Walking Dead S10E18 ‘Find Me’ Breakdown!

Hey everyone, we are finally getting episodes filling in the blanks of Darryl’s search for Rick. While he didn’t find Rick, he did find love! Yes, we are getting a love story (Triangle?) for Darryl after 10 long years.


The beginning of the episode is Daryl heading out into the woods but is then accompanied by Carol. You can tell he isn’t thrilled about her coming, but he doesn’t put up much of a fight either. As we get in the woods, we see Daryl begin to have flashbacks when dog leads them to a cabin in the woods.

From this point on we flip back and forth between the past and present but I’m going to talk about all the past scenes first. We start 5 years prior to this episode which is right around the time that Rick would have gone missing. Maggie has left with Georgie at this point, we know this because Carol visits him on the banks of the river. Carol is still at the Kingdom with Ezekiel and Henry since this is well before the Whisperer war. The mention Michonne here as well and based on what they say, I think this is after the attack with Jocelyn.

For the most part Darryl keeps to himself but does come across dog when he is just a puppy. He faces the elements are some walkers but doesn’t find any sign of Rick. He meets Leah for the first time when dog leads him to the cabin that has been attacked by a walker. Darryl comes in and takes out the walker but is then held at gun point. Leah at this point doesn’t even tell him her name but does let him go after he shares his own. She must feel that he is at least a trustworthy enough guy.

Six months later their paths cross again, but only briefly at her cabin before Daryl leaves again. Then eight months after that she save him from a group of walkers, but he isn’t so nice about it demanding that she stay away from his camp. Eventually (three months later) he gets around to apologizing by throwing a fish at her door which she returns to the side of his head. When she notices his frost bite, she offers for him to come back to her cabin.

At the cabin they bond over her story of losing her son, Matthew. She tells him that today would have been his birthday and explains that he was bitten and died on the same day dog was born. Darryl tells her about his missing brother. I know some people thought he was talking about merle, but he was definitely talking about Rick. He mentioned never finding a body, and if you recall he did find Merle as a walker and was forced to kill him. Plus, Rick was absolutely a better brother than Merle.

It seemed that they had a lot of happy times but 10 months later it comes to a point where she wants Daryl to figure out where he belongs. Does he belong wondering the banks looking for Rick, is it with his family at Alexandria, or with her? He says he doesn’t know, and she leaves. I think he thought this wasn’t such a big argument but when he returns from the river she is gone. He leaves a map and a note for her saying that he belongs to her and she wants her to find him. This feels very Dwight and Sherry to me.

Our Luck Has Run Out

Now back to the present with Carol. They come across the cabin and Carol thinks it is the perfect spot to lay low. While Daryl is reminiscing, she finds the note he left for Leah. He has told her about Leah, except maybe why they are no longer together because she seems surprised to find the note. She asks where he thinks she is, and he really has no idea. She could have been taken or moved on her own, either way she hasn’t been back. The reason they are bringing this up now is because Daryl left after leaving the note and then went right into the Whisperer war and now that was resolved he is looking to pick back up where he feels he belongs, with Leah.

Carol and Daryl do argue here with her accusing him of making everything his fault and him accusing her of always running. They mention Connie and while Carol does agree that is her fault, her revenge is still more important than the lives she cost, the burning of Hilltop, and destruction at Alexandria. Carol’s last words to him are that their ‘luck has run out’ something she mentioned early in the episode. She feels that Alexandria is doomed to fail and isn’t sure what is next for them.

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