The Flash S7E2 “Speed of Thought” Breakdown!

Eh…what? What is happening? This episode left me a little surprised which doesn’t happen very often with these episodes. In the last episode we saw Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells sacrifice himself (Along with every Wells) in order to start the artificial speed force. So now Barry has speed, and the main goal is going to be to get Iris, Kamilla, and Singh out of the Mirror Dimension and Stop Mirror Mistress.

New Ability

With the new speed force came an unexpected new ability for Barry. Speed thinking making him an instant super level genius. Cisco tests his brain power with the quantum ball and sure enough he can accurately predict where it will end up.

He quickly figures out a way to create a portal to the mirror dimension, but it requires the photons that are attached to Eva that she used from getting Ramsey’s blood last season. The problem is they need to find Eva, which isn’t really a problem with Barry’s ability to predict what will happen. He guesses that she will be at one of the Black Hole sites that he can now use probably to figure out their location.

Eva has been dealing with her own bag of issues after finding out that she isn’t really Eva but the mirror dimension duplicate, and this is what prompts her to leave McCullough to go to the Black Hole site herself. Once there she encounters Frost, who was called in by Barry.

Frost and Eva battle it out as a distraction while Barry uses his speed to collects the photon particles. However, a problem with this super thought arises when Barry had the chance to save Frost and didn’t. His excuse was that there was a .02% chance the particles could have been damaged, and he knew he could heal Frost. This just doesn’t sit well with Cisco.

What Are You?

With Team Flash getting the photons needed to open the portal, now they have to find the location of Iris, Kamilla, and Singh. This was pretty easy considering the message that iris sent in the last episode was received by Allegra too. Along with that message was a warning that Eva was watching them in the multiverse. This means that while they have everything, they need to get in the mirror dimension, they need to distract Eva. Barry solves this after going on a hunch after she mentioned being a phantom in the warehouse scene and then Joseph Carver’s dying words that this woman wasn’t his wife. He breaks into McCullough’s network and uncovers Eva’s secret. She is not Eva at all, but the mirror dimension version of her.

Eva happens to be doing an interviewing at this moment and before consulting with the team uploads the footage exposing Eva to the world. Cisco and Frost are concerned that this level of exposure could make Eva even more unstable, but Barry only seems concerned with the destruction and less about the repercussions.

For Eva, people begin to wonder what she is if not the real Eva. Is she a meta? We also see her light-based associates abandon her because they feel that she has lied to them like Carver did. In the end of the episode, we decide ‘this can be real’ whatever that means. She then sucks in a CCPD officer through an elevator mirror.

A Vote

Now that Eva is properly distracted Barry works out how to get everyone out of the Mirror Dimension. The problem is they do not have enough photons to get everyone out. Because Iris has been in there the longest, she has acquired more Dark Matter which means that Barry can save Kamilla and Singh or Iris, but not all three. We see him take it to the team for a vote, but this was really him just weighing probability. He assumes that the team will vote to save Kamilla and Singh, not the outcome he wants. So instead of consulting the team at all, he decides to go it alone and only save Iris.

No Emotions

With everything that has transpired since Barry has gained super speed, Cisco realizes that while he may have gained an ability, there were side effects. When they built the speed force, they decided to avoid using negative emotions like Reverse Flash did with his Speed force, instead they used a substance that would allow for no emotional fall out. The result of the was that Barry has no emotions. For Barry this seems like a win since his enemies are always using his heart against him, but that is really Barry’s best quality.

Babel Protocol

The babel protocol has been mentioned before and in the comics is it was designed by Bruce to take out any hero should they do a little too dark. Cisco initiates this with the help of Frost and Allegra. The plan is that they shut down the speed force, fix the issue and then work to save EVERYONE from the speed force. Barry needs to feel his feels after all.

This has Frost, Allegra, and Cisco all attacking Barry to subdue him, but with his advanced thinking they didn’t stand a chance. However, the speed frost bolt was perfection. Barry then opens the mirror portal to get Iris, however, she is not as thrilled to learn that only she can be saved, especially since both Kamilla and Singh are sick from being in the mirror dimension too long. She puts up a fight, but in the end, Barry pulls her through.

What he did not predict was that Iris would pass out and then begin to seize. Unfortunately, because he knocked out the rest of the team there isn’t anyone there to help him either. Upset he attacks the Artificial Speed force powering it down.

Eh… What the Wells?

In the very last scene of the episode, we are taken back in time to the accident. This being the accident that would have put Harrison Wells in a wheelchair, but before Harrison could be saved Reverse Flash stole his appearance then pretended to be a wheelchair bound Wells to trick Barry into getting speed sooner. The body of Harrison was buried, but now some type of particle raises this Wells from the dead. It is hard to say WHO this is though.

It could be Reverse Flash’s particles finding a host because we haven’t seen him since his attempt to possess Nash’s body. Eobard was then expelled from Nash’s body, having to survive in the form of nothing more than negative tachyons.  I think this is the MOST likely case since we saw Nash dissolve in orange particles, and these are green particles. However, there is also the possibility that after destroying the new artificial speed force those Wells particles were attracted to the only physical Wells left.

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