Superman & Lois S1E2 ‘Heritage’ Breakdown!

Another phenomenal episode of this new CW show. I have to say I am a little stunned at just how fantastic this has been, and I really hope they can keep this up. In the last episode we learned that Superman and Lois have some problems on multiple fronts. For starters they are parents to twin teenage boys which in and of itself is an experience. Mix in that one of them has mental health struggles and has now started to display powers makes this a heaping issue. Couple that with Clark losing his job, his mom, and getting a new version of his archnemesis. Meanwhile, Morgan Edge has been moving in on the Daily Planet and Smallville which a is a problem that Lois will be taking on. I think that is one thing I really like about the show is there are multiple things happening for everyone making this about as realistic as a superhero show can get, you know, with aliens and multiple Earths added in.

The Move

In the last episode, with everything that happened, especially Jordan getting powers, Clark and Lois thought that maybe they should move out to Smallville. We didn’t see the deciding conversation, but since they are moving and later Jordan thanks Jonathan for saying yes, it seems to have been a unanimous decision.

This move means that Jonathan had to give up being the star quarterback and is now being bullied at his new school because of the events at the bonfire. As for Jordan, Clark and Lois think it best that he does not attend school until they know he can control his powers.

For Lois, she is still working at the Daily Planet. As a reporter she is a little more flexible. Of course, she is working on a story about her boss and what his play on Smallville can mean for the people living here. I love that we are getting to see her as a reporter and not just Superman’s wife or the twin’s mom.

Fortress of Solitude

Instead of going to school, Clark takes Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude so that Jordan can learn more about being a Kryptonian and his powers. The first part is learning about the history and fall of Krypton which is the usual story. I know some pointed out that there was only one pod seen leaving Krypton, so what about Supergirl? We know she arrived later so she could have headed in another direction, this isn’t a far stretch since we know her pod got knocked off course in her version of events.

Jordan is then introduced to the AI version of his grandfather Jor-El. It was Jor-El that ran the initial test that said that the twins would not get powers, but since Jordan has shown super strength and heat vision that is obviously not the case. After this visit Jordan is in high spirits and Clark feels that they really connected.

I know there was some confusion because this wasn’t the same fortress as on Supergirl. Supergirl hasn’t been to the fortress since Crisis so that could be an explanation for why it is different, this is a whole new Earth after all. Superman IS within the same universe and there were plans for crossovers with Batwoman and Supergirl, but thanks to COVID-19, both were scrapped. Now, if we get back on Supergirl and she ends up at the old fortress then I think that would be something we need to be annoyed about. I have a feeling that Supergirl will likely not be heading to the Fortress at all in the final season, which isn’t a big deal since she wasn’t there very often in the show anyway.

In the second visit things do not go as well with Jor-el telling Clark that Jordan is unlikely to have powers that he can control like Superman. This makes Jordan feel like a failure in this as well and doesn’t take it well.


Things are not going so well for Jonathan who is struggling at high school. He left a good situation in Metropolis. He has a girlfriend there as well as a promising football career. Here he is being bullied by the other teammates because of the bonfire events. Sara tries to help, but with the main antagonist at school being her boyfriend, she is stuck in the middle.

We even see that they keep the playbook from his, so he struggles to show his talent on the field too. All in all, this is just crappy for him, something that Lois recognizes and thanks him for doing for the family. He really is a great brother but does call Jordan out when he is upset about the testing. Jonathan gave up a lot for Jordan and Jordan isn’t appreciating that. By the end of the episode the make amends with Jonathan promising to help Jordan figure everything out.

Morgan Edge

We finally got a look at Morgan Edge. He is similar to Supergirl’s Morgan Edge in that he takes over the paper and is a shady businessman. We know he bought Daily Planet and laid off Clark. When they move to Smallville they learned he also has his hands in the town. He has purchased the bank and offering refinancing loans on top of buying out the mining operation. He is doing this under the guise that he is trying to save the town, but Lois has a feeling that something bad is happening.

She discovers other towns that Edge has moved in on and basically scammed and brings this up at the council meeting. However, Kyle and others are very Pro-Edge here making this an uphill battle. After writing an article that Edge then changes to make himself look better, Lois quits at the Daily Planet. Of course, she doesn’t stop there. She then takes a job with the Smallville Gazette with a young journalist and editor, Chrissy Beppo.

Captain Luthor

The we move to Captain Luthor stuff. He has been attacking several sites looking for Kryptonite. General Lane makes a stop by Clark’s to talk with him about it and lets him know that they have tagged his ship. This will allow for them to track him should he fly again. Sam also warns Clark about moving out to Smallville and the effect this is going to have on Lois and the boys now that they know he is Superman.

Before Sam leaves, he gets a call about another Captain Luthor siting. Superman heads there to stop him. The only information we get about Luthor here is that Superman destroyed his planet, something this Superman is sure he didn’t do. Luthor gets away from Superman by putting a bomb on his own ship forcing him to go after it instead of capturing Luthor.

The next attack is directly on the DoD. Superman is late getting to the party here because he was at the BBQ with Lana and Kyle. General Lane does have a stockpile of Kryptonite (not even surprised) something that Superman is not happy to learn. However, he says that this is to protect Superman and eliminate threats.

Getting his hands on Kryptonite was only part of the plan here though. This time he also spoke with General Lane like they were long lost pals, even giving him an old token from his Earth that belonged to Lane. Superman arrives at this point and discovers that this was only a drone version of Luthor and not the actual man.  Superman just wants to end this so he can focus on the kids. I do think it is telling that Clark has not told Lane about Jordan, but we do learn that he does find out from the trailers.

At the end of the episode, we see Lane thinking about Luthor and the memento he gave him just as we get some of the back story for Luthor and Superman. Apparently on his planet Superman was a villain like I mentioned last week. He wears the black suit and wipes out several of the military men here including General Lane. Typically, when Superman is seen like this it is because Lois has been killed or there was a mass casualty and he just loses it.

In current time, Luthor is stuck with his suit and ship now destroyed and no hope of getting kryptonite. So, this is going to push him into a Plan B situation, but one thing he is sure about is that this Superman is a threat or will be eventually.

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