WandaVision Episode 6: All-New Halloween Spooktacular Breakdown!

Welcome back for another breakdown of WandaVision! This show just keeps getting better and better. Of course, in the last episode we had the shocking end with Wanda’s brother Pietro returning from the dead but looking like the Fox’s Quicksilver. Obviously, we don’t know for sure what is going on with that situation yet but there certainly are some clues from this episode. We also have that moment when Vision breaks the barrier and the boys getting powers.

Life is Different

In this episode we step into a Nickelodeon/’Malcolm in the Middle’ vibe. The opening title sequence is Tommy excitedly running through the house filming everyone. He catches Wanda in the bathroom, Vision reading a newspaper, Agnes with her naughty rhinestone pants in the kitchen along with Billy. Then, of course Pietro who is the typical cool 90’s uncle. I think the music here really again explains exactly what is going on in the series:

“Don’t Try to Fight the Chaos

Don’t question what you’ve done

The game can try to play us

Don’t let it stop the fun

Some days it’s all confusion

Easy Come and easy go

But if it’s all illusion

Sit Back, enjoy the show

Let’s Keep it going

Let’s Keep it going

Through each distorted day

Let’s Keep it going

Though there may be no way of knowing

Who’s coming by to play”

 Billy is excited for Halloween while his brother Tommy is too busy trying to be like Uncle Pietro. It seems for a moment like Billy may be scared of Pietro. At this point they do not have powers but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a heightened sense of intuition at the onset of getting his powers. Tommy mentions Billy is scared because he thinks that Pietro is a vampire…. hmm… a person brought back to life that sucks the life from someone… interesting…

Wanda then joins the party in her comic book inspired Halloween costume she says is a Sokovian fortune teller. Pietro deems this as lame and reminds him of the year they got Typhus. Wanda though says that is not how she remembers it. While talking to the screen in the 90’s Nick/Disney show style, Billy mentions that Wanda has been different and weird since Pietro showed up. They write this off as him being a ‘Man Child’, but I think she is suspicious because she isn’t sure how he got here or why he looks different.

Vision comes down dressed in a homemade version of his comic costume which Pietro also makes fun. We are getting the impression that Vision doesn’t really care for Wanda’s newly emerged brother. Even Wanda admitting that he has been full of surprises. Vision is preoccupied with all the weird things that have been happening. Instead of spending the night with the family and going Trick or Treating, he is instead going to look around town for other clues under the guise that he will be working neighborhood watch. Billy again notes for the audience that things have been off for Wanda and Vision as well. Pietro hears this interaction with Billy and the camera and steps in to smooth things with Wanda and Vision claiming he can be the positive male role model for the night. When Vision leaves he gives Wanda a firm ‘be good’.

In preparation for the night of trick or treating, Pietro and Tommy get their matching costumes together along with plans for filling balloons with shaving cream. The moment when Wanda says, “If I see any funny business, I am going to magic you into a pickled herring.” Is pretty telling. I think this implies that Pietro is already a Red Herring, something that is or is intended to be misleading or distracting to either her or us.

You’re a Coward

Meanwhile, things are getting pretty hostile on the outside. Darcy makes a joke/comment about Hayward almost getting killed by his own men and Hayward is not laughing, even openly wondering if she works for him. Monica not only steps in for her but calls Hayward out for his aggressive tactics toward Wanda. However, Hayward is not backing down. He not only pulls the ‘Captain Marvel’ card calling out Monica’s history with high powered people, but that she is over sympathetic toward them. He then goes even lower and says that she wouldn’t have even been able to handle her own mother dying and the ‘stomach’ needed for being Director of S.W.O.R.D. He then has them removed from the base.

Of course, these three are not going down without a fight. Jimmy and Monica fight off the guard and the three of them find a location to plan. Darcy uses this time to hack into the server to get whatever information they can, and whatever information she thinks Hayward is hiding.

Trick or Treat

While trick or treating, this gives Wanda the perfect opportunity to talk with Pietro and even brings up a boy they knew growing up. He calls her out on testing him but also doesn’t answer the question. They then talk about his obvious difference in appearance which neither one of them can explain. He puts it on her not wanting to remember the past. I also found it interesting that he called the kids ‘Demon Spawn’…

The moment with Herb was pretty telling for Wanda. The kids and Pietro are running around stealing candy, smashing pumpkins and covering everyone in silly string while Herb gets the neighborhood watch reports. Speaking of neighborhood watch, Herb tells Wanda that Vision is not on duty tonight. Herb asks her if there is anything, he can do for her or change in that way that everyone else kind of steps around Wanda. Like she is in control, but he is willing to do anything she asks too.

With Vision, he is walking the neighborhood but instead of looking for troubling teenagers, he is looking for things out of place that can explain what is going on in Westview. We see the scene with the woman from the trailer doing the repetitive hanging like she is stuck, but now we see the tear slide down her cheek, obviously in pain.

