Batwoman S2E6 ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Breakdown

Another great week of Batwoman! I just love this new season. It seems averyone is trying to get their hands on this Napier painting that will lead them to Coryana. Some want to get there for Kate, other for the Desert Rose, and everyone is willing to do some pretty messed up stuff for it.


The opening of the episode is a study being conducted by Hamilton Dynamics with the goal of replicating the Desert Rose, the cure all plant from Coryana. This is a result of Alice attacking the city and then offering Mary’s blood with the Desert Rose as a cure in order to lure out Safiyah for information on Kate. However, now that Hamilton Dynamics has seen what this can do, they want it. Unfortunately, it is impossible to synthesize the antidote, it needs to come directly from the flower.

The doctor doing the experimentation is considered about the number of casualties that are piling up in their quest to replicate the desert rose, but Dr. Ethan Rogers is willing to stop at nothing to get his hands on it. This has him pulling in one of his patients, Aaron Hellzinger to get the flower for him.

Finding Ocean

Mary and Jacob are together when he learns that the painting the crows seized in the last episode is a fake. All is not lost though, they were able to find a partial fingerprint which belongs to Ocean, the man that Sophie knows Alice was looking for. This has Sophie looking for a way to find him and because she helped Alice look for Ocean, she knows that Angelique is connected to him through the Snakebite drug operation. Sophie looks to Ryan for help with getting the information on Angelique.

Ryan is not thrilled to be helping Sophie get information from Angelique, but the alternative would be Sophie arresting Angelique. Sophie has her use a devise from the Crows to put an app on Angelique phone so they can listen in on conversations hoping this leads back to Ocean.

I Need the Cure

Back to Mary and Jacob, after hanging up with Sophie they are side swiped by Hellzinger and taken to her clinic where they are held hostage. This forces Mary to tell Jacob that this is her clinic as she spills all the details of how she got the desert rose to Hellzinger. At first, she leaves out the island of Coryana, but after watching him stab Jacob a few times she cracks. She then calls over to Luke and Ryan with a coded phone call spelling out to them that she is in trouble and needs that map.

Hellzinger also tells Mary about the experimentation that has been done to him at Hamilton Dynamics. He was born with a rage issue and received treatments. For a while he thought that they had cured him until the cancer appeared. Now he needs the Desert Rose in order to stop his cancer.


Meanwhile with Ryan, she has been suffering for weeks with this kryptonite bullet wound. She has only told Mary the truth although Angelique knows about the wound. She has been wanting to keep it a secret from Luke since she has been working so hard to prove herself to him. In this episode she can no longer keep this secret because it is beginning to make her extremely sick. When Mary calls Ryan tries to suit up but instead passes out. This is how Luke discovers the injury, but Ryan pushes to still be allowed to save Mary and Jacob. Ryan heads that way with Luke telling her about the adrenaline shot in the suit that can help her if she needs it.


Alice and Ocean this episode have been laying low trying to sort out all of their mess. Alice knows that they have had some type of romantic relationship and is trying to connect why Safiyah would have taken those memories. Ocean says that he wanted to leave Coryana but was caught smuggling a Desert Rose, he thinks this is why he had his memory wiped. Alice thinks that they tried to escape together because they were in love and as punishment Safiyah took their memories, plus she was also in love with Alice.

Alice eventually calls Tatiana looking for answers, but it is Safiyah that picks up. She gives Alice the option to kill Ocean not remembering their love or she can remind her of their story, and she will still have to kill Ocean. Alice does attack Ocean but, in the process, has a major memory dump just as Sophie finds them looking for the painting.

Ocean not only shows her the painting but makes it so she can read it. Alice doesn’t want him to give her the painting, but he does. Sophie then heads to the clinic to help with the situation Jacob and Mary are in.

The Wrong Hands

This has everyone converging on the clinic with the map in play. Hellzinger wants it to give to the doctor, but Ryan wants it because it can cure her. Everyone else just wants to find Kate. After some fighting it is Dr. Rogers that blindsides them and takes the painting. This means that they need to find another way there or get the painting from the Doctor.

Shut down and Break Up

After the dust settles, Mary and Luke try to figure out how to save Ryan and help Kate. Mary thinks that now that Jacob knows about her clinic and most everything else, he will be able to help. Instead, he only informs her that he is going to be shutting down her clinic and she is now happy about it.

As for Ryan, Angelique found the app on her phone and feels betrayed by Ryan although Ryan was once again trying to protect her. This leads to them breaking up even thought Ryan thinks she needs her now more than ever. I got the impression though that someone Angelique works for was not happy about the spy app.

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