Black Lightning S4E5 “Book of Ruin: Chapter One” Breakdown!

Hey Everyone, welcome back for another Black Lightning Breakdown! The show is picking up after a slow start to the final season. In the last episode we say Jennifer explode into pure energy in the ionosphere and this episode really focuses on that, as it should. If you checked out my YouTube Video (I’ll link it below) last week, I predicted that Jennifer would just be gone for several episodes before reemerging at the end of the season because the actress China Anne had decided to leave. Well, I was wrong and instead there was a big twist at the end.

Suiting Up

In the sanctum everyone comes together after TC alerted them to what has happened. For the most part everyone thinks that Jen is just dead, however, Jefferson holds onto the idea that because she is made of pure energy, she is still alive. TC communicated with the STAR satellites and can confirm that there are unusual energy particles in the atmosphere. Jefferson plans to fly up, absorb the particles and then bring her down and some how reconstruct her. In order to do so they will need a part from S.T.A.R. labs. They flat out said that someone super-fast was bringing the part, obviously the Flash, but unfortunately due to covid, no crossover.

This has Jeff FINALLY suiting up because he is going to need its absorbing capabilities should he hope to survive this. He is successful in not only absorbing her particles but sticking the landing in Freeland. They then contain her particles in this chamber and use the particle condenser they borrowed from S.T.A.R. labs. Most of them are certain that this could physically being Jennifer back, but they aren’t sure if she will be alive when they do.

From here it is a waiting game, and the Pierce family doesn’t handle it well. Jefferson is upset that Lynn knew that she was going in the ionosphere and didn’t say anything, and she is made that he wasn’t around, basically the same argument they have been having all season. Anissa comforts TC who takes this hard because he felt like he could have tried harder to stop her from going up there. The Anissa comforts Lynn later at home over some wine while ignoring Grace’s calls.

Meta Task Force

To make matters worse, the new Captain Lopez appoints Detective Shakur as the head of the new Meta Task force even though he is not interested in the job. Not only that, but she is using the death of Lydall to frame make Lightning look like a menace. If you remember, this was the man that killed the child in the 100 v. Cobra Cartel shoot out. Jefferson did attack him, but he was very much alive when Jefferson left. He was later brought into Lala who actually killed him. Because of the lightning burns Captain Lopez is sure she can convince the public that it was Lightning to help further her Anti-Meta agenda.

Destiny from the Cobra Cartel calls Lala hoping that the two of them can come to some kind of agreement against the police. Lala is against this at first but then tells her that he is willing to meet, only to reveal to his crew that he has no intention of making a deal with Destiny.

Lala is then attacked by Black Lightning upset that Jennifer is being framed for something he did. Now these two do come to an agreement not to kill each other and to team up against Tobias who they both know is coming for them all.

The meeting between Destiny and Lala ended up being a set up with the police. This ends with Lala getting shot, dying, and then coming back to life and getting away. We do see that Destiny was close by watching this and was hoping for it to end in Lala’s death. However, she moves on to Plan B which is to bring someone in with Meta killing experience.

On Schedule

Speaking of Tobias, he takes notice of the reemergence of Black Lightning and assumes that the family is back together which pushes him into another phase of his plans. While his assistant is worried about the deadline and his obsession with the Pierce family, it does seem like he has something big planned for them.

Back Together

 By the end of the episode Anissa and Grace talked through their issues with Grace reminding Anissa that they are married now, and she needs to talk with her. Lynn and Jefferson also took the time to apologize to one another and hopefully are going to be moving forward from here.

When they all meet back at the sanctum Jen has cooked long enough and we are ready to put her back together. The process is successful in that she is a person again.  However, she is a completely new person. I was not expecting this twist with a recast. I thought they would just make this time extend and then it would be China Anne again at the end of the season. This is going to take some adjusting for the family, but it certainly is an interesting turn of events.

Here is the Video for last week’s episode I mentioned above:

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