The Flash S7E1 ‘All’s Wells that Ends Wells’ Breakdown!

We finally have some Flash happening after an extended break thanks to COVID-19. With the abrupt end to last season, we didn’t get the conclusion of the Mirror Mistress storyline. Caitlin is away getting better, Cisco is working on something, Iris and Kamilla are still trapped in the Mirror Dimension, and Barry is running out of Speed.

At 1%

The opening of the episode is at Star Labs with Barry on ice to avoid using any of his remaining Speed force. Chester, who has been bumped to a series regular, is on watch waiting for any sign of Eva. Just one little easter egg here, Chester is reading a book by Dr. Meena Dhawan. In the comics, Meena Dhawan was a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist who was struck during the Speed Force storm in Central City. She also received superhuman speed taking on the speedster name Fast Track. She worked with the Flash to train other Speedsters. This ended when she found STAR labs on fire thanks to Godspeed. Barry only found her suit and she was presumed dead, but later returned as a brainwashed agent of Black Hole. With Godspeed planned, as well as this Black Hole storyline, could we see her show up on Flash? That could be interesting!

Anyway, we get an alert and Chester bring Barry out of his freeze to take on Eva. She is at the known location of Sam Scudder and Rosa Dillion, AKA Mirror Master and Top. There is a short chase with Eva and Flash’s new suit, but with Eva’s powers she is able to move much faster than him. She knocks Barry out and then kills Sam claiming that he was one of her first creations.

Product of Your Broken Mind

I am going to go ahead and cover all of the Iris stuff. She is still trapped in the Mirror Dimension trying figure a way out. We first see her hallucinating a dinner with Barry before realizing she isn’t home. Then she begins being confronted by other versions of herself trying to convince her that her mind is broken. However, Iris eventually sees through this and finds out that this was Eva all along.

Iris knows now that she much be close to discovering something which is why Eva is messing with her. However, Eva tells her that she can either stay in here forever or meet some kind of conditions. Apparently, she wants something Iris is not willing to do.

In the last scene with Iris, she sends a message to Kamila warning her that Eva is watching them and then sets a meeting just before the screen doesn’t a weird ripple.


Meanwhile, Cecile has been talking with Rosa trying to get as much information about what happened. However, Top uses her powers on Cecile to draw out her self-doubt and ‘spin her mind like a top’. She accuses her of being too afraid of her own powers and Cecile leaves upset. She later returns with her head on straight and shots Tops own powers back at her making her admits that she has been working with Eva all along. She tells her that Eva is working to get rid of everything Black Hole. It is currently on a plane over Central City with a bomb.

Organic Receptor

While Cecile was working on Rosa, Team Flash has been working on getting the artificial speed force online. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to happen in this episode, but here we are.  Nash Wells, along with the council of Wells living in his mind, have realized that they particles can power this speed force. The downside is they would need an Organic Receptor, a person to hold on to them to keep it stable for transfer. This would result in the Nash sacrificing himself for this speed force, a price he isn’t willing to pay.

Instead, he has the idea later to use Allegra’s powers to push the particles out of him and into the machine. He thinks she would also be able to stabilize them, but we find out that wasn’t possible when the particles end up in Barry. This led to the Multiverse of Wells inside of Barry Allen, which was really fun to watch. However, the only reason Barry can contain this is his speed healing and that is going to run out soon. When Chester mentions an organic receptor, Allegra realizes that Nash has not been totally forthcoming with information and he does admit that, but when they understand that means he will die they are pretty understanding. Instead, Chester comes up with the idea for a particle magnet that will take the particles out of Barry and contain them until they figure out something else.

This does work just as they are getting news about the plane over Central City. This combined with a pep talk for the Wells, Nash decides that he is ready to make the sacrifice for the Barry and everyone else. He touches the speed force generator powering it so Barry can once again have speed. I feel bad at this point because I made fun of weepy Barry in the trailer, but in my defense, I wasn’t expecting this. Barry goes on to stop the plane and all the Black Hole tech is seized.

I do like the conversation with Chester, Allegra and Barry at the end where she says that now Wells will always run with him.

Eva is Dead

In the last little scene, Eva goes back to this video she saw on Carver’s stuff earlier in the episode. It is marked for her, but she refused to watch it then. Curiosity finally gets the best of her and she watches it. In the video she sees that on the night she thought she went in the mirror; Eva really did die. She is just a mirror dimension version of Eva, basically scattering everything she thought. I am not sure how this is going to change her plans, but we do know that they are going to battle again based on the trailer.

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