WandaVision E4 “We Interrupt Your Broadcast” Breakdown!

This show never ceases to blow my mind. The Last three episodes we have been watching the story unfold as tv show episodes from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Now, we are finally getting some answers, or at least, a different perspective.

Monica Rambeau

At the end of last episode, we saw Geraldine, AKA Monica Rambeau, ejected from Westview after making references to Ultron. However, in this episode we finally get a better look at just what is going on in the outside world and just what Westview itself could be. The opening of the episode was a little confusing until you realize that it is Monica reshaping after being ‘bliped’ back into existence. This would be the snap that Hulk did during End Game that brought everyone back. Monica is now sitting in the hospital exactly where she was five years prior with her mother, Maria. A doctor recognizes her and explains that not only has she been missing for five years, but her mother died 3 years prior to a recurrence of cancer.

Obviously, this is a lot to take in, but a few weeks later she is headed back to her job at S.W.O.R.D., I am going to do an Easter Egg video for this episode on my You Tube, but the basics of what we learn here are that SWORD was founded in part by Maria Rambeau. Sometime after the snap and Maria’s death, Tyler Hayward became the new director of S.W.O.R.D. and began shifting the focus of the department away from sending humans to space and more robotics and drones. For Monica this is a little discombobulating. It is also a little suspicious to me, but if we are looking for a logical explanation, I think the beginning of End Game could explain that there were just less people and everything was out of sorts, including government agencies. However, after such a seismic Alien attack don’t you think beefing up the department to stop alien attacks would be a priority? No? Okay. Moving on.

The big plot point here and how Monica ends up in WandaVision comes from a protocol set by Maria in case anyone from the blip every returned. She is grounded. Which means that she will now be working on terrestrial threats as opposed to extraterrestrial. She is sent to New Jersey to work with the FBI on a missing person case and at this point VERY little is known.


Monica meets with Jimmy Woo the FBI agent we first met in Antman and The Wasp. He is here looking for someone that was in Witness Protection that is missing. When he began looking for the person all the known contacts for this person had know idea who they were. We never learn who this missing person is, but I think that is an important piece of missing information. Things get weirder when talking to the local police from Eastview, they claim that the town of Westview, the town that they are looking at, doesn’t exist. So, somehow an unknown town blipped into New Jersey and there is someone missing from this town. Monica asked Jimmy why he hasn’t gone in and he simply answers that the town doesn’t want him in, and he can feel that. He even suggests that Monica feels it too.

Monica then pulls one of the S.W.O.R.D. drones from her vehicle and begins investigating. When the drone reaches the town border it just disappears with the display Monica is holding going dead. Monica gets closer to investigate and discovers the energy field around the town. She reaches out to touch it, even though Jimmy warns her not to, and she is sucked in.

Back Up

With a missing person, and new town, and a vanishing agent, Jimmy calls in the big guns. We are now 24 hours past Monica being sucked into Westview and another familiar face arrives. Dr. Darcy Lewis from Thor! We have no idea what Darcy has been up to since Thor: The Dark World in 2013, but this could lead to a tie in with Thor: Love and Thunder which just began filming. Anyway, she comes in with several other scientist from varying fields which only shows to her that no one has any idea what is happening. She is taken to her workspace and notices the disappearing drones right away.

Darcy then gets to work by first testing the area and discovering an elevated level of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. For now, it is at a safe level, but I Imagine as things intensify this will become a concern. What is even more strange are the broadcasting signals she is also pulling up which has her requesting a TV.

Meanwhile, Hayward comes up with a plan to send someone in through the sewer system to get a betting idea of what is happening. Jimmy does not think this is a good idea, but he can’t really do anything about it. He then enters the command center looking for some information. I think the fact that the entire town is Hexagon shaped is a big clue since we have been seeing hexagons all along. Even Jimmy writes this on the board later wondering what their significance could be, HE IS ONE OF US! The big reveal here is the discovery of the sitcoms, thanks to Darcy.

The Westviewians

Now that Darcy and Jimmy have some idea of what is happening on the inside, even if it is a 50’s sitcom, they can begin to look for clues. They both recognize Wanda; she is a pretty well-known figure as an Avenger. Darcy also points out that while Vision is in the show as well, he is very dead, even before the snap. This means that he should not have been brought back by the second snap. We also know he didn’t return from the conversation with Hawkeye and Wanda during Tony Stark’s funeral which was most likely a week to a few days before these events.  But who is everyone else?

The team work to begin piecing together who all these people are beginning with the Harts. They turn out to be Todd and Sharon Davis just two ordinary New Jersey citizens. I did zoom and enhance their information sheets and as far as I can tell it only talks about where they occurred in the show, which we have already seen and watched in great detail. As for everyone else, Norm is Abhilash Tandom, Phil Jones is Harold Copter, Herb is John Collins, and Beverly is Matsueida. What does all that mean? Nothing. Just that they are ordinary people.

Some notable names missing from this list are Dottie and Agnes. Agnes is on the board but not identified and Dottie doesn’t appear at all. It could be that she hasn’t appeared in the show thus far for them since she doesn’t pop up until right before the planning committee meeting which we will see in a moment.

Darcy is shocked to find that Monica herself is also in the show, which is confusing for them, is she being coerced? Undercover?

The Radio

While working to identify everyone, Darcy also comes up with some semblance of a plan. She wants to use radio signal to attempt to communicate with Wanda through the kitchen radio. She works to set it up when there is the first instance for them to realize they are affecting the story on the inside. The Helicopter. They recognize it as looking similar to the SWORD drones, they have been sending in, but now looks more like an older model helicopter. It is also the first thing they notice as being in color.

Once the Radio is set up Jimmy stay outside so he can talk to Wanda while Darcy heads back in to watch it on TV. This is the scene with Dottie and for Darcy and Jimmy this plays out differently than what we saw. Someone is “censoring” the broadcast, as Darcy later explains. They then jump to the watch commercial.


One of the bigger questions we have had since the end of the second episode is who in the hell is the Beekeeper? Most of us thought he was just a SWORD agent and that is confirmed here. He is the agent that Hayward sends in. Once he hits the border of Westview, he he transformed into someone that would fit the sitcom vibe better than an agent, a beekeeper. His view of Wanda’s ‘No’ is different than the frightened way she said it in episode 2, and then we never see what happened to this agent during the rewind. On the outside they only pull up the tether to find an old school jump rope.


Now to Monica’s ejection from Westview which we saw last episode. Darcy recognizes that this is the first time a reference (Ultron) has been made to something that has happened in the outside world. For them, the scene just cuts and then we are in the final credits. Darcy and Jimmy then hear an alarm which would be Monica flying out of the bubble.

However, we see what happened during that uncomfortable conversation. Monica attempts to say that she is just Wanda’s neighbor, but Wanda says that she is not only NOT her neighbor but trespassing and she needs to leave. The moment that Wanda lifted her hand and she was using her powers was chilling. She then blasts Monica out of the house, through town and into the field where SWORD has set up operation.

As for Wanda, after this moment she seems very out of sorts. She repairs the wall but almost in a detached way. Her whole tone is different from the creepy smile we saw at the end of last episode. When Vision comes in from outside, she briefly sees him dead, like he was in Infinity War. Vision attempts to comfort her by telling her that they don’t have to stay here, and they can leave, however, she assures him that she has everything under her control. Monica confirms this when she comes to outside and tells Jimmy that this is all Wanda.

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