Black Lightning S4E4 ‘Book of Reconstruction Chapter 4: A Light in the Darkness’ Breakdown!

I think we may be headed in a good direction after a pretty slow start to this final season. We finally have things turning around slowly for Jefferson with the start of a plan forming to deal with Tobias. Grace woke up in the last episode as is finally be used and rocking her red hair. Then we had Jen explode at the end of the episode. I know that is a weird thing to be excited about, but I can explain.

Keeping Secrets

One thing that has been a plague to the Pierce family this season is secrets. Everyone is keeping something from everyone else. In the last episode Jefferson walked in on the dinner with Tobias and Lynn and then promptly walked out. It has been three days and Lynn has yet to say anything to Jefferson making him feel like she is betraying him. Instead of bringing this up to Lynn, Jefferson goes to Tobias. Peter confirmed to Jefferson that since Tobias has been back in town, he has been keeping things above board, but he has to be up to something. We knew when Jefferson walked in that nothing was going to be resolved here and that is about it. Just some threats and a remind that Tobias has vowed to tear apart the Peirce family.

Meanwhile, Jen has still been spending time in the Ionosphere even though TC has been warning her that it is dangerous. When she stops by Gambi’s to though she learns of Jefferson’s secret. That he has still be participating in the fight club. Lala attempted to talk Jefferson out of it because he doesn’t want Freeland’s ‘golden boy’ dying in his ring, but Jefferson is working off his anger and isn’t read to stop.

This leads to a blow up when Jefferson gets home. Lynn is upset that he has been fighting and that Jen found out about it. However, he is equally as mad that she still hasn’t told him about Tobias. They yell a little and then Jeff decides he can’t take this right now and leaves.

My Vibe

Thing for Grace and Anissa get off to a rocky start when Grace returns home. She doesn’t mind at all that Anissa put her belongings in storage but does get upset when she talks about bring stuff back and Anissa thinks it will kill the vibe of the apartment. Obviously, they are married now, and Anissa quickly realizes that it was probably a selfish worry. When Grace comes home after a grocery trip Anissa, she has a gift for her. A copy of the comic Grace had when they first met and promises to be better about making the space theirs. Before they can enjoy their time together though, they are warned by Shondra that the Mayor may need their help.

Fixing Freeland

We know that while Tobias has been playing well that he is really up to something. In this episode we start to see where this could be headed. In the early part of the episode, he shows a plan to Mayor Black, The Deputy Mayor and The Chief. This plan is to spend millions of Tobias’s own money to fix large parts of Freeland. All Tobias needs are some assurances that the gangs and Metas are going to be dealt with. Mayor Black informs him that the new DEG weapons will be coming to Freeland in a few days and that will help with this issue. They are planning a launch for PR with the general public and Tobias suggest having it at the homeless safe zone to make it look like they care about ALL Freelanders. In reality, he is setting the stage for his plan.

Kill Tobias

After this meeting, the Deputy Mayor heads to Lalas to inform him about the new roll out of DEGs and gives the plans on for when the delivery will be made. It seems like he is in Lala’s pocket, but later we learn he is working for Tobias and this was all a plan to bait Lala.

This all comes together at the Mayor’s launch for the DEG’s. He is giving his speech with Anissa, Grace, and Lightning close by making sure nothing happens. However, Lala takes out an officer in order to get closer and then has his crew come in to attack. He takes his shot at Tobias with an older model DEG, but Thunder steps in since Grace was up there as well. In the process of this shoot out Mayor Black is hit and killed. Chief Lopez blames Thunder, Grace, and Lightning because of their interference.

After the shoot out we learn that his new Meta right hand was the one that actually killed Mayor Black and made it look like it was the result of the police. I am not sure what the goal is of making it look like the police killed him unless he is wanting to push his way in to the department and take over. Now that the Mayor is out of the way and he already has his thumb on his replacement, I can see that being a scenario. In addition, he officially announces that he is going to double the amount of DEGs on the street.


Peter is still working on stopping the launch of the DEGs in order to protect the Metas and everyone else. He and TC work together to find a problem with the weapons, one that he relays to Lauren. She isn’t happy about the timing of it all but does delay the launch in order to correct the mistake. This is a win, but only a small one since it is only going to be a few days.

He does gain some trust from Lauren so not only does she reward him with some ‘fun time’, but she also shows him something else she has been working on. A renewable energy concept that she hasn’t been able to expand on. This seemed like a small think, but I think this energy source is going to be a big part of the season.

Finding A Way Back

While Jefferson wasn’t in the main action this episode, he did have a major growth moment. After his fight with Lynn, he ends up at the bar and in an open discussion about Black Lighting. His stance is that Black Lightning never made a difference, but it is Detective Shakur that stands up. He not only reminds him that he saved Freeland from the ASA and Markovians, but he saved him when he was a child. He tells about how Black Lightning reminded him that everyone deserves second chances which is really the kind of kick in the ass that Jefferson needed.

He then heads home and talks things over with Lynn. He even thinks she should work for Tobias so they could find away to get ahead of him. He then attempts to make amends with Jen, but she isn’t ready. Instead, she heads back to the Ionosphere. This is what TC has been warning her about. As she absorbs this energy is becomes too much and she overloads and explodes into pure energy. Don’t freak out, this is just her becoming what she is in the comics. She is pure energy in her true form but can revert to a more human appearance. Obviously, this is going to be a big deal for the show, and I look forward to seeing it play out.

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