Black Lightning S4E2 ‘Book if Reconstruction: Chapter 2: Unacceptable Losses’ Breakdown

I have just decided that everyone in this show right ow is a mess. We have Jefferson who refuses to put on the suit and Lynn who wants nothing more than to juice up and head out on the streets. Meanwhile, something is going on with Jen with her fall from the sky last week never really explained. I feel like Anissa is the best one off and really the star of the show right now, along with Gambi who seems to see what is coming to Freeland and working to protect Metas.

Who Will Rule Freeland?

This seems to be the biggest plot point other than all the personal stuff happening. After the ASA and the Markovians with Gravedigger left Freeland last season everyone is trying to step in and take the power. We have the 100 controlled by Lala and Destiny ruling the Cobra Gang in place of Lady Eve. They are battling things out in the streets for territory. This resulted in a shootout that not only left a kid dead, but also resulted in Jen and Lynn getting hurt.

 the Metas running free while the police work with Monovista to create deadly weapons to use against them. Gambi is working on this front which I will get into. Then we have Tobias stirring up trouble and coming directly for Jefferson and the Pierce Family. This conflict is all going to run through this season with hopefully some order restored by the end of the series.

Glimmer for Powers

My least favorite storylines right now are Lynn’s. Last season she became heavily addicted to Glimmer a Green Light-based drug. She did get clean but only by trading it with this new cocktail she has created to give her powers.  She has been using it in this and last episode by going out and following the girls she tells them and herself that this is Jefferson’s fault because he is not in the field having their back. Jefferson does call her out though and says that she has only traded her old addiction with her new addiction.

 After the shoot out Jen is almost shot but Lynn steps in and stops the shooter. This led to Lynn getting injured and then glass getting jammed in Jen. Jen does heal quickly, but it could have been worse. This prompts Anissa and Jen coming to Lynn to talk to her about staying out of the field. She is not trained and is a liability to them. Of course, Lynn gets super defensive and again blames Jefferson. At the end of the episode when another alert comes through, she again shoots up and I think she becomes aware of her problem, and that she is misusing this drug. Do I think this will make her stop? No, it won’t.

Dealing with the Past

For Jefferson, he is still struggling with Henderson’s death as I imagine he will be for a while. We see in the beginning of the episode that he even gets so made he uses powers to the point of passing out. In therapy, it is talked about him still never really getting over his father’s death and that they are going to work on tools to deal with both losses.

However, he doesn’t have those tools yet. The boy that was killed in the shootout is the son of one of his teachers and he looks to Gambi to get the shooters address. Gambi doesn’t budge and refuses to give it to him when he is being so irresponsible with his powers. In the last scene of the episode, he finds the guy and instructs him to turn himself in or he will come back right before he breaks his leg. After last episode this is only going to further the police’s suspicions that Black Lightning has gone rouge.

When Do You Move On?

For Anissa, she has been working full time, working the streets as both Thunder and Black Bird, all while looking after Grace. This episode she takes a step back from Grace to have drinks with a co worder. I love that this is a platonic friendship, we don’t see those much. He talks about his dog that recently died and that it prompted him to get out more, but also worries if he let his dog suffer to long. In case you were wondering, Grace is Anissa’s dog. I think it would be pretty shady to just drop Grace, but also want to see her happy. Hopefully, we can get Grace awake soon and get something good from her before the series ends.

As Blackbird, Anissa does successful carve out a space for the homeless by making a truce with Destiny and Lala. She has then hooded and brought to her which was a pretty badass scene. This, for me, was the best scene of the episode.

Gambi is Going to Save Them All

Basically, the only person that is focused is Gambi. He has been tracking Monovista and knows that they are planning to manufacture Meta guns more lethal than the one the police already have. This isn’t good for the Peirce family. Gambi meets with an old friend/ Love interest several times about working for them and denies them every time until the end of the episode when he finally accepts. Obviously, he is going to attempt to sabotage the program saving everyone’s ass.

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