harvestfest landing him in hot water.

As for Jordan, he gets asked by Sarah to the Harvestfest as a date. This takes a noise dive too when her dad comes him from a fire drunk and she opts to take care of him so her mom can head out. When Sarah eventually makes it to the festival Jordan is very understanding and she almost opens up to him, but they are interrupted by a drunk Jonathan. Sarah reacts poorly to this because of her experience with an alcoholic father and ends up leaving Jordan with Jonathan and heads out. Jonathan quickly apologizes to Jordan and Jordan is quick to forgive him. Just after this they run into their parents who quickly know that Jonathan is drunk and sends them home.

Up in Flame

Smallville itself isn’t having much better luck. Derek Powell the missing son of Sharon Powell mysteriously pops back up prompting Sharon to no longer go forward with Lois’s story. Chrissy is pretty upset but Lois assures her that this is a big story, and they will figure it out. Later Derek and Sharon head to the donation drop off when Derek begins experiencing a headache. He makes his way to the back room calling Larr as he goes. She assures him that everything is fine just as he uncontrollably expels his heat vision lighting up the building. Clark makes it there and puts the fire out with his freeze breath but not before a firefighter Mitch gets seriously injured which is what led Kyle to his bought of drinking this episode.

While there Clark did spot Sharon Powell alone and passes that information onto Lois who tracks down Kyle and learns that Derek was there but around back and then took off. She relays this information to Chrissy who calls in Sharon for questions. Derek has sent his mom a test telling her that he needs time away. Chrissy uses her phone to get a location on Derek and then heads out there to see what he is up to on her own. When she finds that he meets with Larr for a make out session and some time in a weird tube, Superman drops in to check things out leading to a Kryptonian powered showdown.

Captain Luthor

Before I get into that showdown we need to back up and talk about Captain Luthor. In this episode he makes a reappearance and this time for Lois who he has notices Superman tends to be around. He does approach her and asks to talk to her about the story she is doing on Morgan Edge and offers to help.

Later he is alone in this RV when he gets the call that there is a Kryptonian in flight and he takes off after it. Once he gets close, he notices there are two! Superman closely following Derek who not only had heat vision but flight. He does say something that kind of irks me. He said, “You aren’t alone anymore”. Uh, Supergirl? Are we just forgetting she exists? Anyway, Luthor ends up shooting Derek out of the sky who makes the comment to Clark about already being dead and then explodes in a fiery mess. When Captain Luthor makes it to the sight Superman is already gone. One thing to note here is that he was glitching in a similar fashion to Tag in the last episode which again makes me think it was really X-kryptonite that Tag came in contact with. We do see Tag in this episode at the very end when he attacks Jordan thinking that his powers are some how Jordan’s fault.

One more thing about Luthor, at the end of the episode he finally sees Lois with Clark and learns that they are married. When he returns to his RV, we learn another crucial piece of information. He was married to Lois on his earth! What! Not a twist I was expecting but am for sure wanting to know more about right now.

In Memory

The Flashbacks this episode focused on Clark’s time after his dad died and right before he went to Metropolis. He left home to pursue his life as Superman and now that his mom is gone, he almost regrets missing out on that time with her. This really connects with Jonathan’s storyline this episode. Clark decides that this is Jonathan’s one free pass and gifts him the box that his mother gave him before he left home. It was missing the crystal which I think was a big detail. I almost feel like it would have been a key to unlocking the powers in Jonathan, but nope, not yet.

For Smallville, they also want to keep the memory of Martha alive and dedicate a bench that she used to sit on in her honor.

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