Black Lightning S4E6 ‘Book of Ruin – Chapter 2: Theseus’s Ship’ Breakdown!

What are the odds of having to Ship of Theseus references in comic book episodes this close together? Not a bet I am sure we thought to make. Of course, I am referring to the final battle between Scarlet Vision and White Vision in WandaVision, but now we are getting a different take. This time we are talking about Jennifer being reassembled after bursting into pure energy particles at the end of episode 4. At the end of the last episode, she came out of the pod looking like a completely new person which is the main focus of this episode.


I think it’s pretty obvious everyone is in shock after Jen came out looking so different. However, after a few tests Gambi confirmed that this is Jennifer down to the DNA. Peter and Lynn both theorize that the Jen’s genes have just presented differently with the new build. My personal opinion, this was an excellent way of making the casting change after China Anne made the decision to leave. Not only are they not expecting us to ‘just not notice’ the used part of her powers from the comics to explain it. The casting I feel was stellar as well. She may not look like Jen but there are times that her mannerism and even the sound of her voice sounds just like China Anne.

In the story though most everyone embraces this new look as a way to support Jen. However, Jefferson is the odd man out and is reluctant to just accept that this is how his daughter is going to be now. Grace on the other hand was the star of the pep talk game with her not only supporting her but having similar personal experiences as a shapeshifter.

Lynn runs some additional tests at her lab, but in the meantime wants her to not use her powers or visit the Ionosphere. While Jen is at the lab, Tobias’s assistant, Val Seong comes in for her appointment. This was an agreement set by Tobias and Lynn a few episodes ago. Val is extremely interested in the new girl not knowing this is Jennifer, although her and Lynn kind of flub this for a moment. Eventually they settle on this being JJ and she is Lynn’s niece. This conversation is going to have consequences because Val reports this to Tobias later in the episode and he thinks this is a new Peirce in town.

I really enjoyed the bonding time with Anissa and JJ. Not only does Anissa tell JJ about getting married, but JJ pushes her to go on a honeymoon. This may mean that both Anissa and Grace are absent from the show or Freeland next week.

At the end of the episode, they have several police raids scheduled looking for Lala and/or Lightning. They did pay tribute to Breonna Taylor here by showing how these situations lead to innocent deaths and protesting. However, in the show Black Lightning comes in and saves the day. Jen hears about this through TC and with his help reminding her that she should be there she suits up and heads that way. In a new temporary suit of because she is now too tall for her old one. By the end of the episode her and Jefferson make amends.

Han Solo

Lala gets the Han Solo treatment in this episode. Last episode he was set up by Destiny but walked away after coming back to life. Now there is a man hunt for him, but he still goes after Destiny. However, now she has back up from a soon-to-be League of Assassin warrior Ishmael. In the comics Ishmael was a League member that secretly helped build an army of metahumans called the Arc program, but in the show, it looks like he has to kill a hundred metas to become a League member. I am surprised to see League of Assassins pop up here, but I am not expecting for it to be a big thing on the show, just Ishmael.

Anyway, Lala attacks and fights Ishmael and lands himself dead in new concrete so he will essentially come back to life and die over and over again forever. Pretty messed up. At the end of the episode Destiny convinces Ishmael to stay in town and go after the Pierce family. This eliminates them as a threat to her and helps Ishmael get in the League.

Running for Mayor

Since the mayor of Freeland was killed two episodes ago, there is a vacancy that Tobias hopes to fill. He announces this in a press conference at the unveil of the new DEG weapons that he is personally making sure all officers have.

Jefferson is looking into Mayor Black’s death by teaming up with Detective Shakur. They have learned that the bullet that killed Mayor Black was not even fired from a weapon but from a meta with magnet powers. (Magento, is that you?) Jefferson thinks that this could be Tobias’s assistant Val and Lynn has her DNA. She can make a Meta booster to discover what her powers could be but would require her to inject them in herself. Jefferson is in favor of this, but Lynn is upset that he is willing to sacrifice her sobriety for this.

With Tobias being linked with the DEG weapons, I am beginning to think that he may have his hand in Monovista and what is happening with Gambi and Lauren. She has been working on an energy project that Peter is helping her with. In this epiosde he learns that they have a stash of a super rare and powerful energy source. In response, Peter tricks Laruen with a gift to get her retinal scan. However, she is definitely onto him.

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