Batwoman S2E7 “It’s Best You Stop Digging” Breakdown!

Hey everyone! Another episode of Batwoman and plans to get to Coryana. In the last episode we had that Napier painting make it into the hand of Doctor Rogers who has a desire to get his hand on the cure-all desert rose. Meanwhile, Alice is finding her own way to the island through a plan to fake Ocean’s death.

Filling in the Blanks

In the early part of the episode Tatiana arrives in Gotham to see for herself that Alice has killed Ocean. We know that this is merely a trick with that weird face trick Alice learned from Courtright, but it is convincing enough to trick Tatiana. However, before they leave, Alice wants answers.

Tatiana starts at the beginning by clarifying how Alice made it on Coryana as an outsider in the first place. Turns out that Safiyah and Catherine Hamilton had a falling out over a security deal and Safiyah wanted revenge. Her plan involved taking one of Catherine’s yachts which happened to be housing an incredibly angry Alice. She had plans of her own to go after Catherine because she always felt that it was Catherine’s fault that her father and Kate stopped looking for her.

When Alice was brought to the island Safiyah decided that instead of killing her she was going to train her to be part of their army since she was impressively able to take out four of her men before being captured. This is how Ocean and Alice met. He became her teacher and at first, they hated each other. You know how this goes, it started as hate and that passion turned into love. However, Ocean was not the only one falling in love with Alice. Safiyah herself was also in love with Alice but could not be with her because of her duty, instead she showed her and taught her about the desert rose as a way to show that she trusted her.

Eventually Ocean reveals his plan to Alice. He wants to escape Coryana in the way that Alice escaped Cartwright. He plans to take the desert rose with him in order to share it with the world. We know this led to them being captured and as punishment Safiyah had their memories wiped of each other instead of killing them. This was done by a hypnotist name Enigma.  In the comics there are actually two characters named Enigma, with neither one being a hypnotist. The first is the daughter of the Riddler and the other was a man whose face is half-obscured by a metal mask and who is wielding a powerful staff. I am not sure which direction they are going since gender swapping is always possible. This could also be a reference to The Mad Hatter which is also from the comics and a talented hypnotist, but never was associated with Enigma. This could be a mash up of both as well.

Anyway, not only did this Enigma wipe out the memories of Ocean from Alice’s mind but also gave her this Alice persona from her love of the book. This wasn’t just a psychotic break;      Alice had planned on moving on from her plans of revenge with Ocean. However, this process was initially used to make her full of rage with a thirst for vengeance and since Alice did go on to kill Catherine you could say that Safiyah’s planned worked.  However, Alice is not happy to leave how manipulated she was and plans to get pay back, just after her encounter with Batwoman that is…

In the Brain

Speaking of Batwoman, Ryan’s condition is only getting worse with the radiation now in her brain and causing her to hallucinate. These hallucinations focus on her mother and the fact that it was Alice that killed her. In her broken mental state, Ryan goes to see Angelique and finds her with another woman. This isn’t addressed too much at this point because Ryan really only wants information on Ocean and where he can be found. Angelique really only says that he has a grow lab before pushing a weakened Batwoman from her window.

Mary and Luke come to the rescue and recover both Batwoman and the Batmobile. Later at the Batcave Ryan comes to and explains to Mary that she knows her time is limited, and, in that time, she wants to get justice for her mother by killing Alice. She uses the clues that Angelique gave her about Ocean to track down his lab and find Alice.  Of Course, even after removing the cowl Alice has no idea who Ryan is and doesn’t really care that her mother is dead. They fight briefly with Ryan having the chance to kill Alice but has a flash of her mother and realizes that this isn’t who she is and lets Alice go.

The Map

As for Jacob and Sophie, they have been focused on finding the man that took the map from Sophie. Jacob and Sophie want the map to find Kate with Sophie also wanting to help Mary cure Ryan. They do eventually track down that the map was taken by Dr. Rogers, but when heading to Garnick Lab they find that the whole board has been killed including Dr. Rogers. They search his office for the map only to find that it has been turned to ash leaving them with no way to find Kate or the flower.

Luckily in the altercation with Alice, Ryan says that she planted a tracker in Alice’s boot which will be how they get to Coryana. Let’s just hope Alice didn’t change her shoes before heading to the airport.

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