WandaVision Episode 5 Breakdown

Please excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor! This was such an intense episode of WandaVision with TONS of shocking moments, confirmations, and all new questions!

The Opening Scene

Like we thought this episode and future episodes are going to be jumping back and forth from in the WandaVision episode to reality. In the now deemed ’Hex’, we are in the 80’s with the big hair and questionable fashion. Wanda and Vision are struggling with the newborns that will not stop crying! Even Wanda’s powers do not work on the twins which I think is an important detail to remember. Luckily, they have the “Oh so helpful” neighbor Agnes just ready to help them out. Obviously, we have all been talking about Agnes for weeks and that she is going to be or is a villain in the series and I think that becomes even more apparent this episode. (As well as some other possible baddies)

There is the tense scene that we have kind of seen in the trailers and now see play out with Agnes openly wondering if she should restart the scene after a misunderstanding with Vision who doesn’t really want her help with the babies. Wanda steps in and soothes the situation laughing off Agnes, but Vision is still concerned. He and Wanda step off to the side to talk while Agnes keeps an eye on the twins.

Vision has been increasingly concerned about what is happening in Westview for the last episode and that really peaks in this episode with him becoming aware that they are not in the real world and under Wanda’s control. For starters he questions this moment with Wanda until the argument dies when the crying stops. Ah, the sweet sound of silence, but wait, we now have 5-year-old kiddos?

I do think that it was Agnes that really sparked this age up with whatever she was spraying on them because she seems to be in the right place at the right time this entire episode.


Meanwhile, on the outside SWORD is getting their firsthand account from Monica about what was happening on the inside. She describes her experience as being painful, almost an immeasurable grief which is something she and Wanda have in common right now. I think this is part of the reason that Monica for the remainder of this episode takes her side on things.

We have to talk about the scan of Monica. It was nothing but light and they were going to attempt to retake it, but Monica wasn’t having it. This makes us think that Monica now has powers. I don’t know if she got them from her time in the bubble, it would make sense that being in these levels of CMBR would have an effect on her, but then what is it going to do for everyone else?

 In the SWORD briefing we get a lot of information on where everyone stands. Director Hayward definitely doesn’t have a problem framing Wanda as the villain, but Jimmy, Darcy, and Monica don’t seem to feel the same way. When Jimmy talks about Wanda’s history Hayward is quick to point out that she was radicalized by Hydra even though Jimmy points that out as an oversimplification. Jimmy also talks about her being an Avenger herself, but Hayward again jumps in pointing out her lack of code name and the incidents in Lagos and Germany. However, with all that Monica stands up to Hayward saying that she doesn’t think that Wanda had an agenda or that this was premeditated. But AGAIN, Hayward has someway to make Wanda the villain showing 9-day old footage of Wanda breaking into SWORD and stealing Visions dissected body. This opens tons of questions about how they got his body, but also makes it clear why they headed in the Nanotech, robotics, and AI direction.


With Wanda and now the 5-year-old Tommy and Billy, the family adopts a new dog after they found a stray right outside the house. No, I do not think that this was a random thing, I think it was a trick on the kids set by Agnes, it was only confirmed to me once Sparky dies. This is an attempt to age the kids to bring them to the point of manifesting their own powers that she or another can then use. The Boys age up both when Vision says that they have to be 10 to have the dog and almost age up again to deal with the death of Sparky. Agnes was present for both age ups and the almost age up that Wanda stopped.

Back to the scene when they first get Sparky, Agnes comes right in with the doghouse just knowing that they have a new member of the family. I think this furthers the idea that this dog was planted. Even Vision is no longer surprised that she just keeps showing up with anything they need at right just the right time.

From Sparky’s death scene, I also thought it was interesting that Agnes questioned Wanda when she would not bring Sparky back to life. I think Wanda is starting to question her magic after both her earlier talk with Vision and then again with Monica. However, Wanda has already brought several things to life like butterflies, a stork, Vision, and the twins themselves. I think this may be used as leverage against Wanda later as Agnes whittles her way into Tommy and Billy.