Snacked on Yo-Magic

The commercial this episode was a 90’s style animation for yogurt. However, this time it seems less centered around Wanda, and more on Billy. I think with the red shirt they are implying that it is him. He is on a desert island and is starving when a shark comes in and offers him a snack of yogurt. The Shark says that he “know what being hungry is like. He used to be like that all the time.” When Billy asks what to do the Shark says, I snacked on Yo-Magic. Obviously, there is some predator that is planning to snack and drain Billy’s powers until he is dead. According to the rising and setting of the moon that takes about 8 days. This is definitely foreshadowing of what is likely happening to Billy now.

Just Playing My Part

Back with Wanda and Pietro they begin talking about him being a bad influence, but he claims that he is just playing his part. He is supposed to show up unexpectedly, create tension with Vision, stir up trouble with the kids, and ultimately give Wanda grief. He acts like this is what she wants, like he is under control, but I am not sure. I think these were directions given by this outside force.

Wanda then questions why Pietro doesn’t have an accent but then he counters with the same question. It’s a fair point. For him, the details are fuzzy, he says he only remembers that he was shot and then he remembers her to calling to him. That he needed her.

Tommy and Billy then jump into the conversation with their excitement over full-size candy bars and Tommy reveals that he now has his super speed. Wanda willingly lets the boys run off with Tommy’s new super speed.

You Can’t Go Back In

With Monica, Jimmy and Darcy, Darcy has worked to hack S.W.O.R.D. specifically looking for things that Hayward is keeping secret. The first discovery is that Hayward is tracking Vision specifically. He is using the signature of decaying vibranium. This making it clear that most of what Hayward cares about is getting Vision back. They even call him ‘asset’ in the search.

Monica then gets a message from the Aerospace Engineer with a plan to meet up some place close. However, before she leaves, Darcy warns her that she cannot go in after finding her medical files. Apparently, going in and out of the hex has changed her on a molecular level. I think when she sees the data, she is thinking cancer like her mother, but I don’t think she understands that she is getting powers.

Darcy decides to stay behind to get something big that Hayward is keeping secret while Jimmy and Monica leave to meet with her friend.


Vision is still walking around trying to grasp what is happening and eventually he ditches the costume look and flies up to see what is happening. This is when he spots the car on Ellis Drive, the point in which Wanda told the boys they could not pass. In the car is this scene we also have seen from the trailers with Agnes. She seems like she is still like the others, but she also is able to speak which is not like the other people this far out that are basically frozen.

She claims that she as taken a wrong turn and got lost with tears in her eyes prompting Vision to wake her like he did Norm in the previous episode. Agnes ‘awake’ calls Vision an Avenger and asks if he is there to help. He does admit to being there to help, but he does not remember being an Avenger. Him not remembering his time before was explored in the last episode. Agnes then asks if she herself is dead and Vision is pretty confused about why she would ask that. She then reveals to Vision that he is dead and repeats it three times before Vision puts her back into the show. Agnes then turns around and heads back to town with Vision heading toward the barrier.

Charming as Hell

Once again, we are back with Wanda and Pietro and he even claims that Westview is ‘Charming as Hell’. He then gets into talking about their mom and dad before he asks her where she has been keeping the children. We know in the last episode that Vision mentioned that there haven’t been any other children. She never answers where the kids came from but does think it’s weird that Pietro doesn’t think all of this is wrong. Pietro says that he is impressed and points out the big difference between giving people nightmares and trapping them in another sitcom reality. He does want to know how she did all of this and again she says that she has no idea. However, this time she says that all she remembers was feeling completely alone and empty.

We have another creepy dead person scene with Wanda seeing Pietro like he was when he was dead, but still also looking like Evan Peters.

He Really Want’s Out, Doesn’t he?

Then we are to the moment when Vision breeches the border. We knew from trailers that this was going to happen, but we didn’t know what was going to happen once Vision was no longer in the bubble. Well, now we know that he is going to decay. He literally starts melting away with the ‘fake reality’ being sucked back into the hex leaving Vision’s lifeless body. I seriously cannot watch Vision die again. Darcy attempts to jump in to convince them to save him only causing her to be handcuffed to a car.

This is when we learn that Billy has developed his powers. Like Wanda, he is a telepath and can actually hear the screams of Vision as he dies. Also like Wanda did to Tommy earlier Billy reaches out to stop Tommy. Then they run over to Wanda to let her know what is happening with Vision. Pietro basically tells her not to worry about it, isn’t not like he can die twice. This comment earns him some magic to the gut.

Wanda then has Tommy focus so she can home in on what he is seeing. He tells her he sees soldiers and that Vision is dying basically tell her he is outside the perimeter. She then uses her powers to stop everything in Westview and expand the Hex. We then watch as the Hex expands engulfing Darcy and the entire SWORD Base. They do show that Vision’s body is resorted and most everything else turns into a circus. The only person they didn’t give us an idea on was Darcy. Hayward and the few people in the vehicle with him and then Monica and Jimmy were able to outrun the Hex.

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