WandaVision Episode 8- ‘Previously On’ Breakdown!

Just another fantastically sad episode of WandaVision. This episode was not only beautiful to watch but left me in a teary-eyed puddle. We got so many answers going all the way through Wanda’s past and really solidifying her origin story. We also establish more of Agatha’s backstory and what Hayward has been up to. This is all a phenomenal set up going into the final episode.

Salem 1963

Before I jump to far into the past, I want to point out the opening Marvel Title. We see the color shift from red to purple and then Agatha’s magic. And I know you are going to say, well this is just Marvel’s color. Yes, red is Marvel but it is also Wanda’s color and this shift to purple, Agatha’s color, is just a cool visual representation of what really has happened. Wanda may have created this, but it’s Agatha’s playground.

So, let’s take a leap back to 1963. Salem in this time period is obviously famous for the Witch trials which is where I thought this was going on, but it did not go there. This ended up being a coven, led by Agatha’s mother, that are bringing Agatha in to either strip her of her power or kill her. Based on the conversation, Agatha has been meddling in magic that is a little too dark for her age and level. This reminded me of Doctor Strange and the way that he advanced in his Mystic training. However, Agatha seemed to use her learning of the dark arts for dark deeds. When the coven tries to punish her, she turns the spell on them draining them of their powers and life. She then takes on her mother killing her and stealing the broach we have seen her wear throughout the episodes.

Who Are You?

The reset of the episode really breakdown down scene by scene. With the first being right where we left off in Agatha’s chamber after she took the boys, Tommy and Billy. Her and Senor Scratchy seem to have a conversation where he must point out that Wanda seems confused and she really is confused. She attempts twice to use her magic on Agatha, but it doesn’t work either time. The first is when she attempts to read her mind to get information or to mind control her, but like Agatha points out, Wanda has never been able to peer into Agatha’s mind like she has everyone else. This is why Agatha was not only able to slip into the Hex undetected and also why Billy couldn’t hear her thought either. I imagine that she has some type of protection spell to stop that.

The second time Wanda attempts to use the magic on Agatha it is more aggressive in the way that she is has used it on Monica. Agatha points out that because of the ruins in the chamber on she is going to be able to use magic here, magic 101 Wanda. And now it becomes clear to us that Agatha really doesn’t know Wanda’s powers and she is trying to figure out how she has made this hex happen. Wanda is obviously untrained, she doesn’t even understand the ruins, nor does she understand the mind control or transmutation spells that she has performed on the people of Westview.

Agatha also admits that she came here feeling the magical energy and has been looking for a way to get Wanda to reveal her true self, but Wanda’s true self is just that she is a grieving woman with some powers. (Not Really) She admits to Wanda that she brought this fake Pietro here, Fietro if you will. However, it isn’t clear if where he did come from or if he is a transmutation. I think the casting of Evan Peters was just a fun jab at fans. They knew we would freak out.

One thing is clear, Agatha is both impressed and annoyed. She is impressed because Wanda can create these illusions miles away with elaborate storylines, and annoyed because she has done this without discipline or training. What Agatha wants now is to know how and why. This is what leads to this walk down memory lane, or what Agatha calls, the real reruns.

Door Number 1

This scene, like all of Wanda’s memories, are both pure and heartbreaking. We have Wanda at the age of 10 with her brother Pietro, her mother Iryna, and father Olek. It becomes clear here in this memory and the others just what a deep connection Wanda has to TV sitcoms. This was a love first brought to her by her father who seemingly smuggles illegal DVDs in a war torn Sokovia. In the case alone we see the very DVD’s that have inspired Wanda and her Hex. Of course, her most coveted being the Dick Van Dyke show where it all started.

We do have the moment where her mother takes note of the fighting outside which was really our cue that bad shit was about to happen. While Wanda and her family are enjoying their show, an explosion goes off killing both her mother and father leaving her and Pietro hiding under the bed when another bomb lands. This one being the bomb that she later blamed Tony Stark for in Age of Ultron because it had the Stark Industries plastered on the side. It is now very obvious that these commercials we have seen were pointing out important moments from Wanda’s life because we again have the flashing red light like in the commercial for the toaster.

The big change here to Wanda’s origin is that it seems she used magic in order to disarm the bomb, or maybe like Agatha thought, a probability hex. This is a change from what her origin has been in the MCU thus far. It was told that she got her powers from the stone, but like many suspected they are just adjusting that slightly and making it, so the stones have unlocked something in her. Speaking of that, Agatha needs to see more to find out what is really going on with Wanda.

Door Number 2

Door Number two was marked with the Hydra symbol and takes us to the experiment in which brought her to the avengers. According to Hydra doctor and scientist, they have been testing to see what happens to people that touch the scepter. Of course, we know now that is contains an infinity stone and even with it in this leg like form, it is going to be too powerful for any mere human to touch.  In Guardians of the Galaxy, we saw what this did to Peter, and he was part celestial. This furthers the idea that she is special.

