Superman and Lois S1E4 “Haywire” Breakdown!

Hey everyone, welcome back for another Superman and Lois breakdown! Things are advancing pretty quickly on the show with Morgan Edge moving in on Smallville and the introduction of Thaddeus Killgrave this episode.


We finally learn what Morgan Edge wants with Smallville in this episode and like I thought last week, there seems to be a cache of Kryptonite, or X-Kryptonite under the town. But let’s back up a little. When we left off Morgan Edge had yet to get the permission to mine here but was making good headway with people like Kyle Cushing on his side.

Lois has been working on a story about him which led to her attempted assassination b y one of Edge’s super powered men. Now he is going after in a more practical approach. According to her contract she had with Daily Planet she cannot publish with the Gazette. This is actually pretty common in the journalism world in real life and would lead to a hefty lawsuit for both Lois and the Gazette. A chance that Chrissy isn’t willing to take. Lois turns to Clark hoping that he can attend the town vote to make some grand speech to stop people from voting in Edge’s favor. Of course, he is busy at the moment and the vote goes through giving Morgan Edge what he needed to get his hands on this X-Kryptonite. But what is X-Kryptonite?

In the comics X-Kryptonite is another variant of Kryptonite that was accidentally made by Supergirl and can grant a non-Kryptonian with powers. While I am not sure that this is going to have any link to Supergirl on the show, we have seen that it does grant humans powers which Edge will use to build himself a super powered army. It was mentioned by General Lane this episode that there is also yellow phosphorus in the area which ended up giving meta-abilities. I will talk about in a minute; but I think this could be what caused this variant.

I think Edge is eying Lana to be part of his army. He mentioned that he has an ‘eye for talent’ while also mentioning to her that he would like to find something that would unlock her potential. This could be an interesting storyline to pursue. I did also enjoy the bonding time with Lois and Lana.


To add to everything else going on, General Lane makes himself part of the story this episode. He first seen Jordan at the game and realizes that the boys may be displaying powers. They do tell him about bonfire incident, but that does not have powers like Clark. Lane is concerned that allowing Jordan to play with bring unwanted attention to the Kent Family which is something they are supposed to be avoiding.

He also points out that Superman’s absence from Metropolis has been noticed by unsavory characters.  They are making moves to make sure that the city is safe. One of those moves are to transport highly dangerous prisoners out of the city with one of them being Thaddeus Killgrave. Killgrave is a highly dangerous mad man radicalized by the appearance of Superman. Lane wants Superman there for the transfer not only to make himself seen, but to make sure things run smoothly.

Clark doesn’t want to be there for the transfer and instead wants this time with the boys, a move that Lane thinks is ridiculous. During the transfer Thaddeus does escape while Clark is dealing with Jonathan worried about his friend Tag that has been acting weird. When Superman finally arrives, Thaddeus is long gone and working on a plan to see Superman again soon. Because of this incident Lane talks with the boys about the responsibility of them knowing who their dad is and how they should be careful about how they use his time. A comment that later almost had severe consequences.

That night Superman is working with the DoD to find Thaddeus while the boys attend a party. We have seen over this episode that Tag is having some issues with his arm and some uncontrollable shaking. He shattered his cast earlier in the bathroom and now breaks a table at the party. He heads out to get air with Jonathan and Jordan following him. Jordan attempts to help but is thrown back in the process leaving Jonathan alone to deal with this. Eventually he uses the device to contact their dad, but he is preoccupied which Thaddeus who has set up a trap for Superman with a sonic blaster. When hearing Jonathan’s call, he performs the Super Clap to knock out Thaddeus in time to get to Jonathan and remove Tag from the situation. They explain later that Tag was taken to a school for kids that are metas and they think he got his powers from the yellow phosphorus.

Clark on the other hand is curious why Jonathan waited so long to reach out to him and learns about the conversation with Lane. This leads to a heated argument with Lois and her father about what a father should be. At first it seems like Lane respects this, even calling Lois to speak with Clark instead of his usually methods, but then he follows that up with starting program 7734 as a contingency against Superman.  Lane feels like he is losing control over Superman, something he can’t stand.

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