Flash S7E3 ‘Mother’ Breakdown!

Welcome back for another Flash episode breakdown! This episode… well… it was hitting cheesy on full cylinders and pretty sloppy. However, on the bright side we are finally done with the Mirror Mistress since this should have been last season’s finale. Let’s hope we are on to bigger and better things.

Fixing This Mess

The start of the episode is right where we left off last episode. Iris is on the ground seizing with Barry hovering over her. Cisco, Allegra, and Frost all wake unsure of where Barry is emotionally but quickly finds that their friend is back, and he needs help saving Iris.

Caitlin runs test on Iris, and it seems that when Barry forces Iris out of the mirror dimension it caused some type of anomaly in her brain and she is stuck in this weird state. Couple this with the broken speedforce and we are really back to square one. Cisco thinks that he can find another way to get the speedforce up and running but Barry doesn’t want to run on something artificial and become the Reverse flash.

Allegra has a talk with Iris while she is in a somewhat comatose state urging her to fight whatever has happened to her. Making the statement that they are stronger together, which is really a theme for this episode.


Meanwhile Eva has been sucking people all over Central City into the Mirror Dimension and replacing them with a mirror copy like we saw with iris last season. Basically, the city is chaos. We mostly see this going on with Joe, Cecile, and Sue.

Sue comes back into town looking for something to clear her name while Joe is trying to figure out what is going on in the city. After realizing that this is Eva’s work, they have the power shut down to the entire city and work on blocking out the mirrors and windows in the CCPD.

While talking about this at STAR Labs, Eva pulls Barry through a mirror to make a deal with him. That he can give up and let her take over because she has good intentions of saving the world with her children. Basically, she is outlining her plan, and then she sends him back to the lab.

The Original

At this point Barry is feeling super defeated thinking that there isn’t a way that they can beat Eva. Harrison Wells then appears out of no where and explains that he is the .001% of the universal particles that made up the Wells. He was created to keep a balance within this universe. Barry technically never knew this Wells, but he feels like he knows Barry because the other Wells have left an imprint on him. He explains to Barry that because he is the Paragon of Love his real strength never came from the speedforce and that he needs to ‘run toward love’.

Barry then leaves to see Iris while the others get an introduction to the OG Wells. Allegra isn’t sure how to feel after her ending with Nash, and then Cisco is just in awe.

The Spark

With Iris, Barry goes to touch here and feels a spark of the Speedforce and realizes that there is still residual speedforce left inside of Iris. This spark wakes Iris and leads Barry to think that she is the key to rebooting or reconnecting to the original speedforce, they would just need an organic receptor. Harrison and Cisco work on this while Chester processes a drive that Sue and a melted Ralph being back from McCullough labs. On the drive ends up being the information that Sue needed to prove she was innocent. At the ends of the episode, they take off to work on some other organizations like Black Hole, but Sur has been bumped to a series regular, so I expect to see her again soon.

Eventually Cisco gets everything ready and then Iris reconnects to the speedforce while Barry runs which restores his powers. Then they set up to take on Eva.

The Final Showdown

Barry then shows to take on Eva with the help of Frost and Cisco with this new tech that gives him powers similar to the ones he got rid of a few seasons back. Together they fight Eva and her mirror duplicates, but quickly realize that speed isn’t going to be enough to stop Eva on its own. Iris then pops in and uses her new connection with the Mirror dimension to fight Eva. This leads to a pep talk with Iris and Barry making Eva see the error of her ways and the world that she is building. This leads to Eva destroying her children, letting everyone out of the mirror dimension, and heading back there herself. Seriously, that was the end of this villain.

Parting Ways

At the end of the episode Harrison Wells decides that he is going to go back in time to spend it with his wife that only had four short years with. Apparently, he can just travel in time now. He parts ways with Cisco and Allegra and then bounces out. I wasn’t expecting this Wells to be so short lived which only tells me that we are going to get him in another way the remainder of the season, yes, I mean reverse flash.

The Lightning

In the final scene of the episode, we head back to 18 hours before. This is the moment that Iris did the speedforce magic and now we are seeing that the lightning was all different colors which is not only the speedforce but the other forces as well. These are the stillforce, strengthforce, and sageforce. This is also a similar event to the creation of Godspeed in the comics. I am going to do a full video on this scene alone so make sure you check that out!

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