Falcon and Winter Soldier S1E1 ‘New World Order’ Breakdown!

We are finally getting Falcon and Winter Solider! I feel like we have been waiting for this forever because this should have been release last year, but because of Covid saw delays. This episode was one of the shorter ones for this series which will only run a total of six episodes. It was also a relatively slow episode with zero interaction between the two title characters, however, it does show how these two are coping and living a life without Cap.

Saving Colonel Vassant

The big action scene this episode featured Falcon in action in a way we haven’t had the opportunity to see before. In the bog movies he is typically good for a quick shot and one liner but here we see him in full action on a solo mission. Here he is working to save Colonel Vassant who has been targeted by the LAF. LAF is only explained as being a terrorist organization and we see that this is where Batroc is coming into play.

Honestly, I was super impressed with this scene we had Sam just zooming around and kicking ass while his new friend and ally Joaquin Torres is the ‘boots on the ground’. Ultimately Sam gets Vassant before Batroc gets him into Libya, an area that the US should not be conducting missions. Batroc does get away and I do expect to see him again soon.

After the mission, Sam meets with Torres where they discuss the mission, Sam being an Avenger, the conspiracy theories about Cap, and the first mention of Flag Smashers. Sam instructs Torres to keep an eye on them and let him know if something comes up.

It Doesn’t Belong to Me

Back in D.C., Sam attends a new Smithsonian exhibit honoring Captain America now that he is officially gone. He is donating the shield that Cap gave to him to carry on. Rhodey was at this ceremony and talks with Sam about why he is not taking up the mantle and Sam explains, like he said to Cap, that he doesn’t feel it is his to carry. It belongs to Steve.

Rhodey does mention this about enemies being friends while alleys are now enemies during the blip time, and I am interested to see just how that effects the show and the MCU going forward.

The remainder of the episode we see Sam with his sister and nephews working to help his sister with their family business. Specifically, getting the shrimp boat up and running that his sister is more interested in selling. It is important to note that his sister and kids were no blipped and lived through those five years so scenes with her could give us the biggest clues as to what happened in this time period.

There is some tension with Sam and his sister. She doesn’t seem too resentful but does make it known that she feels it is within her right to sell the boat because she was the one that stayed here while Sam went off fighting monsters and aliens. However, Sam talks her into going to the bank for help to keep the family boat and jump start the business. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in Sam’s favor. Banks are still looking for five years of work experience even if you were blipped.

Flag Smashers

We had a small introduction to the Flag Smashers in this episode but nothing too heavy, mostly dealing with Sam and Bucky’s personal lives post-End Game. Like I mentioned Lt. Torres is the first to mention them and their way of communicated with these markings that can only bee seen on your phone. Sam instructed him to keep an eye on it and let him know if anything happens. Well, Torres almost loses an eye when he attends one of the Flag Smashers ‘meetings’.

This happens just outside of a Switzerland where they are pulling a robbery and the meeting is to create confusion while the money or times they are stealing gets away. Torres is almost arrested because he took one of the masks to get ‘on the inside’ but ditches it right before confronting the man that jumped out of the window. We knew from the trailers that these people seem to be super powered, and we see that in full display here as this man just hurls Torres. While Torres walked away with a broken eye socket, he did manage to get some good recordings that he relays over to Sam. There wasn’t any mention on whether Sam will be looking into this, but we know that it is headed in that direction.


Meanwhile, Bucky is coping with just being normal hundred- and six-year-old man. Not really, but he is trying. We first seem him having a dream from his years as the Winter Soldier and in this dream, he killed an innocent bystander that just happened to be in the wrong place. I imagine this was part of his directive, to be unseen, but outside of that world this haunts Bucky. In therapy Bucky denies having bad dreams but does talk about his work on making amends with the people he has wronged. He has a list in a little book, and it seems to be a mix on Hydra Agents that are still active and people that he truly needs to apologize to.

Bucky has also befriended an old man named Yoki and at first it seemed just to be a pure friendship. He pushes Bucky to date the girl at a restaurant they frequent. She says yes, and Bucky actually shows up to the date with flowers in hand. Bucky in general is both sad and funny mixed into an adorable mess. We have the scene with the waving cats, his interactions with his therapist, and his answers to his date. However, the date ends abruptly when the girl talks about Yoki and the death of Yoki’s son. Bucky then heads over to his apartment to make amends with him. As it turns out Yoki is the father of the innocent man he killed in his dream. Instead, Bucky just pays him back for lunch and moves on. Obviously, this is something we are going to see Bucky face more and more of as the show goes. I really like that we are getting this look at Bucky that was never available to us in the movies.

The New Captain America

In the last scene of the episode Sam’s sister comes in and shows him a press conference with the Department of Justice unveiling their new Captain America, complete with the shield. Sam is upset by this and probably feels betrayed since he thought that he was giving it to the museum for display. This probably also feels like he has let Cap down.

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