Walking Dead S10E19 ‘One More’ Breakdown!

Hey Everyone, welcome back for another Walking Dead Breakdown! This week we had Aaron and Gabriel out on their own scavenging for food together from a map given to them by Maggie. At the point we pick up with them they have been at this for two weeks with little success.

No Luck

The beginning of the episode is really just Gabriel and Aaron not having any luck in finding anything of value for Alexandria. Just a lot of fighting walkers and finding dead people. They hot their second to last location which is a small-town grocery store. They find nothing there and its pretty discouraging. Aaron is ready to head home with little success because he misses Grace, but Gabriel insists they hit one more spot.

While heading to the next location they encounter a serious mud puddle with a walker hidden in its depths. This leaves Gabriel completely caked in mud and the map lost. At this point he is ready to call it quits and head home especially after Aaron makes the point that they shouldn’t be out here wandering without a map. A storm hits which helps them with their mud problem and leads them to a warehouse that was not on the map.

Boar and Whiskey

In the warehouse Gabriel not only finds an interesting stack of bibles with pages torn out, but a bottle of expensive and rare whiskey. Meanwhile Aaron finds a boar and screams like a girl. I love the scene with them casually eating boar and drinking whiskey. While this episode didn’t advance the overall story much, I did enjoy these moments of just getting to know the characters.

Ultimately, they both end up drunk with Gabriel admitting that evil is not the exception but the rule in today’s world. They both pass out drunk eventually with Aaron later waking to… relieve himself. Hours later Gabriel wakes but still no Aaron. Gabriel gets up to investigate and meets the man we later learn is Mays.

Russian Roulette

Mays in an interesting character and one I would have like to see on the show longer. However, he is a man that is very jaded by this new world. He and Gabriel sit together while Mays eats the boar and explains that not only was this his warehouse, but his boar as well. Oh, and Aaron is in the closet tied up. After a talk about evil and why Gabriel still wears the collar, he brings Aaron out for a little game of Russian Roulette hoping to prove that one of them will turn on the other before killing themselves. The first round goes smoothly with Gabe’s second shot also being empty. Unfortunately for Aaron they hear the telltale ping of the bullet entering the chamber and knows that this time, the gun is loaded.

This was a tense moment with Mays bringing up that he must want to see Gracie again, and Gabriel begging him to stop and that they are not evil people, just trying to help their community. Eventually Aaron makes the choice to shoot himself, but Mays stops him at the last moment shocked by his choice to take his own life over Gabriel’s. He then begins freeing Aaron with Aaron even inviting him back to their community. However, Gabe doesn’t think that is a good idea and to prove it he smashes in Mays’s head with Aaron’s arm.

The Other Brother

One of the reasons that Mays was so bitter and jaded was that his own brother had turned on him after their food ran low even though Mays helped to provide the food for his brother and his brother’s family. Aaron was not happy about Gabe’s decision to kill Mays but does point out that Mays must have had a secret spot here because he had heard their conversations the night before.

They find an attic which apparently smells bad. What they didn’t expect to find was that Mays brother was still alive. He has been chained to the wall with his long dead family lying in the middle of the room. He says to Gabriel’s, “He made me play” letting us know that this Russian Roulette was nothing new and it seems that he drove his brother to kill his own family. Gabriel tries to help this brother and even lets him out of his cuffs. He quickly grabs Gabriel’s gun, but only to end his own life.

After that they collect the few cans there and head out. Gabriel spots the water tower that was near their next location and they agree to stop and check it out.

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