Walking Dead S10E17 ‘Home Sweet Home’ Breakdown!

Hey everyone! We finally have some Walking Dead to talk about again! When we left off the group had just faced off against Beta and managed to survive thanks in part to the return of Maggie. In the episode we explore what has happened to Maggie since she has been gone and what is will mean for her to come back.

I Didn’t Escape

The opening of the episode has Maggie and Judith reuniting for the first time in years, roughly between five and six. Judith remembers Maggie and I am sure there were lots of stories told. Maggie let shortly after Rick’s death which means in universe time, she was gone longer than she was with the group. Her and Judith eventually walk right into Negan.

This is obviously not a pleasant reunion with it being the first time her and Negan have come face to face since before she left right after the Savior War. A lot has changed and really the only thing that Negan can think to say is that he didn’t escape. Maggie doesn’t respond but just walks on. I anticipate that she is going to struggle with being near a free Negan. Negan says, ‘Aw, shit’, because he knows that even though he helped defeat the Whisperers he will never be able to redeem himself to Maggie which will always mark him as an outsider to the group. Other than this interaction we don’t have them in a scene together until the very end of the episode. I doo look forward to their first real conversation.


Maggie and her friends Cole and Elijah meet up with Darryl and Carol and she tells them about her plan to live at Hilltop with her village people that were recently attacked. Of course, now she has to get the news that Hilltop is gone. It was burned in the war with the Whisperers. Carol is very honest with Maggie in telling her that Negan was a part of the burning but only because he and her had a deal to end Alpha. Maggie swallows this better than I thought. She thanks Carol for telling her and says she understands that Carol was doing what needed to be done.

To Alexandria

With the Hilltop not an option, Maggie does what is best for her people and decides that they will head to Alexandria. First her and Darryl, along with Kelly, Cole, and Elijah need to stop and get the rest of their people. Then they are going to meet Carol with everyone else at Alexandria. It isn’t clear yet if this is going to be a temporary or permanent situation for Maggie. Kelly tags along hoping that with the route through the woods she can look for Connie who has been missing. We know that in the last episode she was alive, but then ran into Virgil.

Maggie leas everyone through the woods desperate to get back to her people, specifically her son Hershel. They do eventually have to stop and make camp over night even though she wanted to press on. Over night her and Darryl have the opportunity to chat and we get some information about this time for Maggie. Apparently, she was with Georgie for a while and they were helping other communities like Georgie did for Hilltop. However, no matter how hard they tried everything always went sideways. She isn’t sure now if Georgie is alive. Maggie was staying with one group helping them when Georgie headed out West to help another group. While Georgie was gone, the group Maggie was with was attacked scattering that community. Her and Hershel then traveled on their own until she ended up with the village she is currently with. Darryl asks about what happened with them, but Maggie isn’t ready to talk about that.

Pope Marked You

The next day they wake to find that Kelly is gone. She went off looking for clues about Connie. Maggie seems annoyed with her at first until Darryl explains that she was looking for her missing sister. Elijah helps Kelly because he too recently lost a sister. Eventually they head out toward where they left their people, however, as they get close, they see smoke.

When they arrive, they find that the place has been torched and only two people are there, both burned to a crisp. Darry finds tracks in the woods and they head out looking for the people. When the tracks split off Maggie and Darryl veer off while Kelly, Cole, and Elijah head in the direction they have been going. The scenes are very tense and there is definitely feeling that there is someone out in these woods with them. Eventually Darryl finds two girls and a guy, he may hold a knife on one until Maggie is like, ‘Whoa nelly’.

They explain to Maggie that they fire started suddenly and everyone sort of split off into the woods and they haven’t seen anyone else. While they are talking the man is shot through the neck. This is the first time Maggie mentions a group called the Reapers which seems to be who attacked this village. After the shot they all scatter again and hide. Darryl and Maggie come across one of the girls that have been shot and he can see this as a setup, unfortunately the other girl stubbles into the trap and is shot as well. Before she dies, she signals to Maggie that she saw Hershel, meaning he is in these woods and close by.

Maggie heads over to flank the shooter while Darryl keeps the attention, but when Maggie gets to the gun the shooter is gone. She looks around until she is attacked by a man in a ghillie suit and then herself stumbles into a rope trap. The man moves in to take her out when Darryl shoots him in his side. Even with the stab wound from Maggie and the shot in the side, he still manages to knock Darryl out. Luckily, it was enough time for Maggie to cut herself free. Kelly and the others arrive just as he is about to attack.

Maggie asks him repeatedly who he is and why he has attacked them, but all he says is, “Pope marked you” before he pulls the pin on a grenade killing himself. Shortly after the explosion Maggie comes across Hershel hiding in a tree.

Home Sweet Home

 With Maggie’s group reunited they head to Alexandria to find it in less than perfect condition. It was attacked by the Whispers in episode 15, but there is certainly enough to salvage. Since no one was home, Beta didn’t stay long. Maggie decides at this point that she is going to make this her home, even though Negan will be lurking around every corner.

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