Batwoman S2E5 ‘Gore On Canvas’ Breakdown!

Another Great week of Batwoman! This week we learned more about this painting created by Jack Napier, more about the mysterious Ocean and his connection to Alice, as well as the introduction of Evan Blake as Wolf Spider and the Iniquity Collective.

Finding Kate First

The whole show seems to be focused on finding Kate who is supposedly being held by Safiyah. Everyone has their own agenda for finding her. Alice wants to find her only to turn around and kill her. To get to Kate made a deal with Safiyah to kill Ocean in exchange. In the last episode Sophie learned about Alice’s plan to kill Kate once finding her which applies pressure to everyone else to find Kate. I think it is obvious why Jacob and Sophie want to find her as well as Mary and Luke. However, Ryan is not interested in teaming with the Crows. There is a lot of bad blood there.

In the Early part of the episode Jacob meets with a man named Garrett Hall who has information about the Napier painting. At this point they only know that is has some loose connection with Safiyah according to Kate’s phone. The hope is that they can figure out that connection should they get their hands on it. The only information that Jacob gets before Garrett Hall is killed in front of him by an assassin of the Many Arms, is that the collective currently has the Napier painting. Batwoman arrives on scene and snags up the assassin and takes him into her custody.

The Collective

In the comics the Collective is the Iniquity Collective which is a supervillain group made up of Batman and Superman’s Rogue Galleries. In the show they are high end collectors that fly into an airport for shows and business and then fly right back out avoiding any real inspection of merchandise. Jacob brings in Evan Blake, a friend of Kate’s and a known illegal art dealer, to help but he is not giving up any information. We do learn from this conversation that these painting are in fact created by the Joker, as if that were in question, but he made them using victims’ guts from houses he robbed. Yuck. Once this lead goes cold, Sophie pushes for Jacob to team up with Batwoman since she has the assassin that may have information.

That Looks Infected

Over with Ryan, it seems that her and her ex-Angelique have been getting cozy like old times. We learn here that the drugs that Ryan got caught with were Angelique’s and Ryan had taken them to help her get clean. So, Ryan’s time in prison is because of her relationship with Angelique. Angelique promises that she is now clean and doing better and even buys them matching bracelets as an apology, but Ryan doesn’t take her saying that her being clean is enough for her. I am curious of maybe there was a tracker or something, not that Ryan would know.

Anyway, Angelique spots the bullet wound from and is concerned about Ryan. She makes enough a deal that Ryan decides to show Mary who helps treat the wound. At the moment it isn’t glowing green, but we have seen that. Ryan’s one ask is that Mary doesn’t tell Luke because he is always look for ways to compare her to Kate and she feels that she has something to prove to him.

One-Time Team

Sophie reaches out to Batwoman hoping to strike this deal out of desperation to get Kate back. Ryan is very against this because she knows that Crows can be dirty, but she is pushed by Mary and Luke to do the team up to get to Kate before Alice. We see that the new Gotham prankster in town, Wolf Spider overhears this conversation on the roof top which will come back into play later. I haven’t talked about him much yet, but he was in the opening of the episode pranking Gotham with annoyed emoji on the top of the Gotham Century Building.

Together Ryan, Sophie, and Jacob meet with the assassin with Ryan extremely uncomfortable with Jacob’s methods. However, she does trick the assassin into telling them that the Napier Painting is actually a map to Coryana. Once he realizes he let too much slip he does the old cyanide tooth thing and kills himself.  However, now they know they need to get their hands on that painting.

To get the painting they are going to need to get into the Collective’s pop up which will have the painting for sale. However, a Crow is never going to make it in so Ryan will be going in all by herself. She almost doesn’t make it in herself with Evan Blake guarding the entry, but with the help of her ex-Angelique, she gets in. Ryan isn’t happy to learn that she is there selling drugs, but she promises that she is only selling and is clean.

Ryan gets a good look at the painting and Luke determines that it is painted on top of what looks to be a map, but he would need to get his hands on it to do a restore for real information. She was also able to get a sample of the material for Luke. However, Ryan is going to have to steal it to get the map. She heads to the bathroom where they stashed the suit and gets suited up but takes a minute because her shoulder is bothering her. In the meantime, Wolf Spider jumps in and steals the painting.

Batwoman and Wolf Spider do have a tussle but when he jumps down to the ground floor, she doesn’t make the jump because of her shoulder and he gets away from her. The crows then pursue Wolf Spider hitting him with their SUV, taking the canvas, and leaving him for dead. When Ryan catches up, she discovers that Wolf Spider is Evan Blake, and she rushes him to Mary. This is enough for Ryan to decide that she is never going to team with the Crows again and tells that Mary and Luke need to start trusting her gut. It turns out though that all of this was for nothing and the painting was a fake made of pig’s blood.

Do I Know You?

Meanwhile, Alice finds Ocean. We know from last episode that she had a memory flash of him, but I guess I didn’t realize that she didn’t remember knowing him prior. Turns out he doesn’t remember her either. She doesn’t initially kill him in the bar because she wants answers to these forgotten memories.

When she follows him back to his hotel to kill him, he ambushes her and ties her up. He admits to Alice that he isn’t just someone from Coryana, but Safiyah’s brother. He does make a move to kill her, but he then has one of the flashes as well. This prompts him to instead call Safiyah and figure out what the hell is going on.

Of course, Safiyah doesn’t return the call but sends her Many Arms assassins requiring Alice and Ocean to team up. They then make a break for it with Alice having another memory flash in his truck, but this one of them kissing. She doesn’t tell him what she sees, but he does have her get an item from the back seat. Inside the tube is the Napier Painting.

In the last episode we learned that it was Ocean making the drug Snake Bite and that Angelique was helping him. We see her selling it this episode, but I think that she was also in on swapping out the painting for Ocean.

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