Superman and Lois S1E3 ” The Perk of Not Being a Wallflower” Breakdown!

Hey everyone, we are on a roll with absolutely amazing episodes of Superman and Lois. Every episode so far has just been a pleasure to watch with more drama and surprises unfolding. In the last episode Clark took Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude to have his powers tested and according to Jor-El, he will not manifest powers like Superman. By the end of the episode Jordan was given permission to return to school. Jonathan is STILL being a badass supportive brother, and Lois is getting in dip with this Edge story.

Trust Takes Time

Other than family time and saving people from a bridge collapse (Both very cool) the episode starts with Jordan heading back to school and then subsequently getting bullied and almost using his powers. The conversation that morning was specifically about super hearing and how Clark trained and used it with this episode focusing on that particular power. The boys are upset to learn that their father was listening in on him even though he potentially stopped Jordan from eye blasting Shawn.

We learn that this was also a boundary that Clark struggled with when first dating Lois and it cost him two weeks in salary worth of flowers. Jonathan though would only like an allowance increase but settles for a promise to build trust between them. For now, all is right with the Kent family.


In retaliation for being bullied Jordan decides that maybe he will show the team a taste of their own medicine by trying out for football and basically dominating them. Jonathan again pays the price for this with the coach punishing him for keeping his brother a secret. However, the real trouble comes when they keep it from their dad at dinner that night.

Eventually Clark finds out about Jordan planning football from Lana and shows up on the field to see Jordan playing firsthand. It’s pretty clear that while Jordan may not have super strength, he does have an increased strength ability. Before getting in trouble, he does manage to get a good lick and an apology to Shawn for kissing Sarah.

Clark finding out about football and subsequently telling Jordan he cannot play turns in to a blow out fight with Jordan resorting to the ‘I wish you still weren’t around’ argument. After some time to cool down Jonathan steps in to lend a solution to the problem. He recognizes that the last few days of playing football has been really good for Jordan and he has been really happy, he tells Clark that he thinks Jordan needs something like this. This leads Clark to talk to Jordan about playing and his reasons for being on the field. When Jordan says its something he wants to do because he enjoys it, Clark allows him to play but steps in to be a free assistant coach for the team.

Feel So Far Apart

With Sarah and Lana this episode we see just how their relationship is working. Sarah is obviously struggling after almost killing herself the summer before but has since been seeing a therapist. Her and Lana are not really on the same page which becomes all the clearer when Sarah quits cheerleading and then breaks up with Shawn. Eventually they have a talk and Sarah opening up to Lana about the life she wants and that she feels trapped in this life.  While I don’t care for Kyle, I do think that Lana and Sarah are going to shape up to be good characters on the show.

Superpowered Story

Meanwhile, Lois is still working on the Morgan Edge piece even though her editor is concerned that the small-town paper doesn’t have the budget for this sort of thing. However, a lead ends up strolling right through the door. A woman named Mrs. Powell comes in with a story about her son coming up missing after working in a mine for six months under Morgan Edge. He left her a weird voicemail and then was never heard from again. Lois thinks that this is big, but Chrissy isn’t sure this is a solid lead with the alcohol on the woman breath. I think the torching of Lois car proves that she might be on the right track.

Later Lois follows a lead about more people missing from New Carthage which takes her to a seedy broken in motel where she is attacked. She signals Superman who is there in a moment to take on her attacker. What he didn’t expect was the attacker would have super strength. Caught off guard the man gets the better of superman for a moment until Superman uses his freeze breath and his other illustrious skills.

Obviously, super powered people are concerning, and Morgan Edge seems to be behind whatever this is. Chrissy does apologize to Lois after doing some digging and learn that maybe there is something to this story. In one of the final scenes of the episode we see that the man with super strength is really only part of a team when he is taken out for failing against Superman. The woman that kills him has heat vision making me think that we could be seeing some DNA experiments happening.

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