The Flash S7E4 ‘Central City Strong’ Breakdown!

We are finally into the season 7 episodes with the last few wrapping up season 6 stuff that was cut off thanks to Covid. This episode is all about recovering after a loss and learning how to move forward which is something that shows don’t normally address in depth and I’m glad we are seeing that in this episode.

Central City Strong

The opening of the episode is the STAR labs employees working to help repair damage around the city thanks to the attack from Eva last episode. Barry is all about making sure that the city doesn’t suffer anymore because of his own failings. He even does a TV interview with Arielle Adkins who I THINK is someone we see later in the episode.

Later, when the city is attacked by Abra Kadabra he takes it personally. Abra Kadabra is a character we have seen on the show a few times before. He is from the future where he and The Flash are mortal enemies and he has even warned Barry a few times about other things that are coming, like The Thinker back in season four. This time his arrival is marked by an earthquake we later learn was a time quake. He attacks a worker at the building project with a strange obelisk being left behind. When Cisco picks up on the temporal energy again, he and Barry head to meet Abra Kadabra head on.

There are some interesting things here, like Cisco is now Mecha-Vibe apparently. He also mentioned Barry receiving the wrath of Chronarch. This is an interesting nugget of information because in the comics that is who rules Abra Kadabra’s time period. He imposed strict order on its citizens resulting in Kadabra becoming a revolutionary, fighting for individual thought and identity. As this was considered a threat to society, Kadabra was banished back to the Flash’s era. This could be a set up for what’s coming this season, but I think it is more likely that this is build up for season 8. I think this season is going to focus more on speedsters as well as users of other forces.

Barry and Cisco easily capture Abra Kadabra, and he is shipped off to ARGUS where he escapes…again. This time he is right where he needs to be with these three obelisks. Using his nanite wand he uses them to build an Anti-Matter bomb. Flash is alerted to Abra Kadabra’s escape and meets him there. This is when Abra Kadabra drops another little nugget but this time about his motives behind this attack. In their last meeting Barry had mentioned Kadabra finding his light, and now it seems that something has happened that and he blames Barry for it. As a result, he now plans to wipe out the whole of Central City.

Kadabra then disappears bouncing around Central City in random locations to charge up the Anti-Matter bomb. Once this bomb is fully charged it will have enough power to wipe out Central City. Barry is upset that he once again was tricked by another villain. Iris swoops in and gives Barry the needed pep talk that makes him better understand Kadabra’s motives, he has lost someone.

Barry then heads to Kadabra’s final location and confronts him about who he has lost. Turns out after Crisis he started experiencing weird dreams. He couldn’t understand what was happening and stole the MMR device that was in the cuff that Frost picked up from the first scene. This allows for a person to see their pre-crisis memories and was designed to be used on people like Mia Queen and Laurel. What Kadabra found was that he had a family in his other life, a family that was wiped away because of Crisis. Barry explains to him that he too last a brother (Oliver) in the events of Crisis and he moves forward by honoring his legacy. He thinks that it is likely that Kadabra’s (Or as we learn, Philippe) family wouldn’t want him to wipe out an entire city in their honor. Phillipe agrees and decides to stop his attack. I know some people are upset that this is now too episodes in a row solved by talking, I didn’t mind it in this episode, but I thought it was a bummer finale ending last episode.

Anyway, Barry is willing to let Philippe go even though they may be enemies in the future, Barry is hoping that they won’t have to be.  Their parting of ways is then interrupted by a woman that is seemingly hulked out. I believe that this is the shows version of Fuerza. She is imbued with the Strengthforce which I think is pretty obvious. In the comics her real name was Alexa Antigone, but I think for the show, this is the Arielle Adkinsthat Barry did an interview with earlier in the episode. They don’t outright say that she killed Abra Kadabra, but I am quite sure she did and almost wiped-out Barry as well. It is only his speed healing that saved his life. In the comics these two fought at first but later allied which I think it something that will carry over into the show as well.


As for Iris this episode she is dealing with being back and the trauma that she endured after spending three months in the Mirrorverse. This story started when she was trying to write a story for the citizen that Allegra deemed to be crap. This takes Iris on a journey to accepting that she has some things to deal with and even shares her story at a support group at the end of the episode.  I don’t think this is going to be a one-episode arc for Iris but something she continues to do. I much prefer Iris when she has her own reporter/side story as well so I am happy that we will see this journey for her.


As for Caitlin and Frost. This was a twist ending we were not expecting. This entire episode Caitlin was feeling drained while First was experiencing headaches. She consults with Cisco who seems to think nothing Is wrong, but at the end of the episode she comes in as two separate people! While Frist seems super excited about this Caitlin is concerned because as she reminded us earlier, the reformed Frost is not something everyone has excepted yet.

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