This scene was absolutely gorgeous. Not only did we see the stone recognize her as a powerful being but showed her destiny. We see in her vision that she is one day going to be a powerful witch just before passing out. When we see her again, she is back in her cell watching the Brady Bunch, but the scientist and technician are analyzing the tape that seems to cut out when the real magic is happening.

Wanda and Agatha then talk about what they just witnessed, and Agatha voice the idea that the infinity stone amplified something in her that would have otherwise never have manifested. I think this is going to lead us into the X-gene, because as we know Wanda was not the only one that received powers from the stone and the other person shared her DNA.  Agatha thinks she knows what is going on, but she can’t yet connect all the dots. This takes them to the Avengers compound.

Door Number 3

In this scene we really see where this deep love between Wanda and Vision began. I always felt that they had a weird love story in the MCU, but this really made me understand what brought them together. Wanda explains to Agatha that this was her and Visions first home together. She was lost after the death of her brother, in another country and completely alone. She is when Vision literally and emotionally comes through her walls to offer her comfort as she watched Malcom in the Middle.

Wanda talks about her life as a tragedy because it is. Every time she gets on her feet, she is knocked down again. While Vision explains that he does not know this kind of lost because he has never had a loved one. For me, the best line of this conversation was when he said to her, ‘But what is grief, if not love persevering’.

From here Agatha assumes that Wanda would have wanted to get Vision back which takes us right into the scene with SWORD which played out very differently than Hayward showed us.

Door Number 4

In this scene we see that Wanda did not storm into SWORD and take Vision’s body. In fact, she was let in by Hayward after she arrived. She did go there to retrieve his body, but only because she wanted to give him a proper funerial and burial. Hayward then requests that she be allowed back. She walks through to his office without incident.

 Not only does he show her Vision, but it clear that he is up to something here. He does disrespectfully speak about Vision to Wanda only acknowledging him as a machine instead of as an once living being. He also tells her that they are going the ethical and legal think which Is to dismantle him. However, we know that is a lie from the files that Darcy found. He does bring up that she will want to being him back online then corrects himself in saying back to life. Wanda makes it clear that isn’t her intention and would have no way to do so. Hayward’s final say is that he cannot let her walk out with 3 Billion dollars in vibranium only for her to bury it. He does however let her say goodbye. Wanda puts her hand to his head and realizes that the man she loves isn’t in there and then leaves.

This was obviously all for show for Wanda’s sake. Hayward and SWORD have been experimenting with Vision for 5 years as we learn in the credit scene. Hayward was hoping that Wanda would in some way be able to help them power Vision, but instead she left. I think this is why he eventually sends Monica to her.

To Grow Old In

When Wanda leaves SWORD she heads to Westview New Jersey with a letter. The town of Westview is quite different than what we have seen. It seems run down but I think this is really a result of the way the world was during those five years after Thano’s snap. There are some familiar people and places though. We have the gazebo, Herb, Ms. Hart, and Phil Jones.

Wanda then pulls up to a lot where we can the house that later becomes Agatha’s. As Wanda gets out and looks around, she pulls out the page from the envelope to find that Vision had purchased this with the intent that they would grown old here together. The note was then outlined with a heart like we have seen pop up as easter eggs here and there. In her grief, Wanda then creates the Hex. First building the house, then transforming the town, and then building a new Vision straight from her heart. I do think it is interesting that all of her magic is red, but then the magic that left to create Vision turned Yellow until everything, including Wanda, is in the Dick Van Dyke inspired episode 1.

The Scarlet Witch

Once Wanda realizes that she has created this hex she sees the stage and Agatha, the lone audience member. She snaps herself out of the room and then Wanda hears Tommy and Billy screaming from outside. She then finds Agatha with her strings around her boys. She says that now she knows what Wanda is and that she is dangerous. Then she says the best line yet, “You are supposed to be a myth. A being capable of spontaneous creation and here you are, using it to make breakfast for dinner. Ah yes, your children and Vision, and this whole life you’ve made. This is Chaos Magic Wanda. And that makes you the Scarlet Witch” Honestly, I almost fell out of my chair. Not only are we finally calling her the Scarlet Witch, but it also seems that she is some mythical prophesied being. Now this is the end of the episode, but it isn’t all.

Credit Scene

In the credit scene we see this weapon that Hayward and SWORD have been creating. They just lacked the power source to make it happen until Wanda’s magic was preserved on the drone, they sent in a few episodes ago. Then we see what they have powered up is this new white Vision!!! This blew my mind and is a direct pull from the West Coast Avengers comic. I will explain all of this more in my YouTube Easter egg video which will post on Sunday.

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