Prodigal Son S2E3 ‘Alma Mater’ Breakdown! Will Martin Escape?

Am I the only one that kind of hopes that Martin gets out of the hospital? Yes? Well, I do, and I think it would make for such an interesting arc to the show with Malcolm being forced to hunt down his own father. That being said, Malcolm and Martin together did have a fairly good father-son moment at the end of the episode as well. As for Malcolm, He ends up facing some demons of his own this episode as he heads back to his high school.

Remington Academy

The case this episode ends up being very personal for Malcolm with his former boarding school headmaster murdered and the scene stagged at the bottom of the pool. The staging he knows is part of a long honored senior prank, but the murder is entirely new. Of course, Jessica is involved as she is on the board here and also suggested Malcolm and Gil’s involvement.

 Malcolm was reluctant to return to Remington Academy and we have the feeling right off that something happened here. This is confirmed in the hallway with Dani when Malcolm spots a closet down the hall and begins to tremor. When Dani asks him about it, he mentions only that he didn’t always have a tremor. He then reveals that he was expelled from Remington by the Headmaster Brumback with a brief flash to him covered in blood. He also remembers that Brumback has his own black book of students that committed expellable offenses. In Malcolm fashion, he then jumps in the pool to retrieve the book.

With the Black Book in hand and sopping wet, Gil and Malcolm confront three students that were added to the book just the day prior. Louisa, Molly and Anton are all you typical entitled teens with Louisa being the perfect student, Molly the stoner, and Anton the jock. They claim that before this moment none of them have been together and deny any involvement. However, Malcolm can tell from their micro expressions that they are all lying. This is confirmed when the three of them team up on Idrisa when they find her in their lab getting a bottle of water.

Back at the station, Malcolm discovers that inside the label of the bottle of water is the answers to tests. This discovery is motive for Brumback’s death, but they know they cannot come at the students directly. They will surely lawyer up. Instead, Jessica has Louisa over and confronts her about the cheating. Louisa becomes upset and puts the on Anton.

While looking for Anton, Malcolm has the opportunity to talk with the interim headmaster, and Malcolm’s former Professor Delaney. In this conversation, he points out that he remembered Malcolm was extremely claustrophobic.  From an earlier flashback we knew that the last name Bright was selected by Malcolm when he decided to come to Remington because he wanted a shot at being a normal teenager. This didn’t sit well with Martin, but he gave Malcolm his best wishes. However, somehow a classmate, Nicky, found out about Malcolm’s real last name and who his father was and locked him in the closet where he was trapped for three days. Malcolm never understood how Nicky found out, but Delaney tells him now that it was Martin that called the school and used his real last name in a message.

Meanwhile, while Malcolm was talking to Delaney, Anton escapes Dani and Gil and heads out on a helicopter. Malcolm heads over to confront Martin. Martin may be a bad father, which Malcolm points out here, but he promises that he did not make that phone call. After spending years analyzing his father, he knows that he is telling the truth which only sends him back to Delaney. This time he not only has the lie but knows that Brumback was poisoned with the same chemical that Delaney uses to clean the books.

Delaney does admit to running the cheating ring at the academy and pushing to have Malcolm expelled for fear that he would expose them. He does not admit to the murder and actually falls ill himself. Just then the door behind them shuts and we see that it was Louisa all along. Dani learns of this about the same time when she tracks down Anton and Molly and they confess that it was her.

Malcolm talks with Louisa and learns that she isn’t so different from him. She is also a legacy kid like he was, and she also wants to escape being under the thumb of her father. That is why she not only cheated, but poisoned Brumback to stop the explosion when he found out.

Malcolm then admits to Louisa that he too killed someone when he went here. The same teen that had locked him in the closet. He confesses that he swiped his inhaler, emptied it, and then triggered an asthma attack. However, he then called for help because he didn’t want to be like his father. For Louisa, killing Delaney and now Malcolm is just tying off loose ends. To escape Malcolm sets a book on fire, sure this will suck the oxygen from the sealed room, but it will also set off an alarm and hopefully someone is close. Sure enough, Gil was already on campus after getting a call from Dani.


In the last episode we saw the beginnings of a plot form with Martin discovering that the Friar and some others have been planning an escape. Martin wants in on this and joins the bible study. He learns that the plan is to swipe three access cards, these align with the three zones of the hospital with each access card only working in the proper zone. At this point Darryl already has the blue and green and only needs the red. Luckily for Martin, his own guard, Mr. David, has a red card. He talks with Darryl again about getting the shiv in order to get the card from David, but then turns on Darryl for the other two cards. When Darryl won’t comply, he shouts that Darryl has a knife and Darryl is swept away and walks away with the blue and green access cards.

In the next episode I expect Martin to continue his plan to get a red card even after he and Malcolm have a father son moment with Malcolm apologizing for accusing Martin earlier in the episode.

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