WandaVision S1E9 ‘The Series Finale’ Breakdown!

What an epic ending to such a wonderful season of WandaVision. I know there were something that we thought were going to happen, but didn’t and we were left with so many questions. Honestly, I am okay with that. This was a segway series to explain how Wanda changes from her time in End Game to what she will be in Doctor Strange. We will get answers…. eventually. Yes, I am an optimist.

I Am Counting On It

In the opening of the episode we are in the same scene we left in. Agatha has the boys tied up, but Wanda has her powers now. This turns out to be EXACTLY what Agatha wants, because like we saw in her origin last week, she can drain powers. However, Wanda is able to blast her enough for the boys to get away and then uses a car to knock her into the house. In true wicked witch style, only the boots remain.

Vision V. Vision

I am going to talk about this all at once, because while White Vision is a threat until the resolution of his story in the series, he really only fights with Scarlet Vision so I can summarize this quickly. Basically, he has been programmed to eliminate both Wanda and Vision per Hayward. He and Vision tussle off and on, but ultimately it comes down to a philosophy debate between the two. Who knew?

Scarlet Vision poses the idea that he is not the real Vision, merely one based on a condition, that condition being Wanda’s spell. So if he was never really Vision, is his directive to kill him? Using the ship of Theseus they determine that in this scenario, White Vision is the rotten boards and Scarlet Vision is the new planks. This conversation allows for Scarlet Vision to gain White Visions trust and he unlock the data of memory housed within him. White Vision then remembers who he is and then promptly leaves. I do imagine he will pop up, I have brought up before that I think this story line is going to lead into the Armor Wars series featuring Don Cheadle returning as Rhodey.

I Will Let You Go

After being hit by the car Agatha pops back up and the fight spills into the center of Westview. In this scene Agatha shows Wanda the Darkhold (the Book of the Damned) and explains that she is not only in it, but she has a whole chapter dedicated to her. One important line she drops is that Wanda will become or already is more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme which is really the only mention we have of Doctor Strange with no special cameo for him. This is an important nugget of information though that I am sure will come up again in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness.

Wanda denies being this powerful witch that Agatha claims, but Agatha takes it upon herself to show her the damage she has caused by waking the people of Westview. They are obviously not happy and while Wanda’s intention was for them to live peacefully, they are suffering. Wanda does become overwhelmed with guilt and just the noise and uses her powers to choak out the people of Westview. She immediately realizes that probably wasn’t a good idea and stops. She then promises to let them out and begins opening the Hex.

Of course not one damn person makes it out of Westview before Wanda realizes that this means giving up both Vision and the boys. So she closes the Hex, but not before SWORD makes their way in. Billy does sense all of this happening so they decide to join the mix just before Sword pulls up.


Meanwhile, Monica is with Fietro after he caught her snooping at the end of episode 7. Monica answers several questions for us. First off, Fietro is Ralph that Agatha was talking about all along. (See what I did there) He has been a Westview resident and I believe that he is actually Jimmy Woo’s missing person. She uses an enchanted necklace, the one he has been wearing since his appearance, to control him and Monica breaks the necklace freeing him of Agatha’s control.

You’re going to Prison

Agatha is actually the first to attack the Sword agent equating them to humans with pitchforks and Wanda actually saves them from most likely dying. She then instructs the boys to take care of the military while she deals with Agatha.

The boys quickly take care of them with Billy freezing them and then Tommy using his speed to take their weapons. The Hayward hops out of the car and unloads his gun at kids. (Uh, what?) Monica steps in and protects them using her powers which are now yellow. I think her ‘color’ may change based on the type of energy or something like that. One bullet does get by her but Billy is able to stop that. Hayward hops in his vehicle but DARCY finally makes it into town in time to stop him with the Funnel of Love truck.

Prior to SWORD entering the Hex, Jimmy and Hayward did have a conversation with jimmy using his slight of hand tricks to get a phone, escape his cuffs and call in the FBI. We do see when the dust settles that Hayward is arrested.

Harbinger of Chaos

While the boys are dealing with SWORD, and Vision is fighting Vision, Wanda takes on Agatha. This time she does it by entering her mind and heading back to the moment that Agatha killed her coven in 1693. Wanda makes the comparison of there actions with this being a purposeful act while Wanda only ever hurt people on accident. However, when the other witches rise the tables turn on Wanda and they come after her. They call her the Scarlet Witch familiar with this prophecy but Evanora calls her the Harbinger of Chaos. This could be referencing Wanda’s Chaos magic, but I think that this is signaling that there is something coming that Wanda is leading the way for that will play out in Dr. Strange. There is more evidence for this later.

In this moment Agatha attempts to make a deal with Wanda, she will take Wanda’s powers and then no one has to feel this pain again, including Wanda. Wanda then lunches at Agatha taking them out of this memory and back into the Hex.

This set up for the big moment with Wanda blasting her powers at Agatha just giving her all of her magic. This seems like it is very haphazard and when all the magic leaves Wanda we think that Agatha has won. However, it Wanda wasn’t just giving Agatha magic, she was also creating runes on the side of the Hex. This calls back to last episode where Wanda could not use Magic in Agatha’s chamber. Wanda is a quick learner.

She then quickly reabsorbed her magic (Along with Agatha’s) and takes on the mantle of the Scarlet Witch. This was such a beautiful scene and really the entire purpose for this series. However, Agatha warns that Wanda has no idea what she has just done, more foreshadowing that something has just been unlocked.

When they get their feet back on the ground Agatha continues to warn her that she is going to need her in the future and she has no idea what she has done. Wanda though has plans for Agatha, to trap her here in Westview casting her as the nosy neighbor. I think it was clear here that Wanda is going to NEED Agatha at some point so we will see her again!

Saying Goodbye

With Wanda now realizing the extent of what she has done she knows that she needs to make it right and let down the hex. The family makes their way back to 2800 Sherwood Dr. where they tuck the boys in one last time. I loved the line where she says, “Thank you for choosing me”. But… what does that mean? She created them with a spell, how did they choose her?

Anyway, with the Hex closing in Vision takes the time to talk with Wanda asking finally what he is. The answer is boy simple and heartbreaking. I cried like a baby. He was the part of the mind stone that lived in her, but also wires, tissue, bone, her sadness, her hope, and her love. (Damn, I am crying again!!) This is obviously not the last of Vision in the MCU with White Vision out there somewhere, however, I don’t expect to see them as a couple initially, but maybe eventually.

Wanda and Monica also have a chance to part way on good terms with Monica understanding how Wanda feels and what led her here. She also lets her fly off, not that she could stop her.

In the Theater

In the first credit scene. Monica and Jimmy reunite just before Monica is pulled into the theater for a meeting. The meeting, however, is not a briefing but an invitation from a Skrull. The message is that HE heard she had been grounded and HE would like to meet with her. I think the logical answer here is Nick Fury but could also be Talos. The last time we saw both of these characters is actually in the future since Spider-man: Far from Home takes place after these events. At that time Nick was in space while Talos was posing as Nick with Spider-man.


Meanwhile, Wanda is attempting to live the Hulk/Thanos lifestyle complete with a cabin in the woods. Not only is she laying low drinking her tea, but we also have her astral forming reading and learning from the Darkhold. With Scarlet Witch being talked about in the book it makes sense that she would want to know more. Doctor Strange also learned from dark magic books and he didn’t turn evil, so don’t think just because she is reading this book that it signifies she is now totally evil. In the very last moment she hears Tommy and Billy screaming for her. 

I am going to be doing several videos this week about all the unanswered questions from this episode so please check that out! https://bit.ly/3jo1G4T

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