Rewriting Reality

Back on the outside, Monica and Darcy work together on a plan to get Monica back inside. Darcy is confused on why she would even want to go back in at this point but in a way, I think Monica has found connection with Wanda through their grief. Monica mentions calling and Aerospace Engineers which I think could be a reference to Reed Richards of the Fantastic 4.

Darcy has also started calling this place ‘The Hex’ because of its hexagonal shape but I really feel this to be a play on words for Wanda being actually Hexed. They are working to frame her so hard as the villain that I think there is another force behind this that is manipulating her.

Then, Jimmy brings up the twins and who they actually could be. Monica is certain that they are really Wanda’s but that would put her powers much higher than she has previously displayed. Monica counters that with Wanda almost single handedly took out Thanos and would have had he not calling in a blitz strike. However, Jimmy then mentions that Captain Marvel also is at that level. Monica who has history with Captain Marvel and first appeared as a child herself in the film seems annoyed by her being mentioned and I am curious what actually happened there. Jimmy and Darcy exchange almost knowing looks or maybe they just realize they struck a nerve.

This conversation leads Monica to think about how things change within the bubble and openly wonders about the clothes she was wearing when she came out of the bubble. Together they head to the lab with Monica using Jimmy’s gun to prove the point that the clothes she went with have just changed to fit the narrative. This is because she went in wearing a bulletproof vest and came out with bulletproof pants. This has Monica further thinking that if they send in something that doesn’t need changed maybe they can use it to speak with Wanda.

Message from the Outside

There is more than one message coming in from the outside and they happen back-to-back. While Vision is at work with Norm they are upgrading to such high tech where they can now receive email and in the process intercepts a message from Darcy on the outside with SWORD. I thought it was super creepy when they all read the email together and I am sure Vision thought so as well. Vision does use his powers on the screen and then again on Norm. He kind of wakes Norm up form the mind control which send Norm into a panic talking about how much pain this is causing and that he needs to contact his sister. Out of sheer desperation, Vision then puts Norm back under, but these is conformations to Vision that something is definitely wrong here.

The other message is from Monica and SWORD as they send in an old school 80s drone and it does get through the defenses at first. It takes Sparky noticing something is a miss for Wanda to head out and investigate. Monica attempts to talk with Wanda, but Wanda immediately goes on the defense. This is when Hayward steps in and launches a missile at Wanda much to Monica’s objections.

Moments later there is a breech at the perimeter with Wanda coming out and returning the drone. This scene was super intense, and it is clear that while Hayward may make Wanda out to be the villain, she clearly thinks that he is the threat, even using her powers to have the other agents point their weapons at Hayward. Monica does attempt to intervene, and I do think that Wanda on some level does trust Monica like she mentions, but she is also upset and isn’t willing to allow her in. I suspect that maybe Wanda can also feel Monica’s grief too.

Commercial Break

The commercial this episode was selling Lago paper towels so you can clean up the mess even if it was unintentional.  This is a reference to the beginning of Civil War where Wanda had accidentally hurt people with her powers. This lead in part to the Sokovian Accords.

It’s Not Right

In the final scenes of this episode, we have Vision confronting Wanda again about what is happening. Both with what he talked about with Norm, why he doesn’t remember who he is before Westview? what is outside of Westview? where are the other children? Wanda admits that she does not know how this all started, yet another indicator that she is not the one solely behind this. Just as they being to really talk the doorbell rings for the biggest shock and one, I don’t think anyone was expecting.

Wanda opens the door and sounds stunned. When then see on the outside that Darcy is also watching this. Because this moment was so shocking, I missed that the alarms were going off the first time I watched this, alerting us that there was another breech, this time I think it was someone going in and not originally in Westview. This person ends up being Wanda’s brother Quicksilver, however, not HER Pietro. This is the X-MEN Universe Evan Peters Quicksilver! While she looks stunned it is clear from her questions that she isn’t 100% sure who this is, and it isn’t until he says that he is her brother that she embraces him and the moment. Vision also does not know who this is, technically he did know Wanda’s brother during the showdown with Ultron, but like he just admitted he doesn’t remember anything from before.

So, pick your jaw up off the floor and head on over to my YouTube (http://bit.ly/3jo1G4T) where I will have a new video up breaking down the episode scene by scene in more detail!

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