WandaVision S1E7 Breakdown!

IT WAS AGATHA ALL ALONG! Yes, just like the song says, Agnes is Agatha and has been the evil behind the scenes this entire time. We are going to go over the big moments here, but don’t forget to check me out on YouTube for a FULL easter egg and theory video.


In the opening of the episode, we have the scene that was released early on GMA with Wanda deciding that she is just going to take the day off, have a ‘me’ day. I love when she pulled back the cover and she was in her costume still, my 20’s self can relate to this. In the bedroom, Billy makes a comment about his head feeling weird, a result of his powers manifesting like we saw last week. I imagine hearing the thoughts of others is weird and overwhelming. However, Wanda just isn’t in the space to deal with that.

The continued glitching does grab her attention because she doesn’t really understand what is happening. She feels she is the person in control so these things shouldn’t be happening because she is not making them happen. I don’t know if this is a result of the expansion, maybe her powers cannot sustain the reality on this scale. It could also be that her emotions are causing things to become unorganized and messy.

Two conversations really take it here as being important to the plot. Billy is concerned about Vision and wants to look for him. Wanda says basically that he wanted to leave, and she cannot keep him here. This then leads to the conversation of Pietro with Wanda admitting that this isn’t her brother, and she doesn’t know who he is.

The other conversation is when Agnes arrives and offers to take the boys so Wanda can get some much-needed R&R. She makes a comment that she won’t bite and that she has only ever bitten one kids before, just a nod to her dark intentions with the kids.

Title Sequence

The titles sequence focused solely on Wanda with an Office/Modern Family thing going on. Both shows feature these interview style moments so pulling from both makes sense. It is basically just Wanda over and over which kind of goes hand in hand with the commercial this episode. It says, “The world doesn’t revolve around you, or does it?” So, is this all about Wanda or isn’t it? We have been made to think that is does, that this reality is by and for Wanda, but maybe not?

We Launch Today

We only have a brief scene with Hayward and S.W.O.R.D. They now set up several miles away from the anomaly. There are some important details though. We know that they no longer have access to the feed, I imagine this is a result of the expansion as well as the wall strengthening like we’ll see with Monica. We also now know that he is planning an attack today. We don’t see it in this episode, but it will be in the next which really makes this finale a multilayered event with what we find out is going on in the inside.

It’s Been A Circus

Before I get into everything with Monica, I want to talk about Darcy and Vision because while their scenes are important, they are disconnected from everyone else in the bubble. Vision awakes in the grass next to the circus. I love that for Darcy her being cuffed to the truck translated into her being an escape artist. Like she was never going to stay in those cuffs. Phil Dunphy would be proud. She accomplished the Butler’s escape.

Darcy, like everyone else, does fall victim to the mind control of the hex but after a short conversation with her thinking Vision is asking her out, he wakes her up like he has done for Norm and what we thought he did to Agnes. She promises to give him answers, but first they have to escape the Circus. I think it was funny that she promised to answer his questions but then his first two questions about the kids and Pietro, she had no answer.

However, she is able to give him background on Wanda’s suffering and state of mind. I love that she also includes just how much she knows they love each other which I think is going to stop pitting Vision against Wanda and he will start fighting for and with her. Darcy truly is the MCU’s matchmaker.

They do run into several obstacles keeping them from getting into the town of Westview, like unannounced road construction, stop lights and chained children. Yes, you heard me, chained children. Vision assumes that these are Wanda’s doing but I think it’s clear that Wanda isn’t controlling anything in this episode, and it is most likely Agnes attempting to keep Vision away from Wanda and the kids. By the end of the episode Vision remember that he can fly and doesn’t have to deal with this, but in like Agatha’s theme song, it just might be too late.

Back in the Hex

We know that it has been Monica’s mission to get back in the Hex since she left back in episode 3. On the way to the meeting spot her and Jimmy discuss the intel that Darcy sent over before she landed in the Hex. Jimmy confirms that Hayward was not trying to disassemble Vision but bring him back to life, which Wanda has succeeded in doing. Darcy was confused on why he could not leave the Hex, but I imagine that answer will come to us.

She meets with a team of SWORD agents that are loyal to her mother and her. They bring her this space rover that was made to Monica’s specifications. There wasn’t a big reveal on who the Aerospace Engineer could be like we thought. They have said it is going to be shocking and my money is still on them being skrulls, but we could see that answered in the next two episodes.

Monica then attempts to break the barrier with the rover, but it is not letting her pass. Major Goodner explains that the barrier is matching her density. Monica does escape the vehicle before it is totally ejected. I love that half of it was rewritten in the the TV reality. Instead of taking the time to come up with a plan b, Monica just runs headfirst into the Hex and we see her transformation into what either will be Photon or Spectrum, the character Monica is in the comics. I love that we hear the same conversation she heard when she was coming back from the snap. These were all milestone moments for her and really shape the type of hero she is going to be. 

Once on the other side we see that her vision has this multicolor effect, she can see the waves of either light or the CMBR radiation. I am sure they will explain it to us and how she will work in the MCU. Once she is passed the barrier and then gets her focus, she runs in the direction of the town getting there well before Darcy and Vision.

