Batwoman S2E2 ‘Prior Criminal History’ Breakdown!

It’s no secret that Gotham needs a caped crusader. With Kate gone it doesn’t take long before Ryan wears the cowl again. Now to convince everyone that she deserves to be there.

Trick or Treat

The opening of the episode we see a flash back to when Ryan was out trick or treating and is confronted by some men looking for money. Kate as Batwoman swoops in and saves her, not that Ryan played the damsel in distress. Instead she joined in helping Kate take down her attackers.

In the current timeline we see that Ryan is still struggling to find a job with her prison record and then end up finding herself in another bad situation when she is on the scene for a robbery. While she stopped the robbery and tried to help the cashier, she was still arrested and accused of committing the crime until the surveillance proved she was telling the truth. She does however figure out from this conversation that Alice is Beth after Sophie lets slip that Jacob no longer feels sentimental toward Alice.

Who Knew About Kate?

Also in the early part of the episode everyone that now knows Kate was Batwoman is trying to figure out who already knew. Of course we know that Luke, Mary, and Julia knew, but Jacob and Sophie are new insiders and are upset that they are only finding out after Kate is dead. This ultimately leads to the end of Sophie and Julia’s relationship and a new rift with Mary and Jacob.

It Was Safiyah

As for Alice, she is dealing with the loss of Kate and knows that it was Safiyah that is responsible giving her purpose. She seeks out Julia knowing that she is also an enemy of Safiyah thinking that they can strike a deal. Julia on the other and wants nothing to do with Alice and takes a knife to the ribs instead. This leads Alice on to her plan to lure out Safiyah.

Bat Attack

The big part of the episode was dedicated to this attack that Alice planned to get Safiyah’s attention. She lured bats to Mouse’s body because she had killed him with the same poison that she used on Mary’s mother. This infects the bats, but before unleashing them on Gotham she sends mouse to Mary’s clinic almost as a warning.

When Mouse arrives Ryan also happens to be there confronting Mary. Ryan wants to let her know that she knows about Alice’s identity and thinks that is why Alice is still out free. Of course, while Alice may be Mary’s stepsister, she killed her mother forcing Catherine to die in Mary’s arms just like Ryan’s mother.

That is all set aside when Mouse comes in dead, poisoned and with an infected bat in him. Mary, Ryan and Luke learn that Alice is planning some type of attack after talking with Julia. It is Ryan that realizes this is likely to happen at the Batwoman Rally. The people of Gotham blame the Crows for Batwoman’s disappearance because last she was seen they were shooting at her. Together Mary and Ryan petition to Luke for Ryan to once again put on the Bat suit. The hope is that she can disperse the crowd before Alice can attack.

After a short argument Luke relents and Ryan as Batwoman heads to the rally. She does draw the attention of the crowd, but also attention from Jacob that knows she is an imposter, and Alice. Alice is also curious as to who this new masked bat is but learns quickly that she wants Alice dead. Luke is upset because Batwoman has the no kill code as well, but Ryan is filled with rage at Alice for her mother’s death. However, after Alice releases the bats Ryan is forced to abandon the chase for Alice and save Gotham.

Ryan uses the suits eco-location to find the sonar device that Alice is using to control the bats and then blows it up inside a Crow bus, but a lot of people are infected before she can get rid of the bats.

The Antidote

While Ryan is dispatching of the bats, Alice meets with Mary to give her the Desert Rose cure. Apparently, she had saved some of Mary’s blood from last season. Mary is apprehensive about believing Alice but eventually takes it to Hamilton Dynamics where they can quickly make the antidote to help everyone.

The confusing part of this is, why would Alice unleash the poison only to then offer the cure? The plan all along was to disseminate the desert rose cure in order to upset Safiyah and force her to make a move on Alice.


In the last scene of the episode Sophie goes after Alice after Julia figures out about where Alice is hiding out. What Sophie was not expecting was she wasn’t the only one out looking for Alice. She ends up getting knocked out by one of Safiyah’s assassin before this Tatiana takes Alice.

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