Batwoman S2E4 ‘Fair Skin, Blue Eyes’ Breakdown!

Welcome back for another Batwoman breakdown! We are now four episodes in with the new Batwoman and I can say for sure now that I like the direction this season is headed. This episode has Ryan reliving a dark part of her life before she was adopted and how she met Angelique, while Sophie and Alice team up to make good on Safiyah’s deal to get Kate back.

Candy Lady

This blast from Ryan’s past begins when she is out looking for dealers for the new drug Snake Bite, a mix of mushrooms and fear toxin. It has become the hot new drug of Gotham and is being pushed by the False Face Society. As she is taking down a questioning a dealer an alarm to a near by Brittany and Co.’s alarm goes off. Batwoman heads over to find that a little boy has triggered the alarm hoping to get to talk with Batwoman about his missing brother Kevin.

This case hits close to home after learning that he was taken from an area close to comic shop just like she was when she was a kid. We learn that she was living in foster care group homes where she met Angelique. One day she went to the comic shop and was tricked into the van by the Candy Lady and then taken. From there she went into an attic where she waited for 60 days. The deal was that everyday the Candy Lady would take away a jellybean if no one came looking for you, if they did then you were set free.

Ryan spent most of her time in the attic refusing to give up. At one point a group of college kids came looking for a missing girl, a girl with fair skin and blue eyes. When they mentioned the red stone necklace it made it clear that it was Beth Kane they were looking for and not Ryan. This does help Mary and Ryan narrow down the location of the Candy Lady’s home and Ryan heads there alone to take on her past tormenter. When she gets there, she is of course overwhelmed and taken by some men in masks and tied up in the attic just like she was all those years ago.

While she is in the attic, we have a flash back to the Ryan’s time here from her youth. Just when there were a few days left, Angelique comes looking for Ryan by getting herself kidnapped and together they use the jellybean jar to attack the Candy Lady and get away. In current time, Ryan again uses the jar to attack the Candy Lady and this time bring her to justice. Unfortunately, Kevin is long gone.


Over with Alice and Sophie, they make an uneasy alliance in the hopes that together they can complete Safiyah’s request to get Kate. The deal is for Alice to kill a man named Ocean with an extremely specific knife. Once that is done then Alice can have Kate. Alice is coming up empty in her search, so she looks to Sophie for help with all her Crow search power. Unfortunately, Sophie doesn’t make it far either. This is when Luke arrives with the goal of teaming up with Sophie to find Kate, only to discover that she is already teamed up with Alice. Luke does team up with them just to help but isn’t thrilled about working with Alice, and she isn’t so happy about it either.

Eventually with the help of Luke and a phone call to Julia, they locate a place that could be where Ocean has been. Sophie goes alone and find the lab where they have been making the snake bite along with a woman. She and Sophie fight for a moment before Alice comes in and stops it. The girl says she was only there to take some things and doesn’t want in on this and books it. However, in the end of the episode we learn that this is actually a grown-up Angelique. Ah, connections.

Alice later returns to the makeshift lab to find a note on where Ocean might be and a picture of him. When she sees the picture, she has a flash back to them meeting on the island. Could this have been a love interest for Alice?

A Reward

Then to Jacob, he has a million dollar reward out for Kate on the hope that someone saw something and eventually he gets a tip that sounds to him like it could be promising. He heads to Wayside to meet with a man named Rudy. When we heard Wayside, we knew this was likely connected to Ryan and her search for Kevin because they were in the same area. It turns out this was all a trap set to lure out a crow for Kevin to kill. Kevin could become part of the False Face Society, a family, of only he kills a crow. Obviously, they were looking to take out Jacob so he will stop looking for Kate, but I will get into that in a moment. Ryan as Batwoman does jump in and save Jacob and Kevin.


I am sure you guys picked up that this is all connected, but this is what we have so far.

Safiyah wants Ocean dead (a former citizen of Coryana)

Safiyah Kidnapped Kate

Safiyah wants Alice to kill Ocean to get Kate back

Alice and Ocean may be former lovers

Ocean is making Snake Bite with Angelique

Snake Bite is sold by the False Face Society

Angelique is Ryan’s former girlfriend and friend

Ryan and Angelique were kidnapped by the Candy Lady

Ryan and Alice (Beth Kane) were kidnapped around the same time

The Candy Lady is the member recruiter for False Face Society

The False Face Society tried to kill Jacob Kane

You put that all together and you have this:

Obviously, we are missing some details which will be filled in as the season progresses. I will continue to fill this out with future episodes.

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