Black Lightning S4E3 “Book of Reconstruction: Despite All My Rage…” Breakdown!

We are back for another week of Black Lightning. This episode for me was better than last week, but I really am struggling to enjoy this season and hope we have some pick up before the end of the series.

I Did It as Me

Well, Jefferson went all Archie Andrews on us. (If you know, you know) The opening of the episode is Jefferson having dreams of Tobias coming into his home and hurting his family. He talks about this with his therapist and ultimately, he is going to have to put in the work to heal from his part traumas with work and the death of Henderson in order to feel secure.

The continuing plot from last week involves Marcel and the 100. Last week Marcel’s son was killed in a shootout involving the 100 which led to a forced peace treaty by Black Bird with Lala and the Cobra Cartel. Lala does ‘take care of’ Lydell, the man that shot Marcel’s son after Black Lightning crippled him last week, this earns Lala a new tattoo. Also, in order to honor the deal but still make money, Lala has organized a virtual fight club with Marcel fighting to earn money to get back on his feet. Marcel is not only a teacher at Garfield, but his family has been struggling and living out of their car. In light of the shooting, he lost custody of his other kids as well.

The next day, Jefferson sees Marcel at school with a black eye and becomes suspicious. That night he follows Marcel and finds out about the fight club. However, this time Lala is tired of losing money because of Marcel and brings in someone that Marcel cannot win against. When Marcel loses, Jefferson steps in and fights with him and wins.                        

After the fight, Jefferson takes Marcel to the home he grew up in. We have seen this place before when the family stayed here in hiding back in season 2. Now he offers the place to Marcel to get back on his feet and get his kids back. Jefferson also gives him the prize money on the promise that he no longer fights again.     

Amped up from his win and helping Marcel, Jefferson visits Gambi to give him the latest version of the Black Lightning suit. Now that he has helped someone as Jefferson, he doesn’t want to go back to being Black Lightning. He has been saying this for awhile but tonight was a confirmation he needed. Gambi is obviously upset, but I will talk about the stuff with Gambi in just a minute. Jefferson then leaves with the hope of seeing Lynn and patching things up with her.

Not One of Us

Things are not going well for Lynn though. Early in the episode we again see her using her Meta drug, this time with the claim she is testing Jen’s powers to know how to help her in the future. Jefferson obviously isn’t buying this, and we know from last episode that using this drug for powers is giving her a high.

In therapy she realizes that both her drug use and her desire for powers stem from her not fitting into her family when she was younger. She comes from a long military background but ended up in science. Now she doesn’t fit in because she is not a Meta.

I think she was starting to come around when she received flowers and a dinner invite thinking it was for Jefferson. When she arrives to the restaurant instead, she finds the invite was from Tobias. He is offering her a job, although we know he is really looking to divide and conquer the Pierce family to get back at Jefferson for the death of his sister Tori. We also saw him working this episode to get Garfield closed. We don’t get an answer on whether or not she is going to take the job and the last we see is Jefferson finding the dinner invite. He heads over thinking the invite was from Lynn and for him. Instead, he sees his wife sitting at a fancy restaurant with Tobias, so he leaves.

Lethal Lightning

For Jennifer this episode, she is dealing with some bad press after a video of her from last week was heavily edited to make it look like she had caused and extreme amount of property damage. In truth, she did, but they left out the part where she saved people as well. She seeks the help from TC who tracks the person that originally captured the footage. He offers to release the real video if and her become friends on social media. TC helps her with this as well and Lightning works to clear her name.

Another moment for her was the weird glitch in her powers after once again hanging out in the Ionosphere. This seems to be an intoxicating feeling for her, one that she cannot stop doing, but it is having some weird and maybe dangerous side effects.

Getting Married

Anissa has a pretty small role this episode but lead to some big changes. While looking after Grace she begs her to wake up from her coma and well, she does. In the excitement of it all she has her work friend become ordained in 20 minutes and the two of them get married on the spot.

I Borrowed It

The over with Gambi, he has accepted the job to work with Monovista with the sole purpose of learning more about these DEG weapons that are being released for use against Metas. He learns that they are both lethal for Metas and Humans, but Lauren promises that there is a stun setting as well.

Peter smuggles out one of the guns and tests it on an older version of the Black Lightning suit. Even on its lowest setting it eviscerated the suit and likely would have killed or severely injured Jeff. I would like to repeat my argument from last week that Gambi is the hero of this season so far.

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