This is going to get a little out of order here, but I want to talk about Agnes/Agatha all at once. So, Monica runs into Wanda’s house and is trying to explain everything to Wanda about Hayward, but Wanda just wanted one damn day to herself and isn’t in the listening mood. She blasts Monica out of the house taking this argument to the streets for Dottie and that creepy ass mailman to watch.

Here Monica I think really touches Wanda. She tells Wanda that she doesn’t think she is a villain but that if things keep going this way that Hayward is going to turn her into one. Wanda though is in a dark place and feels that she may already have slipped to the dark side. However, Monica then begins telling her that she understands. That she too is feeling the immeasurable grief of losing someone, but she has to embrace it because it is her truth. It is at this point that Agnes intervenes to stop any further conversation. She then takes Wanda to her home leaving Monica on the street.

Agatha All Along!

Over with Agatha, Tommy, and Billy, it seems like they are just having a good time with their friendly neighborhood auntie. They’re eating sammies, playing with Senor Scratchy, and watching TV. The big moment from this scene is that Billy basically tells Agnes about his powers. He does this by telling her that being with her is quiet, that she is quiet, and he means in his mind. Up until now, Agnes has not been present for their powers.

The next time we see Agnes she is with Wanda and Monica in the scene I just talked about. She brings Wanda to her home and almost right away Wanda realizes that the twins are gone. There is evidence that they have been there. We have the half-eaten sandwiches and the TV playing Yo-Gabba Gabba, which as a mother is just as soul sucking as the Yo-magic from last week. There was also the big ass bug on the curtain which are common in demonic witchcraft, which is what Agnes is about to reveal. I think this is a nod to Beelzebub. A popular title for Beelzebub was “lord of the flies,” and he was worshipped under the form of a fly, but in more modern-day Christianity it is simply another name for the Devil, or in this case Mephisto. (Yes, I took it there)

Wanda asks about the twins and Agnes tells her they must be in the basement. Wanda then heads to the basement where she doesn’t find the boys, but instead Agnes’s witchcraft chamber. There are tons of easter eggs here, but I think the biggest deal is the book. Some say this is the Darkhold from the comics, but I am not 100% on that. We have seen the Darkhold on Agents of SHIELD and on Runaways. Now, those may be on the edge of what is cannon, but I’m not sure they would redesign the whole book. I guess it is just another one of those, “we will wait and see”, things. I do think this is going to be what draws in Doctor Strange.

Then in comes Agnes with Senor Scratchy revealing FINALLY that she is in fact Agatha Harkness from the comics. She then locks them in together and puts Wanda under some type of spell. I like that her magic is purple, I realize it is ‘her color’ in the comics, but I like that they are using these colors to designate whose powers is whose.

Then we have the “It was Agatha All Along” song which walks use through her pulling the strings manipulating Wanda and Vision. I think the most interesting line is where it says, “It’s too late to fix anything” right in the conversation with Vision. She had said then that all was lost. The last line of the episode is her also admitting to killing Sparky, that WITCH!


In the commercial this week we had an interesting ad for an Anti-depressant called Nexus. Like I mentioned this talk about depression and being the center of the world. Some of the wording here is interesting, it mentions anchoring back in reality, or a reality of your choice with side effects like confronting your truth, seizing your destiny. The last bit says, “the world doesn’t revolve around you, or does it?”

The confronting of the truth mimics what Monica had said about owning your truth, and Wanda’s destiny is being a nexus being. All of this points to the Multiverse and Wanda being a Nexus being. Well, what is a Nexus being? They are exceedingly rare people with abilities to affect the future and alter the flow of the Universal Time Stream. The nexus beings act as the foundation of the Multiverse and are crucial to the ultimate stability. One nexus being alone exists on each of the parallel worlds of the Multiverse and personify the character of their respective realms and serve as the ANCHOR of that reality. Nexus Beings also produce unbelievably powerful offspring. It was mentioned in the comics, that any born of the Scarlet Witch would be powerful enough to stand among the Great Forces of their Universe and rock the cosmos itself. Basically, they are bad asses.

I think what is happening is this Hex is the nexus point where all the realities meet. We know that Agatha is after Wanda’s incredibly powerful children making me think that she knows that Wanda is a nexus being. Like in most demonic witchcraft stories they typically sacrifice children in a pact with the devil so we could be looking at her wanting to sacrifice Tommy and Billy to either bring back her dead husband Ralph, or to raise Mephisto from his realm. (Yes, I keep going there)

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this. For one, this could be the Fox’s Quicksilver but being controlled by Agatha. This is also going to tie in Loki nicely since the as the Time Variance Authority and the Timekeepers monitor the nexus beings and the Universal flow of time. We know from the trailers that Loki does get caught up with them and is going to be a time heist style show. Loki isn’t a Nexus being in the comics, but we could see that play out in the MCU.

A Mid-Credit Scene

Ah, finally we have a mid-credit scene. It wasn’t quite Marvel without one. In this scene we have Monica heading toe Agatha’s house snooping around. She does access the basement from the outside and we see now the vines are glowing the purple color. When she looks up its apparent that she is now under Agatha’s spell as well. She is confronted by ‘Pietro’ who calls her out on being a snoppy mcsnopperson.

Like I mentioned, I will be doing an Easter Egg and theory video over on my YouTube channel which will be posted on Sunday! You can find me by searching MaydayMaggie!

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