Batwoman S2E8 ‘Survived Much Worse’ Breakdown!

Hands down just a really great episode as we see this Coryana storyline reach its peak. Well, A peak. I don’t think this is over, but definitely some unexpected twists with lots of good answers and new questions.

Obviously, there was the casting news that there will be a recast for Kate Kane, and they are working that into the storyline. I am 100% on board with this since it was the actress Ruby Rose’s decision to step away. I didn’t think they would recast, but I think that this is going to make for some interesting storylines, but I will get into that later. I just wanted to address the casting of Wallis Day before I got into the episode.

Last Hope

With Ryan on death’s door after the kryptonite poisoning back in episode one, she is too weak to get to Coryana on her own even though she did manage to get a tracker on Alice. She does attempt to use a mix of adrenaline and cortisone, but Mary stops her because this would drastically decrease the small amount of time she has left.

Instead of sending Ryan, Luke meets with Sophie to give her the tracking information. Sophie now realizes that Luke works with Batwoman and agrees to not only follow this lead but bring back a desert rose to help Batwoman. Jacob goes along with this plan out of desperation to get Kate but isn’t happy about working with Batwoman.

Unfortunately, Jacob and Sophie don’t make it out of Gotham before being attacked. Ryan, Luke, and Mary witness this on their body cam and at this point don’t realize that this was Safiyah’s people doing the kidnapping. This diminishes all hope that Ryan is going to get the desert rose cure without going to Coryana herself. This brings up the question of what happens should both Kate and Ryan return from this trip? Something that is going to have to be worked out…eventually. She then entrusts her plant she got from Angelique to Mary to guard while she is gone and in the chance that she doesn’t make it back.

A Deal

Meanwhile in Coryana, Alice has arrived with the fake Ocean in tow. We know that the Crows have found the location of the real Ocean and are tracking him, not that its going to mean anything. Safiyah and Alice talk and Safiyah explains that her loving Alice had nothing to do with why this has come about. She also still claims that she had nothing to do with the killing of her gang last season or with Kate’s plane crash. However, she made Alice and Ocean forget each other because she felt that Alice was a bad influence on him. Safiyah then talks to Alice about Kate and whether or not she really wants to kill her sister, because at the end of the day we all know that Alice isn’t going to feel better after.

While that conversation is happening, there are some other events playing out on the island. Jacob and Sophie are in prison. Tatiana says that they have been brought here to witness Alice killing Kate. Safiyah would also like to offer Sophie a position in her army. Of course, Sophie isn’t buying into that, but instead attacks Tatiana with her and Jacob then making a break for it.

Once free, they come across the emp that Ryan dropped because she has also made it to Coryana and dropped in on the party. Yes, I died laughing when they mentioned the shark repellant. Jacob and Sophie then find a plane that will help them escape and smell the ammonium nitrate that is not only bomb material but fertilizer. This is a sign they are close to the field of desert rose.

As for Ryan, she only makes it far enough on the island to find the field of desert rose and get captured. Luke loses the signal to her coms and video feed leaving Luke and Mary in the dark. Ryan is then taken to Safiyah who is still talking with Alice about seeing Kate. Both are surprised to see Batwoman, and it is in this moment that Ryan drops the bomb to Safiyah that she needs to check out that Ocean a little harder foiling Alice’s whole plan. Safiyah is furious and sends Alice to be in the same cell as Ryan.

In the cell Ryan admits that it was her that tracked Alice with the intention of stopping her from killing Kate and to get some desert Rose. She also breaks down Alice and makes her see that she really doesn’t want to kill Kate, she just wants her back. This is when it hits Alice that she really doesn’t want to kill Kate.

Then comes the deal. Safiyah comes in offering Ryan a deal for making her aware of Alice’s deception. Ryan asks for both enough desert rose to cure herself and for Kate. However, Safiyah is only feeling generous enough to fulfill one of those and Ryan chooses the cure knowing that Alice isn’t going to kill Kate.


Unfortunately for Alice this story doesn’t go to plan. She is brought back to Safiyah’s room where they bring in Ocean and this time, she really has to choose between killing Ocean and Kate. She opts to stab Ocean in the heart because this isn’t about killing Kate anymore, but getting her back for another chance.

Alice is then taken to see Kate, at the same time that Ryan is learning from Tatiana that Kate is not and never was on the island. This also lines up with the return of Julia Pennyworth in Gotham as Mary and Luke are being attacked by one of Safiyah’s assassin. Mary ends up knocking her out with Ryan’s plant and the minute it hit her blood we all knew what this plant was. However, they don’t realize it until later because Julia didn’t come to save them but deliver some bad news. She has found DNA proof that Kate was killed in the plane crash. Obviously, Alice freaks out when she learns that instead of seeing Kate, she finds a room full of ruby necklaces. Safiyah then has her escorted from the island with no Kate or Ocean, the ultimate revenge.

Safiyah then reveals to Tatiana that the blade used to kill Ocean was infused with desert rose and when she pulls it out ocean comes back to life. This was to show Ocean that Alice didn’t really love him, at least not more than her sister. She then turns to Tatiana and calls her out for being the one that set all this in motion by attacking Alice last season. She says that her goal was to kill Alice to help Safiyah get over her, but that obviously isn’t how things played out.

With Alice, she was never one to go peacefully and in turn takes what Safiyah holds most dear not knowing that both Ocean and Kate are really alive. She lights up the field of desert rose that we know are fertilized with a highly explosive fertilizer. While this worked for Alice getting her revenge, it didn’t work out for Ryan who didn’t make it in time to snag one. She is found by Sophie who sits with her, so she doesn’t die alone. Luckily at this point Luke and Mary realize that the flower that Ryan had all along was the desert rose and it has now bloomed. Add that with the coms suddenly working and we have a happy ending assuming they get off this island.

She’s Alive

This episode did everything in its power to make us think that Kate was dead until the last scene when they show Kate. She is below a Gotham barber shop with some serious face issues happening. However, we know this is Kate because of that signature ruby necklace.

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